Halloween – A Haunted House on Halloween Night – Mother Goose Club Halloween Phonics Songs

Sing a song, we’ll all sing along, with the Mother Goose Club! (The Mother Goose Club!) A Haunted House on Halloween Night [Piano riff, frogs croaking in the distance] Hi, everyone! Can you guess what I am for Halloween? Yes! I’m a baaaaa bee! Come trick-or-treating with me! Whoa. That is one creepy house! Eep: Boo!
Baa Baa: Eep! You scared me! Happy Halloween! Hey, check out this creepy house. I think it’s perfect! Let’s knock and see if they have treats! [Door creaks]
[Baa Baa gasps] We’re here…
[Knocks] Hello? Trick or treat? [Knocks] Hello? We’re just here for a treat please! I don’t think anyone’s here, we should probably go. [Door creaks open] Hello? Anybody there? Should we go in? There’s no way we’re going inside any strange house, much less a haunted one! A haunted house? What do YOU think is inside?! Now that was spooky! Let’s get out of here. Hey! Where do you think you’re going? Inside? Did you not listen to a thing we just sang about? I wouldn’t go in if I were you! Aww, come on! Wouldn’t it be so cool to spend Halloween in a haunted house? But Eep, we still have so much more trick-or-treating to do. Pleeeease? Can I just say ‘Happy Halloween’ to just one ghost? We could, but I hear the neighbors have cheese candy. Cheese candy?! Come on, let’s go! Eep: Whoa, look!
Baa Baa: Is that enough ghosts for you? It sure is! They’re boo-ti-ful! Bye ghosts! Happy Halloween! [Music plays]

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