Gingerbread House Mystery 🏰 Kiddyzuzaa Land Season 2: Episode 6
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Gingerbread House Mystery 🏰 Kiddyzuzaa Land Season 2: Episode 6

– [Children] Kiddyzuzaa. (enchanting music) – This was a great idea Squig. I feel quite at peace. (gasping) Grape? Floor grape. My fourth favourite kind of grape. Yum. Oh another one. There’s loads of them. ♪ Grapes grapes grapes ♪ ♪ So tasty so sweet ♪ ♪ I love grapes they’re my
favourite thing to eat ♪ Nom nom nom. Nom nom nom nom. (happy music) Nom nom nom nom. Nom nom nom (yelling) Ohh. – Um, that’s weird, right? – More tea Olivia. – [Together] Esme. – Nom nom nom. – Where is she going? – Grapes, of course. Flour? Something isn’t right here. – I can’t see where the trail goes. – We should follow her, come on. – But guys, the picnic. Ugh fine. You try to do something nice, make things a little all’aperto. – Nom nom nom. (playful music) Huh? Wait, bread? Ah hah. (playful music) – We’ve been at this for hours. Will this trail ever end? – She’s right Olivia, we have no idea how
much further this goes. – Come on princesses, Esme’s our friend. What if the trail leads
somewhere dangerous? We need to make sure she’s okay. Alright then. Whoa.
Huh? Who is responsible for all this? (belching) (gasping) (horror music) (evil laughter) – Look. – A bake off? (gasping) – [Together] Malice’s princess pie spell. (gasping) – But what does it mean? (playful music) – Esme, we’ve come to save you. Malice is going to turn you into a. – Pie? (yelling) – But, but, what? – Oh you guys, Malice wasn’t going to turn me into a pie. She wanted me to try a pie. – I’m going to enter the
Great Zuzzan Bake-off. I wanted Esme’s opinion on
whether my pie was good enough. – Wow Malice, this whole time we thought you were up to your old tricks, but really you just wanted some advice. We misjudged you Malice, sorry. – Yeah Malice we’re really sorry. – [Isabella] Sorry Malice. – So what kind of pie is this then Malice? – Bats. – [Together] Huh? (yelling) (evil laughter) – There, that should do it. Ready Timothy? Good evening residents of Kiddyzuzaa land. I’m Malice, the most
powerful witch around. But of course you all know that already. – Wait, Esme, what’s this? – As I am so powerful that
quite frankly it’s boring, I have decided to change
this awful green forest to a more appropriate colour, purple. Behold the Purplifier 3000. (evil laughter) – Well that’s not too bad. – Oh, and also, by
turning the forest purple, the trees will all rot. – Come on princesses, we have to stop her. – Oh and also, I’ve built a giant unbeatable
maze around my tower so no one can foil my genius plan. Let’s see, turn the forest purple, all the trees rotting, giant awesome maze, yep, that’s it. (evil laughter) – Okay, game plan. Lilliana, keep an eye out for trouble. Have you got your slime launcher? Isabella, have you got your
magic direction seeking mirror? And Esme, have you got your. (yelling) Okay, break. (machine running) (evil laughter) – Everything is going to plan. (playful music) (evil laughter) You have arrived at the fast challenge, answer this question if you wish to pass. Raisins, currants, and sultanas are all dried forms of which fruit? – Got any ideas Lilliana? – I don’t know. – Oh no, what are we going to do? – That’s easy, grapes. – Wait, Esme, it could be a trap. (evil laughter) – [Malice] Silly princesses. – Woops – Don’t worry princesses, I’ve got this. (playful music) – Great thinking with
that flame spell Olivia. – Yeah, flame spell. (evil laughter) – Time for round two, what colour do you get when
you mix these two potions? – Oh, I know this, it’s. – Wait, this is Malice
we’re talking about. Purple? – Fine, go ahead princesses. (playful music) – I wonder which way we should go. – This way. (evil laughter) – You have reached the final
and most difficult challenge. Get through this door. – Wait, that’s it? – Well the door is really
hard to get through, okay? – Okay, game plan. (yelling) – One day that’s going to work. – Anyway, how are we going to get through? – Don’t worry, I’ve got this. Pin, do your thing. (playful music) – Ah hah, Kiddyzuzaa land is saved. – Esme, that’s just the light switch. – And now for the main event. (dramatic music) (explosion) Princesses! – You know the best way to find berries is to go down on your hands and knees and look really closely. – Wow Esme, you sound like you really know what you’re doing, maybe I should keep a lookout up here and you can search down there. – Okay. – Phew. – I don’t know what to make today. – Oh I know, how about a machine that. (nose sniffling) (sneezing) – Whoa, I must be allergic to these. Oh well. – Hmm, interesting. (evil laughter)
(yelling) (evil laughter) (screw squeaking) – There, now whenever something
bad is about to happen we’ll know about it beforehand. – Awesome. (machine beeping) – Huh? (sneezing) – I don’t feel so good. (sneezing) (gasping) – What could it be? – I don’t know, maybe it was something she ate? – Isabella, did Esme eat
Malice’s mystery grapes from her garden again? – No no, we were just
walking through the forest. Esme was sniffing everything like usual, and then she started sneezing. And everything was turning giant. – Hmm, very interesting. (doorbell rings) – Who could that be? – Doctor Ecilam, nice to meet you. Oh poor Esme, you look horrible. (Esme groans) – Um, who exactly did
you say you are again? – Doctor Ecilam, I make housecalls
throught Kiddyzuzaa land. I got a phone call from, um, Mister Snuggles. – [Together] Mister Snuggles? – Yes, that’s right. Now Esme, what seems to be the problem? – I keep sneezing and making things giant. – Good, good. – Good? – No, I mean bad, but don’t worry Doctor Ecilam will cure you. All you’ll need is to hold this
spider up close to your nose and you’ll stop sneezing. – Hey, isn’t that. Malice. (playful music) (yelling) (laughter) (slow music)

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