Guy Brings Home-made Airsoft Gun and Destroys Everyone….
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Guy Brings Home-made Airsoft Gun and Destroys Everyone….

IKEA’s SSG hey what’s going on guys today I’m playing with my homemade creation made with wood glue and unicorn farts ice stir the g25 in the felucca tunde’s just amazed because this thing is so heavy and bulky and quite a bit bigger than a normal gun I’m having quite a bit of trouble moving it around and getting it into the right position Vidar I spot a very large number of enemy players coming towards our positions so I quickly grabbed a smoke grenade and throw it in a way that will force all the enemies to come to my left wow I think she has a distance or boss I was out of ammo and reloading the smoke has cleared and they’re now pushing up our Hill [Music] because of the massive amount of enemy players our position got completely overrun by the blue team so it’s back to spawn for us after respawning we head through the southernmost capture points still held by the blue team in order to take out the remaining enemy players and take this point for ourselves obey the majority of players are now respawning at their team’s bases but we’re really close and taking the capture point just up ahead but try to make a break for it [Music] Oh a large interview forces just came back from respawn and I’m not gonna let go of their capture point so I back up a little bit and wait for them to push up to me [Applause] [Applause] get your points new free Oceana Ladino Claudia oh how could he go yeah yeah you have knit self Rossiter whatever they don’t bar down the bush at my Chanel Vince came on fire yeah you guys oh yeah that’s what he knows okay and his you move on yes IKEA’s SSG anyway guys if you really want to turn some heads on the airsoft field I recommend these silo SSG 25 maybe with duct tape PVC wood and zip ties even though it was a nightmare to properly aim with because it was so big and heavy yeah that’s what she said anyway I hope you guys enjoyed the video and share with your airsoft friends that might get a laugh out of it too thanks for watching guys and I hope to see you in the next one hey what’s going on guys today we’re back in tirol at novices home field in austria and we’re starting off with a game


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