Good realtor bad agent, 41217 TALONWOOD DR. Gonzales LA 70737

– So today is Tuesday,
it’s agent open house day, – And I’m gonna meet this guy over there. His name is Vic. Hopefully he’s not married. – So we’re heading over
to Talonwood in Gonzalez. – They force us to do this, so we have to go and look at all the new listings that come out. – Asked us to go check
out the new listings by Maria Thorn with EXP Realty. – And then we go and
see if we would, like, even show them to people. – And we’re gonna meet Vic
and see how those houses look. – It should be fun, I think. (playful music) (stomping) – What kind of countertops? – Granite countertops, obviously. What do you think of this kitchen? – I don’t think anybody really gives a poop about kitchens anymore. – Nice tub type sink. – I mean, everyone just orders
stuff online anyway, right? (laughs) – Oh it’s a five burner. – Yes, yes ma’am, absolutely. – (laughs) You know what I mean. – Custom built cabinets. (playful music) – Is that triple crown molding? – Yes, yes it is. – And–
– Gas fireplace. – Ew, is that, like, real wood? – Absolutely, what do you think? – Cypress beams? – Yes, ma’am. – Very nice. – I bet you, like, termites
would eat that, right? – Yeah, these gorgeous
ceiling beams as well. – And this wood flooring, ew. It makes so much noise,
and you can’t hear me. I bet you the lighting would be terrible for this on Instagram. – And pine, wood pine floor throughout. – Mm-hmm, I love these wood floors. – It’s gorgeous, yeah. – I really like this master
bedroom, it’s really nice. – The double-trayed ceiling? – Yes ma’am, absolutely. – It’d be really good for,
you know, a husband and stuff. – Crown molding throughout. How do you like the trayed ceilings? – I like that wood casings
around the windows. – Are you married? – Pine is all throughout the house. – Yes ma’am. Yes, I am, actually. Good size, a nice touch. Can I show you the master bath? – That’s very unfortunate. (laughs) (playful music) I think this master shower
could fit two people in it. You should come in here
and let me test it out. – Can we move on now? – Yeah. (he laughs) – You don’t even have to have furniture with the amount of closet space that’s in here.
– Oh, yeah. – Ew, why would the builder
make this closet so small? This will only fit my shoes. – Excellent job.
– I love it. – Me too. So then here’s the hallway for
your coats and extra storage. – We don’t need to look
at the laundry room. I hire people to clean my clothes. – And all of this great folding table. – Exactly right and built-in
cabinets; nice big laundry room If a buyer has kids or whatever, they can hang school bags and coats. – I hate kids. – Drawers. – This is great for the
kids to hang their bags. – They’re gross and they create crumbs. – And throw his shoes in here. (laughs) – Absolutely, yeah. – Keep up the mess! – Who comes out here? There’s bugs out here. – I mean, this is perfect for anybody who likes to do a lot
of entertaining outside. – Like, nobody likes bugs. – That’d be a great place for crawfish. – Absolutely. – This is gonna be perfect for Instagram. Take my picture, okay? (photo snaps) – You’re aware you don’t have
this under contract, right? I got it. – All joking aside,
this home is right here in Gonzales, Louisiana,
listed with EXP Realty, and is available for sale right now. If you’d like a private
showing, I will leave you a link in the description
of the home’s details and how you can get ahold of me. My name is Kristina Smallhorn, Your Real Estate Whisperer
for Ascension Parish. And I tell you all this
“Because YOU Matter.”

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