• chris darwin

    Chris – north of Atlanta.
    Nice. Thanks for your videos. Answered my 1st question with corporate direct. I appreciate you sharing your experiences.
    Starting LLCs in January just for investment props. Well actually three but the other two are businesses.
    Wow also answered my question on keeping investor, private lender, happy with promissory note!
    My Action plan in January:
    1. Get LLC started
    2. Secure fund and grow account
    3. Already found great contact within real estate company and already getting some great inside info, she just called me today about a great deal on a multi house deal and I’m hosting GRI conference in Feb!
    4. Continue looking for a company to get heloc on our current house
    5. Transfer second house to LLC, as rental, with corporate direct
    6. Secure more funding for more deals maybe using second house
    7. Get to at least ten houses by the end of 2019!
    Great video today thanks!
    Post script:
    Answering the question of why selling your deals- eh… free up capitol for more deals and sometimes more advantage situation where you’re not even having pay a management co or managing the prop yourself (#passive incomenow…). As long as there’s still meat left on the bone everybody wins!
    Also, never dropped out of live. Internet may have dipped but you were live on replay no problems.

  • Kevin Brink

    Hello Clayton, my representative with Morris Invest left and now nobody sends me properties anymore. How do I get a new person?

  • Alpha Male

    Dear Clayton, I've been stuck in the E quadrant for a while. After even after working full time, there is too little to offer for investing.

  • zmk666666

    I actually called corporate direct to ask about transferring a property to an LLC without triggering due on sale clause, and the lady said you can do that by transferring a warranty deed. I didn’t speak with Gary but from speaking with many other lawyers they said this is not true, transferring a deed warranty can trigger due on sale clause. Unfortunately she wasn’t knowledgeable.

  • Ten Plus

    I’m sure I’m not alone here when I say this, working a W2 job with W2 coworkers will kill the spirit of a producer quicker than when democrats control the government. Clayton, you are a godsend, my friend!

  • That Guy

    You mentioned in one of your episodes that you make 40 grand a month. That’s half a million a year. How many years did it take you to get to this point?? By the way In 2019 I’m taking action!

  • Roberta WH

    We are renting right now but we want to buy a foreclosure home not for us but to rent. I guess it is harder to get a loan when you don’t have your own home . What is you advice?

  • Svetco Vladich

    Excellent info. Could I consult with you privately to find my next investment property? I currently have one in Los Angeles worth 450K. I own it free and clear and rent it out for 2K per month. I have a W2 job currently. How could we meet or consult? Thank you.

  • Vince D

    I don't have a 401k or anything of substantial value currently, so I've vowed to save $10k by next August. hopefully that will be enough skin to get me some private money. My credit score is also kinda low, but I'm working on it.

  • Jay Gee

    Clayton your videos are magnificent, I'm trying to get into the business of rental properties to generate cashflow but just getting a little stuck as far as that initial first step. what I really want to do is house hack my first property. I want to have a primary residence, live in it and rent it out (preferably a duplex) , then expand from there. I'm hoping if I save a good $15k- $10k with low credit I can make something happen? I am only 21 so I want to take action early to secure a foundation for my future. but I feel like my lack of credit and even funds are in the way. any tips or past videos you can refer me to , on just getting out there to fund or even find my first deal?

  • 5ko

    if you borrow private money, lets say for one rental property. than after buying and renovating and renting you'll collect something like 400$ net monthly what can you do with that? you cannot buy another property with that? and you need to pay off those private money in few years… with what? 400 a month? am I missing something? I can only imagine to use private money to buy a house and renovate it but than you need banks to refinance it to long therm mortgage. but as you say you can buy (in US) only 10 properties like that. lets say you have 10 properties like that and you are collecting 4000 a month, minus mortgage is it like 2000$ a month, you still cannot buy another house of that…you need to wait at least 2 years and not spend a dollar from that.

  • cayetanohawaii

    Great video! With all of the resources out there and the things you just mentioned, there are no excuses not to invest in real estate.

  • Menjesus

    Hey, Clayton. Freshmen in college here. How do I get the gears for the first investment property when I only work during the summers? I understand I’m young and ambitious, but I just want to have a roadmap for the next 10 years.

  • Suzie Q

    I’m confused on how using IRAs is a viable option when the rollover is only for 60 days and then it becomes a taxable event. What’s the benefit here?

  • Joseph Bianchimano

    Clayton what are the property taxes approx on these 50k homes you own in michigan indiana, etc ? im figuring out the property taxes im paying on my performing assets , . here in pa , it may work out better in your asset states ?

  • Marius Nielsen

    Hey. Do you have a video on how foreigners can invest with your company, or get loans/funding in the US as a foreigner?

  • Daniel Gomez

    Great video, thank you very much for sharing, I've been wondering how to do my next property, with a HELOC, a traditional mortgage reinvestment on the property I own, or what ever. With your help I think the HELOC is the way for me to go. Have a great day, appreciate the help.

  • Aaron Logan

    Hi Clayton, question… if you utilize a 401k loan, say for $50,000, generally those have to be paid back in 5 years. What's the best way to ensure that gets paid back in time? To do a cash-out refinance?? Thanks. Love the videos! Learning a lot from them!

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