Great Movers Help Realtors Get More Referrals
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Great Movers Help Realtors Get More Referrals

hello my name is Zane Ponsetti
and I am the Owner of Wildcat Movers. Today I’m going to talk to you about how having a great mover to refer can
help your real estate business recently I had a top producing realtor
reach out to me she had a client with a big nice house up in prosper and had
a closing date set for four days from the day she called me. This client hadn’t
started packing and she hadn’t scheduled movers so the realtor asked me to reach
out to her and see what I could do to help her out. I called this client luckily I had availability to go do it in the home estimate with her that’s same afternoon. We do in home estimates for all of our large house moves. When I arrived we walked
through the entire home so I could take full inventory of everything was going
to need to be moved on move day as well as assess how many boxes she’s gonna
need for her packing services. Initially this client wasn’t that interested in
packing services she thought she could get it done herself as well as manage
cleaners and other vendors that she needed to come into her home to get work
done before her closing in just four days. I explained we were gonna have to
send a 4-man crew, and it was going to take most of day
to get all her packing done. She really didn’t understanding how much packing she
had. She did go ahead and hire us for the packing. Even though she didn’t really want to at first. But, the next day we came in and packed her house. She was so thrilled she hired us for the packing Seeing four guys work all day made her realize how much work she had to get done in that home. It also freed her up to
manage the other vendors and allowed her to get everything else finished before
her closing just a couple of days later Next we came in moved her home. Again
she was thrilled because we had packed we had everything organized and ready to go
for her on that move day my guys did a great job and she tipped them quite well The value we were able to add to this Realtor’s service is only going to increase her chance of getting referrals from this client. That’s where we can add value to your business. Wildcat Movers we have close to 450 google reviews at the time of this video, and 4.9 Stars. We are the most reputable mover in the Dallas area. The way we’re able to
maintain this reputation is we hire great people who have a history of
customer service and then we train them extensively to be great movers. So on
move day remember one thing for your clients. They need to “Keep Calm and We’ll Carry On”

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