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Glen Henderson, San Diego Realtor – Premier Homes Team Real Estate

San Diego is an amazing city, it’s a fantastic place to live and raise a family And you know it’s really just a great place to enjoy life, and it’s the reason that it’s called America’s Finest City And I’m very fortunate that I had the opportunity to grow up here, never left, stayed here for college and went to San Diego State. And I’ve had the opportunity to see San Diego grow. The new communities. The developments. The expansion. I feel like that’s really given me a great perspective on the county and really helped me to better Advise my clients and be able to help people move from one area to the other. Even just gauging information on the communities themselves. Living here in San Diego now I’ve spent nearly 2 decades working in real estate. I got in during the high time of our last cycle Then saw the market fall out. And, back to a good cycle again. It’s been an interesting ride and it’s really helped me to learn a lot about the real estate practice. About people, and really just help me improve my skill set to really be able to help guide and educate our clients even better. And it’s been an interesting Change in the pair, really a paradigm shift in the real estate market as a whole Because back when I first got into the real estate business Real estate agents controlled most of the information, so you as a buyer, you as a seller You needed us to get the information. With the changes in technology The internet. Sites like Zillow and everything else, you have access to all of the data now. So you don’t need me, you don’t need real estate agents for the information about a property. Even being able to sell a property. So now where we really can bring value is it’s through education It’s advice. It’s being able to guide you through the process and be able to inform you and help you make the educated decisions. You know, just like if you had a health problem… You could try and solve it on WebMD or you would go to your doctor. If you needed surgery you’re probably going to go to a specialist. The same you know if you’re going through a legal challenge. You’re going to go to a lawyer. And that’s how I look at our profession and my responsibility to our clients now. I’m a professional that is there to give advice, to educate, and help you make the most informed decision so you can make the best investment possible. San Diego Realtor, Glen Henderson
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