• GearheadTed

    Great questions, Jaren. Just as I wondered about something, you would ask that question. Great answers from Willie, also. Clear overview of how he got started and progressed until today. Thanks, guys.

  • eesco1

    Awesome video! Willie is a real inspiration! I appreciate everything the REtipster team has been sharing. The content keeps me focused and helps answer many of my questions.!

  • Damnit Bobby

    Isn't there land finance businesses that will buy the deeds? I mean, why would I owner finance and hold the deed when a I can take a little loss on profit but get payed instantly and never worry about rent to own buyers failing to make a payment? It seems like a no brainer to flip the land ASAP even If I don't get full land value, just flip it and move on with the cash. I understand some people have bad credit but those people should be paying the full price that you payed for the land as their down payment because they're HIGH risk buyers.

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