Has Property Mogul Michelle Found Her Elon Musk? | First Dates Hotel

Hi Michael how are you I’m so sorry I
didn’t call you back I’m very interested in that hotel it’s a hundred and thirty
million talking shop is property mogul and recent divorcee
Michele I just think we need to be a bit sensible about the fee if you get two
percent you’re gonna get we’re gonna get a deal married for 17 years
she’s now looking to build the foundation for a new relationship I’ve
worked on Tashard the walkie talkie the redevelopment of Victoria I’ve done 60
towers now around the world I never charged more than 1% but you
know we still talking about 1.3 million quid so we won’t starve in my world I
always believe with yourself in the hands of experts right I clearly need
professional assistance even though I’ve got a company and I’ve you know success
by knife and stuff that the higher up the food chain you get the kind of loan
here it is definitely looking for okay do you know a Elon Musk? yeah him.
savvy four steps ahead just bright what well off you got him there I think it’s
it’s probably my lifestyle just in terms of the pace it is fast I Drive Maseratis and I’m looking for a
man who’s in the same name there’s a great question why do you only
have five motorbikes because I can only get five in the garage
Joe see you Amaya thrill-seeker we only have 24 hours and we at once been around
the playground I just think it’s very fun my teammates my it’s fast I don’t
mind coming off the bike and just don’t scratch the paintwork
that would just be heartbreaking making room for a date in his busy schedule his
investment manager Ruby no bodies so what brings you to the first dates
hotel my assistant applied for me I suppose I’m looking for a girl and you
occasionally do to give it a helping hand such as having a very helpful
assistant I don’t understand you’re successful good-looking I understand why
you are single I’ll take this under disguise
so why don’t we ask your sister Beth hi it’s really could you give me a call
because we’re trying the lady is very kindly trying to work out why I’m not
married I don’t give me a call just by sushi calls back on on make sure you
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