GFRG panel house construction cost
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GFRG panel house construction cost

Hello, my name is Dilip and I am a structural engineer. I represent Cityrene and we are into GFRG construction. I am trained and certified by IIT for doing GFRG construction. In my last video I have mentioned that videos in youtube about 2000 sq.ft GFRG house built by IIT in just 6 lakhs. In this video I will explain why a 2000 sq.ft house cannot be built in 6 lakhs and what will be the construction cost of a 1000 sq.ft. 3BHK GFRG house in detail step by step procedure. For constructing a house there are many steps we have to follow. 1st is Foundation and then GFRG panels, Transportation of GFRG panels, Electrical, plumbing, painting, tiles, labour & materials cost involved in them I will explain these steps one by one. 1st step is the foundation. There are many types in this. I am going to explain about commonly used 3 types of foundation. 1.Strip footing:
This type footing has been adopted for building GFRG house in their campus. Next is isolated footing, recently this type of footing is used. Normally we see beams and columns in construction, those are all built from this kind of footing. Next one is raft footing, this is used in multistoried apartments or where soil is weak. This foundation is costlier than the other two foundations mentioned earlier. For a 1000 sq.ft house the foundation cost would be approximately Rs.3.5-4 lakhs. This includes steel, cement, sand, excavation etc. This is an approximate price, this may vary for each location, each foundation and each building. GFRG panels:
For a 1000 sq.ft house construction we need 324 sq.m GFRG panels. The cost of GFRG panel per sq.m would be Rs.1120/- (Inclusive of GST). 324X1120=Rs.3.6Lakhs. This is just panel cost. We have to transport the panels from the factory to site. For each location transportation cost varies. To transport 324 sq.m GFRG panels to Chennai, it would cost approximately Rs.50,000 including lorry charge and unloading crane charges. Next we will need a series of work to be done like electrical, plumbing, painting etc. I will start with electrical materials. Electrical:
There are many components involved in electrical materials I am going to explain a 4 major materials here. 1.Wires: For residential purpose we require wires which ranges from 1 to 4 and the cost varies from Rs.600-2000 per coil. Next is switches, a modular switch price would vary from Rs.25-30 per switch. Distribution box: This is same as main junction box. It would cost Rs.1200/- per box. Main Board: Previously we use wooden planks for fixing meter and fuse but nowadays we can get a ready made metal box as shown in the image. This would cost Rs.5500/- per house. For example, if there are 4 houses in an apartment for each house the main board would cost Rs.5500/-. So, for 4 houses 4X5500. I have mentioned only the major materials used for electrical work. We need more components like pipes, bends etc. so, for a 1000 sq.ft house electrical materials and labour cost would be approximately Rs.80,000/-. Plumbing materials:
You would have seen these materials shown in the images in your bathrooms. 1st is western closet. A contractor would use a western closet which is of range Rs.3000-3500/-. There are so designs and brands available in the market and price changes accordingly. Shower Mixer: We would have seen two taps for mixing hot and cold water in bathrooms which is combinedly called as shower mixer. This also costs around Rs.3000-3500/- per unit. Wash basin: This would cost Rs.900-1100/- per piece. Shower Head: This is where the water flows through. This costs Rs.600-1000/- per piece. As I mentioned earlier these materials price will vary depending on the brand and design but what I have mentioned is a common basic price. I have only mentioned about materials, for a 1000sq.ft with 3BHK 3-bathrooms will be there. Plumbing cost including labour and material for this house would be approximately Rs.75000/-. Painting: In painting two categories are available. Interior and exterior painting. Exterior painting price would be little greater than interior painting since exterior painting has to resist rain, sun rays will be of higher quality and higher price. Exterior paint costs Rs.185-260 per litre and interior paint costs Rs.135-180 per litre. I have only mentioned pain alone. We need other materials like Putty, primer etc. So for a 1000 sq.ft house it would cost Rs.80,000/- including labour cost. Tiles:There are many varieties in tiles such a vitrified tile, ceramics etc. A common contractor would use 2’X2’ tiles in the price range of Rs.45-50/sq.ft. We need adhesives or cement mortar to stick tiles which would cost Rs.15-20 per sq.ft. In a house the tile area will include floors tiles, walls tiles, side skirtings, kitchen wall tiles, kitchen granite, staircase etc. so all together it would cost Rs.1.3 lakhs(Including tiles, laying cost, laying materials cost) Next windows and doors. 1.Doors: 3 categories are there: Main door, Bedroom door, Bathroom Door. Teak doors are used as main door. The cost of main door includes of teak door, frame, lock, accessories, carpenter cost and fixing cost would be Rs.25,000-30,000/-. Bedroom door is made of flush panel doors with African wooden frame. The cost of a bedroom door including everything would be Rs.12,000-15,000/-. PVC doors are used for bathroom because this can resist water and also cost efficient. The cost of bathroom door including locks and accessories is Rs.5,000-6,000/-. Just multiply the no of doors in a house to get the total cost. Windows:
Windows are of two types, wooden and UPVC. This is further divided into sliding and open windows. A UPVC sliding window costs around Rs.350-370 per sq.ft. Size of a normal window in our house is 4’X4’=16 sq.ft. So, the cost of a window would be Rs.5,600-6,000 excluding the window grill (Safety metal grill) cost. Grill cost varies depending on the design and weight. For a 1000 sq.ft house door and windows would cost(including metal grill)approximately Rs.1,20,000/- Roof Concreting:Roof concreting for a 1000 sq.ft house would cost Rs.60,000 this includes cement, sand, steel and aggregates used for roof. This doesn’t include labour cost. Water Proofing is a must and unique process in GFRG construction. In a conventional brick house, we do waterproof only on terrace and bathrooms. We wouldn’t do anywhere else other than these 2 points. But in GFRG construction we must waterproof every surface, every joint and every corner. There are many chemicals available in market for waterproofing but IIT have recommended only a few water proof chemicals during the training period after testing all the water proof chemicals on GFRG panels. The cost of the IIT approved water proof chemicals would be Rs.50,000/- for a 1000 sq.ft house. As I have mentioned earlier there are so many chemicals available in the market, using those chemicals would reduce the cost but in future this will create structural problems in the building which is not recommended. Labour cost:Till now, I have mentioned only materials cost. We need labour for wall panel erection, foundation works, roofing works etc., and it would cost approximately Rs.3 lakhs. Normally if we are giving labour contract to a mason it would cost around Rs.300/sq.ft. Based on this value, this example labour cost is arrived. I have explained all the costs individually till now. The net cost for a 1000 sq.ft house would be Rs.17 lakhs. This is a basic standard cost, it may vary depending on the materials, floor plan, design, location (since labour cost & materials cost will change for every location). From this video you can understand that why a 1000 or 2000 sq.ft house cannot be constructed in 6 lakhs. The only reason for uploading this video is to let people know transparent cost of construction. We will be uploading similar videos in near future. Keep watching, Thank you!


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