Harry Potter House Symbolism: Gryffindor
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Harry Potter House Symbolism: Gryffindor

“Better be… Gryffindor!” Almost everybody wants to be
a Gryffindor… but how many of us would be? What does being a Gryffindor
really mean, and how would that translate
in our world? Hogwarts’ four houses embody
different fundamental human qualities at play in the Harry Potter stories. To put it simply,
Gryffindor represents bravery, Hufflepuff loyalty,
Ravenclaw wisdom, and Slytherin cunning. The series isn’t exactly subtle
about who we’re supposed to root for. “Excellent. Ten points to Gryffindor!” Pretty much all of our heroes are Gryffindors. And J.K. Rowling frames Gryffindor
as the best house, which tells us that courage and other Gryffindor qualities
are the heart of the story she’s trying to tell. Because in this series, being a good,
strong person ultimately comes down to moral courage — “If Voldemort’s raising an army,
then I want to fight!” it’s the daring to always do the right thing. “To Mr. Harry Potter…
for pure nerve and outstanding courage.” So let’s look at what it takes
to be a Gryffindor — and how the house’s deeper identity
is reflected in its colors, animal, and the wizards and witches
who are sorted into it. “Welcome to Gryffindor.” Before we go on,
we want to talk a little bit about this video’s sponsor, Skillshare. Skillshare is a superb
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stop motion animation. Click the link in the description below to get 2 months access
to all classes for free. Every student at Hogwarts
is “sorted” into a house shortly after they arrive… it’s like a reading of who
the students are at their cores. “Plenty of courage I see. Not a bad mind, either. There’s talent, oh yes… And a thirst… to prove yourself.” The definitiveness of this sorting
makes it seem at first like the students are organized
according to the innate qualities they’re born with — “Hah! Another Weasley. I know just what to do with you…” but the story eventually teaches us “It is not our abilities
that show what we truly are. It is our choices.” The Sorting Hat is really
trying to ascertain a person’s will — it listens to what students
are feeling and thinking, and it considers their deepest desires. Famous, special Harry could
easily have excelled in Slytherin, but he begs the hat not to put him there. Then he worries that he’s only in Gryffindor
because he pleaded with the hat. “Sir, the Sorting Hat was right. I should be in Slytherin.” And Harry’s not the only Gryffindor
who on the surface seems like a better fit for another house… Hermione comes across
as a brainy Ravenclaw, and we know from the books
that the hat considered putting her there. If genes or upbringing
were the main things, then Sirius Black would have been
in Slytherin like his many ancestors. Loyal and fair Ron and Neville
could be Hufflepuffs. In the books, Neville even asks the hat
to sort him into Hufflepuff, because he doesn’t think
he has what it takes to be a Gryffindor. But the hat can see that deep down,
he wants to be a brave person, like his parents. “I’m quite proud to be their son.” So the sorting is combination
of what the students want and what the hat knows
they’re capable of. All these Gryffindors have very different
personalities and talents, but what they share is the will to be brave,
the choice to do the right thing, and the determination to earn
that great Gryffindor reputation. Over time we’re most impressed
by the character who overcome their non-Gryffindor natural instincts
to give into fears or do what’s easy, “You’ll get Gryffindor into trouble again. I’ll fight you.” and instead prove what it means
to be a Gryffindor. “Why spiders? Why couldn’t it be ‘follow the butterflies’?” So, if you really want
to be a Gryffindor, then you would be — “If it really means that much to you,
you can choose Gryffindor.” but you’d have to really want it enough,
for the right reasons. Not just because you like
the idea or sound of Gryffindor or because it’s considered
the best house by most Potterheads– but because you desire to be
a heroic, moral person so much that you can overcome
all the other instincts that might keep you
from being truly brave at heart. Gryffindor’s house element is fire —
Gryffindors have a strong inner flame. Their house colors, scarlet and gold,
visually match fire. Like Gryffindors, these colors
are bold and unequivocal. Rowling has cited red’s connection
to passion and emotion — and the Gryffindors
are nothing if not passionate and driven by their emotions. Gold makes us think of being the best,
as in winning the gold medal or being the gold standard. And of course, Gryffindors do think
they’re in the best house. There’s also the idea
of having a heart of gold — and Gryffindors are known
for their strong friendships and love for one another. In the first book, the Sorting Hat defines
the Gryffindor qualities with the lines: “You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart, Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart.” We’ve already talked some
about daring and nerve, but chivalry is also an interesting addition. In modern language,
chivalry tends to be used in the context of men
being gallant towards women. But originally this word
had a broader meaning— it referred to a knightly
code of honor in medieval times. And we can kind of see that Harry
and his clan are like modern knights. They hold themselves to
a moral standard and code of conduct that others don’t always see as necessary. “I think we agree Potter’s
actions were heroic. The question is,
why were they necessary?” Harry and his creator share
the same birthday, July 31st, which makes them both Leos,
and that happens to be a fire sign. So it’s almost like much
of the Gryffindor imagery is originally inspired
by Rowling’s own zodiac sign. Leo is also Latin for lion,
which is the Gryffindors’ house animal. The lion makes us think of leadership,
courage, strength, and nobility. In the same way, Gryffindors
seem like the leaders of Hogwarts… like when Hermione,
Harry and their friends create Dumbledore’s Army
to go up against Dolores Umbridge. A group of lions is called a pride,
and Gryffindors show pride in the positive sense of the word. Gryffindors take pride
in the strength of their community and their shared values. They know they’re most powerful
when they team up and protect each other. Sometimes, though, Gryffindors
can come across as too proud in the negative sense of the word, too. They can be reckless
or act like the rules don’t apply to them, and not everyone finds this so charming. Gryffindors are even accused of arrogance
— Harry’s father James was guilty of this in the way he bullied Snape. “Right. Who wants to see me
take off Snivelly’s trousers?” The Slytherins tend to see
the Gryffindors as show-offs who engage in heroic antics for the glory “Clearly, fame isn’t everything. Is it… Mr. Potter.” and who enjoy unfair favoritism at the school. “Gryffindor wins the House Cup!” “Yes!” Another Slytherin criticism of Gryffindors
is that their so-called “bravery” can look more like stupidity. “I’ve always admired your courage, Harry. But sometimes you can be really thick.” And to be fair, we can think of times
when Harry’s attempts to be brave make his situation worse. “Where’s Sirius?” “You know, you really should
learn to tell the difference between dreams… and reality.” Despite their flaws, most Gryffindors
eventually learn to channel their proud or reckless energy
in a positive direction. Unofficially, the phoenix is another animal
that’s connected to Gryffindor. Dumbledore’s phoenix, Fawkes,
embodies the element of fire and the house’s colors. In The Chamber of Secrets,
Fawkes helps Harry defeat the basilisk, and this feels explicitly like
the Gryffindor creature taking down the Slytherin one. Fawkes’ closeness with Dumbledore
also makes it seem like the phoenix is an animal version of the man himself. In Order of the Phoenix,
Fawkes helps Dumbledore avoid being sent to Azkaban. And when Dumbledore created an organization
to resist Voldemort back in the day, he put “phoenix” in the name. The phoenix is known for its ability
to rise from the ashes “They burst into flame
when it is time for them to die, and then they are…
reborn from the ashes.” And symbolically, Gryffindors
have been known to do the same — look at Harry and Neville,
who became stronger after the horrors they experienced as children. The Gryffindor common room
reflects the house spirit: its defining word would probably be “cozy.” It’s lit up with the warmth of fires,
compared to the cold Slytherin common room. It’s in a tower, just as
the Gryffindors are high-minded, whereas the Slytherins
are near a dungeon, not afraid to get into
low-down, dirtier business. The entrance to the Gryffindor common room
is guarded by the unintimidating Fat Lady. “Ahhh… oh, amazing! Just with my voice.” “Fortuna major.” “Yes, alright. Go in.” So Gryffindor offers students
a homey place where they feel completely comfortable and safe — and that reflects how the members
of the house act like a family. They welcome all members
regardless of class background or social importance,
unlike some other houses. “Red hair and a hand-me-down robe. You must be a Weasley.” So what’s in the name “Gryffindor” itself? The name comes from
the wizard Godric Gryffindor, one of the four founders of Hogwarts. A “griffin” is a magical creature
that’s part lion and part eagle. To Christians, this creature
is the perfect symbol for Christ because the eagle rules the sky
while the lion rules the earth — so the griffin captures Christ’s
hybrid nature as both divine and human. Gryffindors are hardly gods,
but the griffin could symbolize the way that Gryffindors strive
to be their most virtuous selves, to let higher values guide their human lives. Finally there’s the suffix “d’or.” In French, “d’or” means
of gold or golden — again making us think
of having a heart of gold. Godric Gryffindor’s greatest legacy
might be going up against Salazar Slytherin over the issue of whether non-purebloods
should be allowed into Hogwarts. “Salazar Slytherin wished to be more selective
about the students admitted to Hogwarts. He believed magical learning
should be kept within all-magic families. In other words, pure bloods.” Godric Gryffindor’s mission of fighting
evil seems to live on in his sword, which makes multiple appearances
throughout the stories to remind us of Gryffindor values. “If you want proof of why
you belong in Gryffindor, then I suggest you look more closely at this.” In The Chamber of Secrets,
Harry unknowingly uses the sword to kill the basilisk. And in The Deathly Hallows,
Hermione realizes that because the sword is made by goblins,
it has a special quality. “It only takes in that which makes it stronger.” So because Harry’s used it on the basilisk,
the sword becomes powerful enough to destroy horcruxes. This idea of taking in
only that which makes us stronger also makes us think of the phoenix
and of the way that Gryffindors do rise up stronger after their traumas. Even the Gryffindor ghost,
Nearly Headless Nick, reminds us of this scrappy
Gryffindor fighting spirit — he’s still going strong,
despite being pretty close to decapitated. All the most famous Gryffindors
have to take down a big enemy: Godric Gryffindor with Salazar Slytherin,
Dumbledore fights Grindelwald, and Harry fights Voldemort. So Gryffindor’s greatest legacy —
and what the house is arguably all about — is this commitment
to standing up against evil. “Join me… and live.” “Never!” So does Gryffindor deserve
its reputation as the best house? If you separated out the Gryffindor qualities
and evaluated them in our world, not everyone would say courage
is objectively more important than intelligence, loyalty, or ambition. And maybe if you’re in a more peaceful period
where there’s no big Voldemort to take down, courage isn’t the most important thing. But the fact is, our society today
probably tends to overvalue some of these other houses’ qualities,
like smarts and worldly success, and our society doesn’t place enough value
on bravery and a strong moral code. Ultimately Gryffindor doesn’t symbolize
inherent or born heroism, so much as a state of being
we can aspire towards. We can be Gryffindors
if every day we work hard to be our most high-minded
and courageous selves. Remember, all we’ve got to do
is really want to be Gryffindors badly enough, and make that happen,
even if we don’t get to do it at Hogwarts. “Good people and Death Eaters—
we’ve all got both light and dark inside of us. What matters is the part we choose to act
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  • Felipe Rico

    Gryffindor heroes are always win, get the girl, and save the day with a strong arc and they live happily ever after with a icing of a cake. Which means a strong kiss and girls love heroic Gryffindor heroes.

  • Cosplayer Queen98

    Okay, this is gonna be blunt, but can everyone just shut the fuck up on the Gryffindor hate? All of the houses have good and bad traits.

    Gryffindors are passionate and brave, and have confidence in themselves, which is important whether you think so or not. But, they also have a tendency to be impulsive and arrogant. But, people tend to mistake bravery as stupidity, even though sometimes you need to have the ability to think on the fly and be brave, like a Gryffindor.

    Slytherin's have ambition, which is admirable because they have the drive to do things not many people can. But, this ambition also leads to snobbishness at times (not all slytherin's), and can lead to believing they are better than everyone else (Draco, Pansy, Voldemort)

    Ravenclaw's are smart, creative, and witty, which are traits most people desire. They are the 'common sense' house, which is why the house rarely gets hate. But, they also can tend to be a bit snobbish (like Slytherin), and even believe that at times, they are the smartest, which isn't a good quality.

    Hufflepuff's are kind, loyal, compassionate, and hard-working. They are ideally, the house everyone should strive to be in. They accept anyone who has been shunned, no matter who they are. However, as a house they aren't known for being very driven. They have the problem of being too comfortable at times.

    I'm not saying that everyone in these houses has these qualities, because in fact, a well rounded person would most likely have all of these qualities, even if they don't see it. I myself am a Gryffindor, even though I have qualities of other houses. I am happy to be in my house, and I wouldn't really care which one I was in, because all of them are as equally valid.

  • _Wolfox

    God I wish we were able to express our house traits and values in fantasy situations. Like what, am I going to be brave handing in my test paper?

  • Branislav Ondavský

    Ok guys, I just have to say this out loud…

    I'm sick and tired of hearing that Gryffindor (my House) is overrated. Yes, I agree, it is KINDA overrated in books and movies. But in fandom we are definetly the most underrated. Seriously, today it is easier to come out as a gay than Gryffindor. Nobody is taking me seriously even though I am obviously more clever than they are. They just can't admit that Gryffindor could be right in something.

    Everybody thinks all Gryffindors are the same type of self-centered extroverted stupid jock. Really? Have you seen Hemione? Neville? McGonnagall? Dumbledore? Hagrid? Arthur and Molly? Lilly Potter? Lupin? Percy? The Creeveys?

    I have NEVER seen (in fandom) Gryffindor mocking and looking down on any other House. Meanwhile in every conversation or article I see bunch of Slytherins and Ravenclaws making fun of my House and saying how it sucks in every possible occasion.

    Everybody is saying that we Gryffindors are arrogant and ignorant, but in fandom I have NEVER seen any Gryffindor (nor Hufflepuff) being like that. Instead of this most of Slytherins and Ravenclaws are the most arrogant and ignorant people I have seen in my entire life. Why? Because you are clever and ambitious? Because your Houses are underrated?

    Guess what – I have met more clever and ambitious Gryffindors (and Hufflepuffs) than I have seen S and R combined. And your actions are actually making your Houses really overrated in many points of view. S and R are always bragging about how great they are and that they Houses are the best (without adding any logical reason).

    Other thing – most people think that courage=stupidity. This is the most ignorant and stupid opinion ever. I have never seen Hermione, Neville, Dumbledore or McGonnagall doing something stupid or reckless. And Guess what, they are Gryffindors! The truth is you should actually be very intelligent to do brave things.
    Just because somebody is in specific House doesn't mean he can't have personality traits of others. Gryffindors ARE kind and loyal, they are intelligent and clever and they are ambitious and cunning. Same goes for every other House. None of them should be packed, if you know what I mean (I am not native English speaker so I assume there could be some mistakes)

    To conclusion – I don't think any House is superior to other and I'm sure every one of them has great sides and sides that simply sucks. But I was already tired of Gryffindor being so mocked and fooled by other Houses just because we were superior in books and movies. I'm sure that if Harry was in Slytherin and books would be from Slytherin's point of view, nobody would be complaining.

    So, please, respect my House as much as I respect yours.
    Hogwarts is not just Gryffindor, just Slytherin or just Ravenclaw. Hogwarts is all Houses combined.

    And to let you know – I did not choose Gryffindor because I find it cool or something. I am in it because that's just what I am. I hate sports, I like to learn, I am antisocial and introvert, I like adventure and I am Gryffindor. And I love my House because I know we all are diffrent.

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    But Im not brave or courageous at all. Id prefer hufflepuff

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    I love every house, and I love the Harry Potter series very, very much. My only qualm with how it's written is that Rowling purposely wrote Slytherins to be evil, she has stated that she hates Slytherins and doesn't understand why anyone would want to be a Slytherin, and she intentionally wrote the characters related to the Slytherin house to resemble the mean girls and guys she went to high school with. It's disheartening to know of this as a Slytherin myself.

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    I like your videos about the Hogwarts houses. They are amazing. It is fun to imagine meanings behind houses. Griffondor is the Hogwarts house based on fire. Fire is associated with the choleric personality type. It burns hot and dry. Griffonders are hot in the sense that they are really outgoing. They rush into the action. They tend to show off. Gryffindors are also hot in the sense that they are high minded and follow abstract values. Gryffondor are dry in the sense that they set goals and follow them. They are very single minded. Gryffondors lack the flexibity of Ravenclaws and Slytherins. Gryffindors are also dry in that they adhere to a strict moral code. They are unlikely to compromise it due to logic or self interest. Gryffindor has an initial orientation. It is one that focuses on action and output. Gryffindor is the closest thing Hogwarts houses have to a spiritual principle. Their code of chivalry and heroism is both moral and high minded. The types in the Keirsy system parallel Hogwarts Houses pretty well. Artisan is the type that parallels Gryffondor. Artisan is colored red and is associated with fire. It is also the type that is very active and likes to get stuff done. Artisan is initial in that it has tactical intelligence. It can make quick moves in the moment and better the position. Of all the types, artisans are the best at swooping in a time of crisis and saving the day. It is very much like a hero. The one difference is that artisans are more physical than Gryffindors. They like to work with their hands and tools. They becomes good at performing and building with tools. Every house has an ultimate quality, making them incredibly impressive. Griffondors have this in Hogwarts popularity. It is the house everybody likes. It is the house that gets the most focus in the books. Hogwarts is a magical school, far removed from mundane matters. The high minded morality and heroism fit a fantasy story so well. It fits the protagonist of such story, like Harry and his friends.

    This video didn't mention Gryffondors outside of the Harry Potter franchise. That is okay. I can give some examples. Many of the hero characters in stories would be Gryffondors. In Star Wars, Luke is a great hero. He likes action in space, and hates being couped up in a moisture farm. Luke is brave enough to stand up to any foe, even Darth Vader and Emperer Palpatine. He has become a Jedi so he has gain high minded morals. In Disney there can be Gryffondors. Simba would be one. He is a lion, just like the house animal. Simba is brave and he desires adventure. This can make him reckless at times and get in trouble. This also makes Simba rescue his pridlands from the evil Scar. Mulan is a Gryffindor too. She was brave enough to go into war to save her father. Not only could she get killed by the enemy, but she could also be killed by her own allies if they find out her real gender. That takes a ton of bravery. Merida would be Griffondor. She is willing to go off into adventure. She doesn't like to be tied down as a princess. Moana could be a Gryffondor too. She is obsessed with sailing at the ocean. She likes the thrill of it. Moana also has a strong moral code in that she heroicly restors the heart of Te Fiti. She sticks to this heroic goal even with so much nay saying. In Game of Thrones, the Baratheons would be Gryffondors. They are headstrong and willing to get stuff done. They are also willing to get into a fight. They also have the passion of a Gryffondor. The Barathons are not glorified as much as Gryffondors. So the downside of recklesses shows up a lot more. In the second season Barathons fight eachother for the Iron Throne. It is not as good as working together. This infighting makes them less likely to win. There are two Baratheons that fit Griffondor especially well. One is Robert Baratheon. In the past he went to war against the Mad King in order to save his girlfriend, Lyanna Stark. THe other is Stannis Baratheon. He has the association of fire, like Gryffondor. He worshops the Lord of Lift, and that religion has a lot of fire imagry. Stannis fought for rather noble reasons. He fought Joffery, because he was an illegitamite king. He fought his little brother Renly, because Renly tried to get the throne. Stannis helped the nights watch. He tried to drive the Boltons out of the Stark home. In that last battle Stannis took his religion too far and he was outnumbered. So he was reckless, and he paid for it with his life.

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    I'm a Ravenclaw by the way 🙂

  • Kawaii Potato

    Every one here talking about if they are griffindors ravenclaw etc etc and I'm here like a stupid shit trying to understand all that shit and how to know which house I belong to . I though that this all just belong to the movie and the storyline but how tf everyone is saying 'im gryffindor' 'im slytherin " please explain this to me … Sorry I know I'm being stupid and cringy but I can't understand all that shit

  • Sa Yeewen

    I feel like Hufflepuff is more kind, nice and accepting than loyal cause all the other houses and loyal Slytherins to selective ppl

  • Monika Tamelyte

    According to pottermore, I’m a Gryffindor, but I really don’t feel like I represent anything Gryffindor does

  • da love

    Stop judging everyone, everyone. Everyone has their strengths. Cutting others down never makes yours stronger. its an excuse, a sham, a cover up. Not a fix. Also, before anyone whines i have snek, i only have it because i am one driven mofo, and you need to stop stigmatizing. I am very much Loyal to my friends. We should be building each other up for success, not making it worse. Good day. small bow

  • Saeed Zafar

    My B'Day is 31/07
    My House Gryffindor
    although I am not too practical, I go more eccentric and creative
    I want to do something heroic deeply
    Though not sure of Fire as my element (I usually choose Grass/Water starter in Pokemon, but its courage to play the game with most difficult starter, like Chesnaught in X and Y or Charizard in Red and Green)

  • trueblueclue

    I'd probably end up in Grynffindor because I'm a coward that wants to be brave. Though in reality I synpathize and hace a personality more geared towards Slytherin.

  • Ghost Reaper

    But im a slytherin and I love everyone. It doesn't matter about their background.

    (Btw Hufflepuff is the best house ever no contest.)

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