(GoT) House Stark | The North Remembers
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(GoT) House Stark | The North Remembers

Arya: It’s too heavy! Syrio: It is heavy as it needs to be to make you strong. [Ned chuckles] Syrio: Come! Syrio: Ah-ah-ah-ah! Syrio: Again! Bran: He stabbed him in the back! Ned: Look at me. You’re a Stark of Winterfell. You know our words… Arya: “Winter is coming.” Ned: Winter is truly coming. Ned: In the winter, we must protect ourselves… Ned: …look after one another. Sansa: Don’t you wish we could go back to the day we left? Catelyn: Robb… Ned: Arya! Jon: We never should have left Winterfell. Syrio: There’s only one god. Syrio: And his name, is “Death”. Ned: The wolf is of the North. Ned: He deserves better than a butcher. Lord Glover: I served House Stark once, but House Stark is dead. Sandor: Go on, girl. Who are you? Sandor: Another name off your list. Roose: The Lannisters send their regards. Who are you? Bran: I’m the three-eyed raven now. Jaquen: Finally, a girl is no one. Sansa: Where will you go? Arya: A girl is Arya Stark, of Winterfell. Jon: “Where will WE go?” Syrio: What do we say to the god of death? Arya: “Not today.” Go! Go! Follow your commander! Arya: Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, Ser Meryn, the Hound. Tell Lord Twyin: winter is coming for him. Lord Manderly: Jon Snow avenged the Red Wedding. Lord Manderly: He is the White Wolf! Robb: I’ll kill them all. Lord Karstark: The king who lost the North. Lord Manderly: The King in the North! Bannermen: The King in the North! King in the North! Petyr: There’s no justice in the world, not unless we make it. Arya: I am going home. Sandor: Do you remember where the heart is? Petyr: You loved your family. Peter: Avenge them. Sandor: Do it! Bran: I wasn’t drowning… I was home. The King in the North! The King in the North! The King in the North! The King in the North! The King in the North! Tyrion: The northerners will never forget. The North remembers… Catelyn: So I prayed to all seven gods, “Let the boy live.” Catelyn: “Let him live…” Catelyn: “And I’ll love him.” Catelyn: “I’ll be a mother to him.” Talisa: And he lived? Catelyn: And he lived. Sansa: There’s only one place we CAN go. Sansa: Home.


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