Greg Geilman Realtor Testimonials – Matt and Isabel
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Greg Geilman Realtor Testimonials – Matt and Isabel

We first started looking at homes when our
space started getting a little bit too crowded. We didn’t know anything about buying a house.
We’ve been thinking about it for years before and we actually started getting involved in
the process going on line and looking at all the real estate websites and dreaming. It kind of all came to fruition when we started
working. One of the biggest hurdles we had to overcome was the financial portion of it
and really getting that under control. Greg was amazing throughout the whole process because
he had the right team to involve us with. It was overwhelming but it seemed very kind
you know simplified because you are being coached along the way. He was really knowledgeable and just the whole
process and we really felt like we were being taken care of. We decided that we wanted to
put an offer on this house. When we did first decide to put an offer on
this house we went out looking with the intention of not putting any offers in because we were
going on a week long vacation. Greg made it so easy for us to fill out all
the paperwork you can just look at everything on your computer do an electronic signature. That made it super easy. Greg was amazing.
Don’t worry about it. We’ll get it started before you go and when you’re gone, we have
everything already in place and rolling and if there are some questions, we’ll do it via
email. We bought a house and went on vacation in Hawaii all at the same time. It was perfect.
A high class problem to have. It worked out quite well. It worked out perfectly. We would definitely recommend Greg to family,
friends anybody. I’m actually trying to get my brother to buy a house. So you’ll be hearing
from him.

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