Happy New Years 2018, Goodbye 2017 – Ascension Parish Realtor Stories
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Happy New Years 2018, Goodbye 2017 – Ascension Parish Realtor Stories

– With it being the end
of the year of 2017, I thought it’d be a really great idea to have some of my clients that
I’ve worked with this year over for a lunch. (doorbell ringing) Oh look,
there’s someone here right now. (mystical music) Hello Mrs. Peterschmidt. – Come on, Sunshine. Do not eat the plants, come on. – Hi Sunshine. Hey come over, come on in. – Happy New Year Miss Kristina. My face really hurts. – Jacob. – Happy New Year Miss Starthorn. – After you, Peggy, come on and sit down. – Well, let’s just go ahead
and get this party started. (laughing) Oh, hi, Miss Kristina. – Well, it looks like everybody’s
made it so why doesn’t everybody go ahead and have a seat. – Thank you, Miss Peppercorn, the spread looks real nice here. – Thank you for coming to
my luncheon today guys. I appreciate it. – Is that your foot on my leg, ma’am? – No honey, that’s mine. – Hashtag, someone needs some manners. – Mrs. Peterschmidt, I
thought Mr. Peterschmidt was coming today. What happened? – I’m sure Charles is with his
little friend that I pretend I don’t know about. You know what I’m saying? – On that note, let’s all eat. – Is any of this vegan or gluten free? – No, sorry. – That’s okay. Mr. Muffins and I can’t really chew. – Why does your face look like a tomato? – I had some laser resurfacing
done just awhile back for a Christmas present to myself. – Well I just want to share
some hashtag epic news. I won $100 at Pokeno last night. – Pokeno, isn’t that like
gambling for grandmas? – I won the holiday sweater
contest with this very sweater. – Was it a ugly sweater contest, ’cause that sweater’s really ugly? – No, sweetie, it wasn’t. Can you pass the rolls please? – My mom says you shouldn’t
wear sunglasses to the table. – Oh, I have light sensitivity. – It’s okay for this get together. – I bet you that’s not the
only thing that’s sensitive. (coughing) That’s right. (laughing) – (mumbles) You know lady, you kind of smell funny. – I smelled that on the way in. I bet you had plenty of 420
breaks in your lifetime. – Oh, it’s prescribed. It’s for the pain. – Yeah, that’s what I tell people too. – So Cobra, what is it
that you do for a living? – Oh me, I’m a doga
instructor, me and Mr. Muffins do doga together. – My dog rolls around on rabbit turds. – Sunshine, what is wrong with you? We are eating here. – Well, she does and
sometimes she eats them too. – Hashtag someone needs some manners. – Now look here Miss Tacky Sweater Lady. – The chi in this room is
really bad for my chakras. – I’m trying to raise
her to speak her mind. – You know your aura is really bright. You should do doga with me. – I think you’re weird and
your face is freaking me out. – What a horrible child. – Now hold up here, you hippy. – Oh my God, that has gluten. Oh my God, that has gluten. – This party just got lit. (laughing) – [Guest] Oh my God. – [Guest] Wonderful! – Thank you to everyone who
has supported me this year, from past clients, colleagues
and people in my community. I want to wish everyone a
happy New Year and thank you, thank you for allowing me
to be a part of your lives. (laughing)


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