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Gingerbread House Beard

( ringing ) ( fire roaring ) Hello, again. Now, as an avid beard grower, beard enthusiast,
creator of Rhett’s Beard Oil and founding member of
the religion of Beardism, I am absolutely delighted
to be joined by our guest today. He’s a friend of the show
and you may recognize him if you’re a longtime
mythical beast. Here is Jeremiah. Hello, Jeremiah. Well, hi. Thanks so much
for having me back. – Yeah, man.
– Oh, yeah. We wanted your beard back, and then we didn’t want
to take it away from you. Right. You’re attached
to your beard. – We care about you.
– We wanted to have you back,
too. I didn’t mean to make it
all about your beard. But your beard is
an integral part of this. Of course, you’ve been
on the show before. Yes, that date
was unforgettable. Wow. Can I grab
the whole thing? – Wow.
– Yeah, go for it. This isn’t funny at all.
What are you talking about,
humor? Should I go a little harder? I’m just getting warmed up. You can do
whatever you want to – as long as you don’t pull
any out.
– Okay. Yeah, there was some beard
petting happening, – And I was
a little weirded out…
– Yes, there was. But I had my vest,
so I felt secure. This time we’re not going
to just touch your beard. We’re going to style
your beard. And specifically our idea is to give you
a ginger-beard house. I hoped for nothing less. Yes, that is
a gingerbread house
meets a beard. Oh, my… But thankfully you have
a red beard. – So…
– “Ginger.” I get it. Ginger. We’ve got
a gingerbread house here, just the structure
’cause that’s the boring part. – Yeah.
– But for you– It’s real gingerbread!
Don’t doubt us! Confirm that. We’ve got some straps. And we’re going–
we’re inverting this thing. Okay, let’s see how this works. Can I lick it? – Tastes really good.
– Am I going on the bottom here? – ( overlapping chatter )
– We’re going on the top. Is that too tight? Never too tight. Okay. “Never too tight.” – Okay.
– You’ve got some red beard coming right out
of this little door. – Oh, yeah.
– It’s almost as if the ginger-beard house
is on fire. Well, let’s go–
let’s go with that. That could be the theme. So, I think, first of all, let’s– we wanna connect
the beard to it. I’ve never done
a gingerbread house. I’ve only watched my family do
them from time to time. I don’t participate in
children’s activities. – I trust you.
– I’m not that kind of dad. Just kidding. Now I just wanna make sure that I’m just–
I’m putting some– You know, icing is basically
ginger glue. Oh, gosh, I didn’t mean to put
that there. My icing is a different
consistency than yours. Mine’s thick. – Mine is…
– Whoa. Mine’s totally working. Look at that. It’s, like,
totally, just like,
gluing his beard right to there,
like, you don’t– You begin to forget
that this is a beard
in a house. Yeah, you don’t wanna–
you want– you don’t wanna know
where the beard ends
and the house ends. I think you need some–
you need some of the thick stuff
over here. That’s
a philosophical quandary. Get the thick stuff
in there. Now, really work it in there,
like you can almost– you can almost sculpt it
with your hands. See that? I wanna go here ’cause– Yeah, add some more lines
of interest. That icing smells good. Right around this. And then got some candy cane
action happening on the side
here maybe. Some of this going up. Boop, boop, boop,
lots of these. – Now, uh–
– That’s a good idea, Link. There’s a little bit–
We want it to seem like the ginger-beard house
was decorated and then it caught fire, so– – Oh, gosh.
– What? – I lost a little bit.
– I caught it. I caught it. – Oh, man.
– Reflexes like a cat. – You’re quick.
– That was nice, Jeremiah. These– These have
a very fiery feel to them. – Oh, yeah.
– It’s almost like… flames. – I think we
should just stuff…
– Almost done. …as much of that
into this hole as if we’ve got
some fire coming out. Can also be confused
as his tongue. You know what?
Here, just put one
in the mouth. – Oh, thank you.
– And then… – Ooh, it’s tangy.
– That one’s gonna– – like, but– so your mouth…
– Mmm. Fire’s part of it. And then all of this hair,
all this beard hair, we really want that
to be coming out ’cause that’s the– that’s the start of the fire,
and then the fire– The source of the fire
is the beard. And then it’s going into the… Oh, my God,
you didn’t catch that one.
( chuckles ) Now, I’ve got
all of these things. And we’ve got these– Both of these look like they could be fire. Also Twizzlers
could be fire. Yeah, so… Can you take a Twizzler
in the nose? Let’s go for it. Breathe through
the other nostril until now. Okay. – You doing okay?
– I’m doing okay. I trust you guys. That’s a mistake. Okay, that’s perfect. Got two fallen soldiers
over here. I don’t know what I’m–
what I’m doing this for, but I’m just doing it. Oh, I like your technique. ‘Cause wherever icing goes… Well, ’cause it’s snowy.
It’s a snowy fire. You know? Just because
it’s a gingerbread house, there’s gotta be… Oh, gosh, they both came out? – You know–
– Gotta put ’em in harder. I think I’m gonna have
to use the end that’s got– I’m gonna use the end
that’s got some icing on it because I think
that’ll work as a glue. I used to work in construction.
That’s a good idea. – Okay.
– Mm. Put that in there. This thing
is really flaring up here. Yeah. Some–
Somebody call 911. And then we go–
we’ll get it good. Oh, man,
this thing is getting hot. Okay. All right, okay, okay.
I don’t wanna overdo it. I don’t wanna get too excited. We gotta save some of this
for later. I really feel good
about what we’ve done. Yeah, and I think,
if you just invert
the whole picture in post, then the house’ll be upright, and the beard–
Oh, we gotta get the beard, the beard flame coming out. Yeah, grab that beard
flame. – It’s gotta stay out.
– Get it out. Oh, there it is. And then if you invert it, and now just turn it up– turn the shot over, and then if you direct
your head a little bit– What, like that? Yeah, put that right there. That’s a good one right there,
too. Now, just speak
as if you’re the house, like, “Help, I’m on fire.” –( flames crackling )
– I’m engulfed in flames. Um, it’s an effulgent, uh– what’s the word
I’m looking for? You just said “effulgent,”
so you should find another word. Uh, it’s incendiary,
effulgentive, um, um, um– so bad with words here. You’re picking
the hardest ones. I think that’s the problem. You know what?
It’s like, “Help me, someone. I’m on fire.
I’m a ginger-beard house.” A conflagration. Rhett:
And you know what? Just one last piece
There’s a gingerbread man that almost got out. That’s nice. All right, ten out of ten. Is that his nose? – That’s his eyes.
– Oh, those are eyes.
Okay. – Rhett: He’s very alarmed.
– Okay. All right, click on through to see if we can identify
our crewmembers just by their beards. Link:Beardify your beardwith Rhett’s Beard Oil,available at


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