GoodLife Team uses Evernote Business to manage its real estate brokerage
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GoodLife Team uses Evernote Business to manage its real estate brokerage

I don’t know about you but I get ideas
all the time and I’m writing them down. And I used to always have this pen
and paper but then if notebook got full, I’d have to put the notebook away and
then I’d have stacks notebooks I never went through. And just thinking years and
journaling and notebooks… Now it’s all in Evernote. So GoodLife Team here in Austin Texas,
25 people. What we do is we help people buy and sell real estate. We consider ourselves a startup. We’ve
been around five years with really this ambition to reinvent
real estate. And how we started out of the box was that we started with a desire,
with a challenge to be paperless. Real estate happens in the field. It
happens out where the homes are, not at a brick and
mortar office. So what we wanted to do is start
utilizing new technologies. We started using Evernote. What we found is
that there was a whole new way to be able to organize the entire way that we operate in real
estate. I basically track every client in the different notes and notebooks. And make sure from start to finish, from the initial buyer consultation or seller
consultation, that I have everything that’s about them
and it’s all in one place. It documents the photos of the homes and and pictures of the clients in front of
the homes so they really get a sense of
what it would be like to live in that home. I actually take audio
recordings of them as they’re walking around the homes. And we also have them take notes on our
iPad so it basically replaces the paper in our
lives and makes our lives so much easier. And what’s really amazing about this is
that at the end of the day, at the end of a property tour the client is shared that notebook, so they
never forget exactly what they love about the house. One of the other ways that we use Evernote
that’s been very helpful and especially in the elimination of
paper, is keeping track of all of our receipts. Sometimes we’ll just take a
picture and send it straight into the notebook that our company uses
to send to the accountant and keep everything straight. At Goodlife team we have a paperless
financial system because of Evernote So now with Evernote
Business where we all collaborate, share information and
share documents. When we started using Evernote Business, it instantly allowed us to communicate and
collaborate with all of our other divisions here in the
company. So now you can have this library. of core values, policies and procedures. We have these
other things that are part of the business as well. We want the entire organization to have
access to it. Now I have one place where I can always
find everything and it has just made running
a team and operations so much easier and so much more efficient.
Evernote is a productivity tool. It’s
infrastructure. It’s operational. It’s where we store everything. It allows us to coordinate and collaborate together as a team in ways that we’ve never been able to do. That’s really what drives me. Something like Evernote and Evernote Business is enabling us really not only to do better business here in
Austin Texas and offer better service. We are actually
changing lives all across the country in the real estate industry. And before Evernote we couldn’t do that.

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