GUMMY BEAR WRESTLER in CANDY LAND πŸ’” SHE’S SO PRETTY!! Dwarf Gummy Boss vs. FGTEEV Launcha Libre #2
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GUMMY BEAR WRESTLER in CANDY LAND πŸ’” SHE’S SO PRETTY!! Dwarf Gummy Boss vs. FGTEEV Launcha Libre #2

Hola FG. Dealers, and so as to cancel me know I just had my gummy bear smoothie. So now I’m pumped up to play or mementos I’ve been meaning to tell you that I know how to speak English very good now no more espanol for me No cool alright, so today. We’re going to continue for real fashion launch any break I’ll have amazing tremendous progress since we left Hey, there’s a cute girl over there, and she’s looking at me She’s talking to me. Hey. What’s up? Hey Cutie? Oh? Let me kiss you want the gun show us some Mamacita with Hitomi be pleasured of mine They call me, El Dari. So you see me from far away. You think I’m so handsome, huh? Well, it’s because I punch commit and you want to eat some damage right now So what attractions do I die then you call me over here? I’m gonna find you you you wonder what I wasn’t Thank you. You have to find me her. She wants to fight. I will not pitiful. I don’t care what you do to me I will not punch you back ordway. Oh You broke my neck. I’m sorry. Yes ah Ah, I don’t want to hurt you, but I swear I’ll do oh you can’t touch me in my 15 ah Stop okay. No, I don’t want to hurt you But I do have a rule right if you punch me more than four times I don’t care do it grandma a pastor or a nun or a teacher. I will punch you back So you’re on your third punch when what don’t do it time? Don’t do wrong. I’m going to trust you. Oh oh My gosh, she got sucked into the game and she left her beautiful face Isn’t this so pretty look? Not on me, but it looks good on her you have to stay here with me forever, Mr.. Pineapple, whoa. Hello Oh my goodness there. She is pineapple spank. I never got her name. She’s so beautiful I got your map here look I don’t need that one anymore Well gee she has her own new car – man y’all wonder if she’s actually any good let me show you how it’s done Okay, let’s see what you got girl. I’m going to use pineapple spring the new Luchador Easter bunny before miss them What is this voice? Oh she has a grappling hook? This is not oh Money, whoa dude. This is all new This is crazy look at that. She blacked through the wall. Oh my goodness. I like lost my accent I See she might be better than the old old there was the man that guy was a key and a treasure chest and I loved it all We’re already through the next wall. She goes so high you’re good at is pineapple, whoa Look at this fault is the worm eating a lot of miners. You’re gonna have time in the ruby I missed a big diamond no. Oh, I just got hit oh oh Tools on this cookie walk. Do you see here drag up the green yeah man. Look at this there is this? This new update doesn’t show you how much money you’re getting but I think I’m pinning a lot man boy 130 204 got it. It’s got it again third time You get a lot of money look how these guys get the diamond get it yeah, I got it I Got it died all in the cloud fiery crazy Thinking little gummy bear claw Madness I can’t even think of what happen right now so as you can see Since the last time we played this games gotten crazy man. There’s all these new upgrades and new luchadors and they got to speedla I can go a Mac a 310 Miles Power needed for Aura. I’m going to purchase and they jump up see it’s the money, but it’s just right They did you catch the boat primula? Cash you get more money? Forty thousand nine, man Oh-Oh-oh-oh What is it oh-oh-oh what them all the coke inator? Look at the cookin nader. He’s cooking my girlfriend. I’m not your girlfriend I’m going to save you I gotta save my girlfriend the cookin ater hazard. Who is this guy at Boyo? He’s a chicken man, El chicken man Hebrew what you and me we got a rescue pineapple spank let’s do this. We move what does he do oh? He’s slide. Come on get the diamond sticking man. No ticket man. O war sick man He actually flies. This is sick Slide chick amends for my ticket man that is a wall chicken is PI up in the air Brick through the Teak wall bounce Bao Bao Bao Kisses guy kiss that guy get those money. Go hyah, we’re going to save you pineapple thing I like sitting in the back and if you trust money in here You get up a handful you get more money. I think between these three luchadors I think highest offense one, and then make is number two and then boyos number three This is a new update and is actually a number four but these are cook I don’t know if it’s actual like a cook or native sounds oh Look, there’s all the money. How come I can see money now, but I couldn’t because I got it. I’m so expensive bad dollar keep in my accent because this is totally not empty Donny I’m am thirty, but since I have been learning a lot of English lately, so my dialect it’s been decreasing You know sorry man. No don’t die don’t die so got out Oh, yes, just all reminders emerges that got me get that back and where’s that diamond. It’s brighter I mean, it’s Roger ah Yeah, I liked it alright. We’re coming to see the cook right there like this. You’re to aim And I did it good job Of I go back down, they’ll make this shot. Don’t know Jumbo buy back down go make this No, Jumbo buy back down low. Make it back Yep for diamonds. Come on eat the miners decent. – you sir – because I’m in here Not oh, whoa. Whoa, whoa go buy come across And boom and boom Yes Yes, I don’t know if I’m gonna make it. I don’t have enough speed, please don’t no, please don’t die here. Don’t die here boy, no no no no I can’t die and I’m not Gonna Can I make it through? no you Didn’t get through this cake war my girlfriend. She’s being cooked alive Not haha, but hi fun for me even though I failed you. Okay, I 500 What was that for? Yeah, not? She’s mad at me. I got a favor. This is a job for it dottie. I’m coming for you Buy that ball boom take that piece of Barney yeah rage Busting through the first wall already Bouncing on all you got me blocked out commie also check your walls These guys are like my enemies and my friend. I need them to save my girlfriend, but I don’t like them That’s why I destroyed them. It’s like a 1034 of coming for you pineapple, I’m going to be her hero Yes, it just give the keys boom and number two and number three I missed it I’m so mad I get squirted on me and another and oh Yes number one in number. Oh, I missed that one boom You took her sound just as you hit the ground oh I’m coming for you. I’m almost there. I’m almost at the cook nothing can stop me now boom Bam wham I’m coming for you football no Can’t take this cook oh I just see the cook You are dead, sir, no Candyland what is this pineapple? I saved her I knew I could do it What is this they cook super awesomely said that look I’m fighting with my girlfriend That’s my dream But they all know we had to get the book with the book won in a portal and got shredded Who now I had to go through the portal get the bag of gummy Bears It’s time to eat gummy ha ha ha Now I am pumped up. I am your hero. I’ll give you a kiss for me ah That was beautiful. It was the kids with that kiss of death And then they canceled it three seconds to live three two one oh Oh, I’m still alive that is right today. I put on a pair of fake lips Look, ha ha ha ha I forgive you spanky pineapple She loves me I can tell she’s playing hard to get I can just do it I’m going to give you one more chance because you’re so cute Let’s Prep candyland and oh oh we’re going to cannulate whenever face look at this isn’t oh, no You’re doing a good job. Oh She’s so feisty. I love it. She’s in candyland. This is so cool. Is there new wall to get through power Bound no, so let me hit the ground um is where are you when I needed you? Know if you gummy’s let my girlfriend in the ground. That’s it you’re all dead ah Hey, I can’t go in the game. Yeah ah It says no me they don’t like me because I’m so beautiful. Oh well, you look beautiful Even talk on the floor like that What you give me a you know you I don’t want you in here. I promise Oh, how you without the man tonight? He for my science paper You want your math back? Okay, I was drawn that you one two three Nice, you look so beautiful my Little Ball What she said be relieved up? Hey watch it. Just bounced on it, and then run away ready Look at this two one don’t let it get you ah that’s a nice explosion. I cannot believe they remade this game n So sick hey where am I I’m invisible all that? I am oh you were on top of fear I thought it was a ghost doing that he’s come right out of the gray. Yeah. Oh you want somebody


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