GIANT 3D Printers Make Ten Houses in Only a Day!
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GIANT 3D Printers Make Ten Houses in Only a Day!

Looking for your dream home?
Just press print. You know, I love 3D printing. I’ve talked
about it a lot, in fact the second episode ever of Fw:Thinking
was about 3D printing. And it was pretty thorough. But I’ve got to talk about it some more, so
here’s a way to catch up. It’s also known as additive manufacturing,
because a 3D printer builds an object by laying layer upon layer of material until
it’s finished. It’s less wasteful than regular manufacturing
because you don’t have to cut or carve away material to build your object.
And in fact the automotive and airplane industries have been using this technology for years
in order to develop prototypes in a cheap and easy way.
But I’m still not thinking big enough! You see most of the 3D printers I’ve had experience
with have been on the small side. The biggest one I ever saw was large enough
to make a helmet that fit on my head. But when it comes to 3D printers, size is
not a limiting factor. So what if you built a 3D printer large enough
to print a house? Well if you did…
you’re late to the party because someone has already done exactly that!
And I’m not talking about a hypothetical prototype. I’m talking a working 3D printer that uses
recycled construction material and quick drying concrete as ink.
A Chinese company called Winsun used four of these types of 3D printers to build ten
houses in one day outside of Suzhou China. Now how big are these printers?
Well how about 33 feet wide by 22 feet tall? And for our friends outside the United States,
that’s 10 meters by 6.6 meters. These printers are gargantuan!
Now, these printers follow preprogrammed patterns, and those patterns are designed to create
structurally sound houses, so that they can stand up to their own weight.
Now Winsun’s approach requires some work because they print the various pieces separately and
then they have to put them together. Even so, with this approach they’re saving
money with materials, with labor, with time. And these houses cost less than $5,000 a piece,
so this approach could really be a boon for low income housing.
Now you don’t have to go all the way to China to see this in action.
We have a company here in the United States called Contour Crafting that does essentially
the same thing. Now their 3D printer is mounted on a rail
system, so it can roll up and down a construction site and build an entire house from floor
to roof in one go. No assembly required. And Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis, who is a
pioneer in this field says it would take just 24 hours to build a house this way!
But this is just the beginning, and people are already talking about using this technology
to build houses for people who have lost their homes in the wake of a natural disaster.
And maybe as this technology grows and evolves over time we’ll see it being used to build
the dream houses of the future. So you won’t go to break ground on your new
housing project, you’ll just make sure the toner’s not too low.
OK, I’ve got a question for all of you this week.
What do you think about 3D printing? Is it going to democratize manufacturing, or is
spelling the doom and gloom of the consumer market?
What’s your take on this technology? Let me know in the comments below.
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  • Hassan-Ali Hakemi

    I remember the first car (brand new wv) I bought for only $5000, the first pc for $1500. Yep true technology makes things easier to construct but in time the price will increase, brand new WV over $30000, a PC with all its gadgets, softwares, hardware, etc. over $3000. 3d printed houses is also, only on the way, to increase the price of housing, wait and see.

  • Steve Calvert

    To actually SEE a house being built in one day cuz thats what i came to see not mislabled content ktnx

  • Nikki Smith

    Shouldn't be no worries just make sure everybody have some where to live that should be the focus and everything should be alright

  • drdecker1

    One of the question about this type of building materials is how safe are they to live in. ? I am referring to the fact that a lot of these parts using these printers use polymers which are generally oil based. Which are generally very flammable.

  • Cybair

    A house is not an ideal application for a 3D printer because there are too many other element that need to be integrated into and around the frame (plumbing, electricity, roofing HVAC, etc.). Moreover, esthetics matter for a home owner.
    However, a large 3D printer extruding concrete would be much more useful for constructing small bridges or the shore supports for small bridges. There are many specific infrastructure parts that could be extruded on site instead of making forms and pouring concrete. That's where 3D printers will first be used commercially.

  • Randy Holston

    I think this is great. I don't think people get the meaning of human evolution. There will be no more conventional work in the future. My vision of the future is not the pursuit of wealth or material gain but the betterment of humanity. More exploration, more science, more study and meditation, more inventing, more learning and bonding between people because we will have no other choice. Envision if you will a society where you can make profit but you are not required to. A society where you are able to fill your dreams and your passions unfettered by your needs. Everyone will have better than adequate housing, better than adequate healthcare and educational opportunity. There will be work but it will be service work private and public where the needs of man will be the focal point. Star Trek, Star Wars, other futuristic societies where people get to just live and capital is not king. We all saw this coming. The future is now!

  • Blue Water And UNDERTALE

    Printing thinking Hey that limes limes limes limes or lime lime lime lime lime lime lime why can’t you do it you stupid limes limes limes STUPID SIRI

  • Medijine Time

    I believe this is the future and its coming fast. The designs of houses will be limitless, and that means the average person could spend a fraction and have a house like the 1%. You have to open your imagination to the abilities of computers and a 3D printer. Heck, with the correct materials, you could program the printer to install the wiring, plumbing, heating and even solar panels. Lets even go further, why not have it make the furniture that will go in the house. The possibilities are endless.

  • nomesh yadu

    At present this machine is just waste of concrete. I mean who builds an entire house with concrete? We just build pillars and roof with concrete and rest of wall is made of bricks glued and plastered with cement.

  • David Quercione

    I love this idea. As a 40 year construction worker and now Career and Technical Education teacher. I think we should be teaching this technology in apprenticeship and engineering programs in alternative to college schools (private, not government)

  • Peter Campbell

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  • Dave Fabris

    not practical on a real construction site with weather, dust, space, mud etc. Timber frame still cheaper and more practical to build on site.

  • James Wagner

    Wow..i gotta get me one of those printers to build 10 houses the size of sheds in 1 day just like Amish do EVERYDAY!!! LOL

    with no 500k printer!!!

  • beau m

    it's awesome and we should be using it right now. There are so many families and individuals who are homeless or can't afford to build a regular home because of cost and this technology could really help them get started right . 👍

  • Velocity Raptor

    The drive for profit will always undermine truly good and noble causes. The fruits of technology, productivity, and efficiency have to be distributed across all of society if we are to improve infrastructure and the public health and well being. Right now, we live in a pyramid scheme where the affluent at the top, the well to do in the middle, the working class below them, and finally the poor at the bottom. If we want society to collapse then we'll keep going where we're going. If we want our truly good and noble causes to bear fruit that everybody can eat and not just the rich or the well to do in the middle. The crux is, that we can develop all of the technology in the world to resolve homelessness, to resolve hunger, to resolve poverty, solve engineering problems, etc., but we might just not do those things depending on how we as a society use that technology because we will be undermined by the profit we seek. I do think that 3D printing will change the world. I'm just worried we're going to use gun powder to fight wars instead of light fireworks.

  • Lawrence L.

    Homes have absolutely no reason to be expensive and time consuming to plan and build….the future of homes will be petite and very efficient to produce.

  • Clear Prop

    I feel it will be a major cost saving option as housing is just too expensive today! No need for lifetime loans with tens of thousands of peoples hard earned monies thrown at the greedy. Time to think differently!

  • Michelle Hall

    I really hope these 3d printers become commonplace and homes come down in price and homelessness becomes a thing of the past. Along with ridiculous housing cost being eliminated.

  • calvinthedestroyer

    All talk no video, just picture and a snipit.. Down vote you need to go there and get some good footage of this thing in action.

  • Chry Chavmendz

    Lol how long will it take for these to take over human labor completely and ??? How in the fkn world will anyone be able to pay for a house?!.

  • Christopher Miller

    You’re still going to have to break ground you have to still develop the foundation the only advantage to 3-D printing a home is the actual framing of the house.

  • Karl Themel

    This ought to be the precursor of Lunar and Mars´s bases needing to be set up fully automatically prior to the arrival of Humans.

  • Lee Cramton

    Go for that 3-day better to build houses that be a big boost for special with people that can't afford at least we got some house thank you very

  • aoeu256

    Do 3D printers need to be "on-rails"? If you could let them arbitrarily ANCHOR themselves to anywhere to give them more freedom they could print very big things indeed. Also the 3D printers themselves should be almost completely 3D printable as this will cause exponential growth (1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1k 2k 4k 8k) in the number of 3D printers, houses, and objects.

  • Oscar Anderson

    I've been doing construction for 35 years now. 3D pen houses Amen brother I'm done. May the may be the younger Generations made of candy could actually build a house amazing.

  • Seldin Gardane

    At current it's in its infancy. The things they're making now may be structurally sound but they are built on the cheap. I'm not sure how much stock I'd put in how weatherproof these structures are just yet. Be that as it may, as the technology improves, this will be a major game changer in small-scale construction. Not sure how it will impact larger buildings, but we'll see.

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