Google AdWords Success Story: Twiddy & Company Realtors
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Google AdWords Success Story: Twiddy & Company Realtors

ROSS TWIDDY: I’m Ross Twiddy,
work at Twiddy & Company on the Outer Banks of North
Carolina, property manager for vacation rentals. And right now we’re looking at
the oceanfronts in Whalehead at [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Outer Banks. Everybody comes to the beach. It’s pretty, and it allows
you to slow down. You have a chance to come
and relax and enjoy it. Twiddy & Company started
in 1978. My dad came down to the
Outer Banks and opened up a shop in Duck. DOUG TWIDDY: I was in real
estate before that, too. One day I walked home and my
wife was there and said, why are we doing this? So we said let’s do something
different. We both love the beach. And we came to the beach. Ross and what he has done with
Google has been instrumental in helping the company
go forward. ROSS TWIDDY: So we started with
Google AdWords because it had more exposure, and it
was very easy to use. So I said, “Hey, pops,
let’s try this.” DOUG TWIDDY: What is
that, you know? LINDA FLANNERY: I’m
Linda Flannery. I’m the rental manager here at
Twiddy & Company, and we manage approximately
757 properties here on the Outer Banks. ROSS TWIDDY: When guests check
in, there’s a check-in packet keys, directions to the house,
and my first job was stuffing those packets. DOUG TWIDDY: He was probably
seven, and he’d be out there and it would be 100 degrees
in the summer. ROSS TWIDDY: I didn’t
know any better. It seemed like a good thing
to do at the time. One hundred degrees? Sure. The pay was great, $5.00. DOUG TWIDDY: We used to send out
little post cards because they didn’t have
a rental book. ROSS TWIDDY: And send out as
many brochures as you can to as many people as you can. The bad part about that was as
soon as you printed it the information is old. But with Google AdWords, you
type in a certain keyword and you get to see the impact
immediately. We can only rent a vacation
week once. And once that week is filled
then we need to move on to the next available week. So Google AdWords allows us to
tailor our availability with the marketplace’s demands. We used to have guests come on
our site and we never know what they were looking for. And so Google Analytics
breaks that down. It takes this huge amount
of data and gives us the information on a per home
or per project basis. So it really lets us tell
homeowners how many people are looking at their individual
home. Twiddy & Company started out
with one employee, and now has grown to over 80. Do right, fear no man, keep it
real, I don’t know, man, the philosophy of Twiddy
& Company?


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