• Lukas Schiltknecht

    Ladies and gentlemen. What you are presenting here are bars of pure platinum, how you present it on the other hand, feels more like you are handing out pizza to a bunch of useless weed addicts on gamers friday. I beg you, please, show just a tad more respect to the presence and time your guests are investing into your channel. They deserve it, and quite frankly, so do you. You may start with hiring an audio engineer, a video editor and may be a stage manager. Of course i mean no offense if that already was the case. Cheers

  • Jordan Thibodeau

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm glad you all enjoyed the talk. I will speak to Gino to see if I can share the doc with a broader audience.

    Stay tuned!

  • Goshen ProsperCraft

    Jordan needs to find his voice before he hosts a talk again…I can barely hear him, every time he talks I feel like he is apologizing for opening his mouth. Also introductions need to be done from memory, if you read the whole thing from notes it feels like he just handed them to you.

  • Liberty DIY

    Even with 4% rates, 30% toward principal 70% toward interest is a fools game IMO. Low rates lead to overvalued properties, so easy to go underwater when the market tanks

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