Hello Neighbor Sneaks Into Our House! (Skit)/ That YouTub3 Family | The Adventurers
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Hello Neighbor Sneaks Into Our House! (Skit)/ That YouTub3 Family | The Adventurers

– [Woman] Previously on ThatYouTub3Family! (jazzy spy music) – [Mom] Wait, no, that’s the transporter! Don’t, Ty. Give it back, guys. Stop fighting over it, boys! – [Jordan] Guys, this is not a toy. – [Mom] No! (everyone yelling) (tape peeling) – What?
– What? – What’s up there.
– Gimme the flashlight. – [Mom] Can you crawl out? Let’s get up. – [Mom] Guys, right back there. Whoa! – There is the teleporter. That’s where it got lost. – Do you know what you guys did? You guys told the neighbor where we live. You know what’s gonna happen? The neighbors gonna come here now. – No!
– No! – Wait, what do we do? (sinister laugh) (chiming music) (sinister laugh) (chiming music) (fun music) – I’m going to build I don’t know exactly how this works. Logan keeps going up to the window. – Yeah. – Logan, who’s out there? Huh, who’s out there? (chiming music) (fun music) – What is it, Logan? What is it? What is it? C’mere, Logan, look. (chiming music) – What is it, Logan? I don’t see anything and I dunno. You know the boys are freakin’ out too. I dunno what’s goin’ on. – [Jordan] I don’t know. – I don’t think anybody’s out there. Beside me (mumbles) I don’t see anyone. (chiming music) – Boys.
– Yeah? – How you guys doin’ in here? Have you been still seeing stuff? Because Logan’s freakin’ out. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – What? – We’ve been seeing the Hello Neighbor. – The Hello Neighbor?
– Yeah. – No, I don’t think so. Hello neighbor doesn’t
even know where we live. There’s no way. Why would he come here? – How did we see it? Because – Billy! Guys, stop jokin’. (chiming music) The neighbor, guys, really? – Yeah. – The neighbor is just a game. – No, it isn’t! – Yeah, it is.
– It’s real! – I don’t know. He wouldn’t even know where we’re at. How would he know how to get to our house? – Well, remember that teleporter thing. – Yah, but we got the teleporter. We got it back. There’s no way he knows. – [Jake] We could have
given him our destination. – How? I think we’re okay. Logan, what is goin’ on? What do you keep hearing? (chiming music) Show me, boy, c’mon. Show me where the sound is. Where is it?
– I already found it. – I don’t like this. I don’t know. Logan’s really worried. (Jordan hums) – Where do you wanna go? – What’s he looking at? – I don’t know. He’s making me nervous. What do you see? What? I don’t know. It’s okay. (fun music) – I dunno. I’m gonna go to the boys room. – [Mom] Okay, (mumbles) I’m back. (chiming music) So what are you sitting
there working on, Audrey? – Chemistry. – You need any help? Not that I would understand. – What? Someone’s right outside. – Close the blinds!
– Where? – Oh my god, I can’t
get the blinds to close. Ah! (chiming music) – What are you doing, Audrey, there’s nobody out there. – Yes, there is.
– No, there’s not. – You’re gonna break the blinds. Oh, girl. It’s prolly just one of
the neighbors walking by. Don’t break our blinds. – Well, that’s good enough. There’s someone outside. (chiming music) – No, boy, no. I don’t know what you’re doing. Go look, there’s nobody out there. (fun music) There’s nobody there, Audrey. – Yes, look, c’mere. C’mere.
– There’s nobody there. – Look, do you see someone? – I don’t see anybody outside.
– Do you see someone? – Okay, whatever. – There’s someone outside. – It was a deer go by, a dog, or whatever neighbors walking by. – No, someone was staring
at us through the window. They were like…
– No, I don’t think so. (chiming music) Hello Neighbor.
– The Hello Neighbor? – Yeah.
– Not our neighbor? – Oh my gosh, he’s back again! – Wait, mom, help me! Help me! (chiming music) Oh my gosh, why can’t I get this to go down? (frustrated guttural) – Okay. – I don’t see anybody out there. – Hold on. – Even all our neighbors are
in their houses for the night. – He’s out there! (fun music) – You don’t believe me? – Well, I know that you
guys hearing something, so I dunno if someone’s pranking us. I don’t know what’s going on. – No, it’s the Neighbor. – I haven’t
– It’s the Hello Neighbor. – What would he do to us though? That’s what the boys said. The boys said they saw him too. But what would he be doing here? – I don’t know. – How would he figure out where we live? – I don’t know, that’s weird. – You’re gonna leave me? (fun music) – I’m gonna go to the boys room and keep them company because
they’re getting nervous. – Well, I am too.
– Okay, bring a book. Let’s go to the boys room. Let’s stay in there. And then that way we’ll all be safe. Logan can guard us. (fun music) – Should I bring my homework? Eh, I’ll just do it after. (fun music) (chiming music) (jazzy spy music) (sinister laugh) (jazzy spy music) (sinister laugh) (sinister laugh) (sinister laugh) – [Mom] Jordan, did you see anything? – I dunno, Logan was freakin’ out a lot but I didn’t really see anything. – [Dad] He’s chillin’, now. – [Audrey] I saw the neighbor. – [Dad] Look at him,
he’s all chillin’, now. – [Mom] He seems like he’s okay. – If we’re gonna stay in
here I wanna go get my slime. – [Mom] Let’s go get our – Let’s go all our get our
stuff and then we can come back. – [Mom] I’m gonna get my pillow. (fun music) [Mom] My pillow and my blanket. – [Jordan] Whoa, dude. Why’s the backdoor open? – What?
– What? – Did you open it, Jake?
– Where’s my – [Mom] Who left the door open? – [Jake] I did not open that. – [Mom] Is anybody out there? (frantic shouting) – [Audrey] He took my homework. – [Jake] I didn’t! – [Audrey] Jake! Did you take my homework? – [Mom] I don’t see anything. – [Audrey] Did you take my homework? – [Jordan] I didn’t touch your homework. – [Mom] Boys, if you have her homework, give it back. – It’s not funny.
– I did not! – Ty,
– Stop tricking and teasing. (talking over each other) – I think that (mumbles) got in the house from the back
door and got her homework. – [Mom] Why would they steal her homework? – Why would people steal my homework? – I don’t know.
– Okay, wait. I’m pretty sure I sat my
slime down right here. Does anybody know where it went? – See, I didn’t stole it!
– Jordan, you prolly sat it somewhere else. You carry things around and
you stick ’em other places. So, think of where you went. Retrace your steps, girls.
– You were with me. Didn’t I put it right here?
– I didn’t even bring my homework anyways. It’s been on the table all day. – [Mom] Let me see. (fun music) – That’s true, Audrey never even – [Mom] Oh! I do remember.
– It was right here. – [Mom] ‘Cause you were
studying chemistry. – Audrey’s homework is missing. Jordan’s slime is missing. The back door was open. – I still got the iPad. – [Mom] That’s a good thing. – Let’s see if there’s
anything else missing. – I hope not. – Because I think they came in
and got these two items. – [Mom] And you guys kept
saying that it’s the neighbor. – Yeah, I think it is. – [Mom] You think the
neighbors broke into our house? – I think the neighbor opened
the back door and went in. – [Mom] Guys, if he followed
us from that escape room. [Mom] From this prison. – Wait, wait, wait, wait. – Suspicious thing been happening. – No, no, no, no, no.
– What? – Where is the transporter? The transporter was here. (gasping)
– Are you sure? – [Mom] We always leave it there. You guys know not to touch it. (children arguing) – [Mom] Ty, remember
last time you touched it? – So, this time I didn’t touch it! – [Mom] Jake! Did Jake touch it? – [Mom] Jake, are you still here?! (children shouting) Okay, whew! – Wait, why did we leave
these stuff out in the open? It’s okay, Jakes here. – But did he take it? – I did not touch the transporter! – I didn’t touch it! – You didn’t touch the transporter? – You didn’t touch the transporter? – [Mom] Kay, nobody’s touched it. – So wait, we got
Audrey’s homework missing, the slime, and the transporter all gone? – I think the neighbor broke
in and got the transporter and then Jordan’s slime, and then the math homework, and then teleported somewhere else. (gasp) – [Mom] He’s using Audrey’s chemistry and Jordan’s slime to make something. (gasping) – You know what this means, guys? – [Mom] Yes! He is in this house. He does those weird science things. He needed her slime, her problemsin her homework, and our transporter! (sinister laugh)

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