Gingerbread House Disaster – Studio C

[splashing] [audience cheering and applause] [bell ringing] – All right everyone, welcome to the annual
Gingerbread House Contest! Today’s judge is going to be
a safety inspector. Now let’s give a nice, Wisdom Lane Elementary School
greeting to Safety Inspector, Tom Devlan! [cheering] – All right kids, hello. I am OSHA certified Safety
Inspector, Tom Devlan, number one in
Hoboken, Hackensack and Hard-Boiled Heights,
New Jersey. What do I do? I save lives. Except for that one time
I didn’t. [audience laughter] Let’s just say
it was an incident involving my safety inspecting
partner, Ted Higgins. [sighs] But I’m not supposed
to talk about that. Unless you kids wanna talk
about it, ’cause honestly, I– – Oh, okay, all right. Let’s just get started with
the gingerbread houses. All right. Maria, why don’t you go first,
come on. – Mawia! – I went with a traditional
model for my gingerbread house. I used marshmallows
and candy canes and inside I used sprinkles,
and I made it– – Condemned! – Why, why? Why?
Why? Tom: You got a load bearing
candy cane wall. That’s complete sugar
and a total safety violation. [audience laughter] I want you to pretend that this gummy bear
is someone that you love. Let’s say his name is,
I don’t know, Ted Higgins. Now, do you think that your
gingerbread house is safe, little girl? – Mmhm. – Tell Ted it’s safe. Tell Ted it’s safe,
like I did. – Hello little gummy bear. I made you this house,
it’s yummy– – This book represents
a light snowfall. [gasps] [screaming] – Oh, it’s like losin’ Ted
all over again. [sobbing] – Oh, okay. Uh, Mr. Devlan, this is
a Christmas competition– – Uh huh. – Okay, it’s just for fun,
they get an A no matter what. – I’m sorry, I just take safety
very seriously. But in safety, if you
are crying, you are dying. [audience laughter] All right, who’s next, kids? – Okay, come on, Tyler. [smashing] – I don’t– I don’t want– – No, it’s okay. It’s okay. – What’s your foundation made
of here, little Mikey? – Uh, it’s uh, Tyler, and my mother said that
I should use fondant. – Well she was wrong. – Oh. – Just as wrong as I was on
that fateful night in 1995 when I sent Ted Higgins to inspect
the Hoboken community center. – Are you okay? – Lemme ask you somethin’, do you think that your fondant
foundation is earthquake safe? – Well, there aren’t any
earthquakes in New Jersey. – That’s what I thought! – Oh. – That’s what we all thought. [audience laughter] Little Timmy, I want you to pretend that
this gummy bear is someone you care
about very deeply. Let’s say his name is,
I don’t know, Ted Higgins. And let’s say his job’s, I don’t
know, a little safety inspector. [moans] Do you think that your house
is earthquake safe? – Uh, yeah. – It’s 2 AM. A light snowfall
has just started. Ted climbs– – Oh don’t– – And enters the Hoboken
community center on your orders. And oh no. It’s an earthquake! Tyler: No! Oh! Mom, you lied about the fondant! [audience laughter] – It’s like losin’ Ted
all over again. – Okay, this is
a Christmas competition and you are usin’ it
to sort through some stuff and now is not the time. Okay? Here, let’s have Sophia go. She’s our star student. Come on. Nope, yup, come on. Yup, come on. Sophia, Sophia. It’s okay. Come on, just, come on. [soft moaning] – Well this looks promising. Solid foundation,
reinforced joists, there’s only one problem. No lightning rod. – Why would I need
a lightning rod? – They say in the moments
before the light snowfall began, and the earthquake rocked
Hoboken, New Jersey, my safety inspecting partner,
and best friend, Ted Higgins, climbed to the roof
of the community center, where he was struck
by lightning. [audience laughter] Do you think your gingerbread
house is safe, little Sophia? – Um, I– I think you’re being
too hard on yourself and none of this
is actually your fault– [zapping] – Oh, it’s just like it was
in 1995! [sobbing] [coughing] I’m so sorry. – So on this night in 1995– – Uh huh. – There was a snowfall– – Yeah, there was a snowfall. – An earthquake– – Yeah, there was
an earthquake too. – And lightning? – Yeah, there was
lightning as well. – All at 2 AM? – Yeah, at 2 AM. And I shoulda seen it all
comin’. – There is literally no way
you could have seen that coming. – No. Because safety affects
everybody, Mrs. Durkin. I hope you kids all learned
that today. Because I have dedicated my life to protecting the people
of this community. I know where all
the hazards are. [zapping] Oh no! I’m goin’ out just like Ted did! [audience laughter] – Oh! I understand safety now! [cheering] [audience applause] – Hey everybody, thanks for watchin’ that
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