– From the time we first
talked a few days ago, now you up and got your
property already locked up. You got deposit paid. Do you got keys yet? – I have the keys. – You got keys, girl come on! – But Jim, as you said,
“Go do this, do this. “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.” when I did it, it worked! I mean, it was like wow! (laughs) I don’t even know what to say. It was easy and it works. – And it works.
– Yeah. – Tell me, how does this
compare to wholesaling for you? ‘Cause you started off
with wholesaling right? – (laughs) Yes. You gotta be prepared going
in to some of these places. (laughs) It is bad. You gotta use your time and energy, gas, going driving around to these
places, people not showing up, it’s just a lot of work. – Are you a frustrated Wholesaler who’s failing at wholesaling real estate? Hey guys, I’m Jim G. From
Jim G’s Coaching Club and in this video you’re
going to see why Wholesaling is no longer the best strategy
for beginning investors or seasoned investors to make easy money in real estate without experience,
without owning property and without needing a whole
lot of money to get started. Also if you stick with me ’til the end, I’m going to show you my Airbnb playbook so that you, too, can go
from zero dollars, today, to earning up to 15,000 dollars per month in just 30 days. And I’m gonna show you serious proof. So continue to watch if you’re tired of failing
in your real estate efforts, tired of stressing and worrying about how you’re going to do your first or you’re next wholesale real
estate investment deal, or simply because you just don’t
have enough money or income and you just want a simple
way to use real estate for passive income to finally
have enough financial freedom, and financial independence so you can have more time to do the things that are really important to you like spending time with your family or helping those who are really in need and being more of a
blessing to your church and your community. So if that’s you, stick with me and I’ll make sure you have
all the information you need to go from zero dollars, today, to making 5,000 to 15,000 dollars per month in 30 days without experience and without owning property. So, like this video, subscribe
below, and let’s get started. So, let me tell you why wholesaling is no
longer the easy method for beginners to quickly
get started making money in real estate and what qualifies
me to be able to say that. The top two reasons are, one, over saturation and two, old and tired methods. If you’re not new to wholesale
real estate investing, then you know the market is over saturated with people doing and
wanting to do real estate. And the reason being is
because most beginners who want to start doing real estate, start with wholesaling. Why? Because it’s low risk, it requires very little experience, it requires very little investment, and you can make money quickly. Yes, that’s all true if you
have a wholesale network or if you have previous
success to build off of. So, let me tell you what I believe qualifies me to be able to say this and to talk in depth about
this niche and subject. I’ve been a real estate
investor for 30 yrs, 20 of those being full time and I’ve been blessed to have done nearly 700 real estate
investment transactions, and of those 700 or so
real estate transactions that I have done for myself, 200 or so of them have been wholesale real
estate investment transactions. Now that we’ve gotten
that all out of the way, let’s go a little bit in depth about why I say wholesaling is no longer the best strategy for
beginners or seasoned investors to make money easy in real estate without experience and
without owning property. And, let’s also talk about
what the alternative is. So, as I mentioned earlier, most investors who are tryna
get started with real estate, they go right into wholesaling, right? And I told you the reasons why. Little to no risk, very little capital required, not a lot of experience, and quick money. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a number of people out there that are very successful in wholesaling. However, there are a lot
more people out there, significantly more, that are just chasing their tails, having a very, very difficult time. Part of the reason why is because there is too
many newbies out there just screwing it up and as they’re making all these mistakes and they’re learning
and cutting their teeth, in this niche, then what it’s doing is it’s making sellers that would potentially be your client weary of dealing with any
wholesalers going forward; maybe because they’ve
been burned in the past or maybe because the
wholesaler just couldn’t do what they said they were gonna do. So now, any time someone
approaches them with the potential of doing a wholesale
transaction with them, the red flags go up and that makes it so much more difficult for beginners to get started because they’re shot down
befor they even begin. And, it also makes it difficult
for the seasoned investor who has to do more to explain himself and make that seller comfortable that they’re not gonna have
the same negative experience with them. If you’ve been doing wholesaling
for two weeks or more, and you can relate to what I’m saying, just type Yes in the comments below. When I started wholesaling real estate back twenty some odd years ago, it wasn’t even called wholesaling, as I mentioned in my previous video. There was no term for what we were doing when it came to wholesaling and flipping. There was just a few of us
throughout the country doing it and we had no competition. So, we were making money hand over fist and the other thing was, because people didn’t really know what it was, it was frowned upon. If you talked about making
money off of a property that you didn’t own, people looked at it as if you
were doing something illegal. Now today, wholesaling and flipping, they’re household terms. Even Zillow is talking about
getting a flipping arm. Everyone knows or, at least,
have heard about wholesaling, and/or flipping. But can you imagine being able to do wholesaling
with no competition? Well that was us, that was us. If you can just think what your
profit would be like, today, if you had no competition and you were out there
tryna do wholesaling, type in, below, in the comments, Big Time. (chuckles) if you can imagine
what that would be like and that’s what it was. It was Big Time, the profits were crazy. The money we were making, it was crazy. However, as more and more people began to hear about what we were doing and they started studying
us and following us, then, people started
jumping in and copying us. And then before you know it, the market began filling
up with investors; seasoned investors, newbie investors, just filling up, right? And we were still doing it. This went on for years. But then after it started
really getting diluted, then what do we do? We start pulling back a little bit. Pulling out and what do
we, then, start doing? We start training people and teaching them more and more because everyone’s approaching us and teaching them how to do it and letting them fight over the deals. And so, that’s what we did. We gave them the tools, the
training, the resources, all those things that
allowed us to be successful. So now, you have a bunch
of people in wholesaling that, pretty much, are all
trying to do the same thing using the same old, tired
techniques and strategies that we were using and we
were teaching 20 years ago, two decades ago. So again, if you’ve been doing wholesaling for more than two weeks and you’re starting to
see why it’s not so simple to make the type of money
you expected to make in wholesaling then type in the comments below, It’s Not My Fault. Because it really isn’t your fault. It’s just the nature of the beast and I am sure you didn’t know all this before you made a decision
to jump into wholesaling. Today, Airbnb Passive Income o or what we like to also call
Airbnb Rental Arbitrage, is where wholesaling and flipping was twenty some odd years ago. It’s not mainstream but many people have heard of Airbnb and they know a little bit
about how to make money on it. However, they don’t know how to make six and
seven figures a year like I do, like my students do, and like many of my colleagues
all over the world do without owning property. If you have any idea how to make money wholesaling real estate, type Yes in the comments below. And if you have any idea how to make money wholesaling real estate, then I want you to know
Airbnb Passive Income or Airbnb Rental Arbitrage is gonna be so much easier for you All it requires is the right mindset, a little bit of patience, and a good proven Airbnb success strategy. And it doesn’t matter if you’re
doing Airbnb in New York, Florida, Airbnb in Orlando,
or doing Airbnb in California, Airbnb in Chicago, it doesn’t matter. What part of the world you’re in, what major city you’re in, it works. What I’m gonna show you now, is a nice little example
of one of my students who started with nothing, zero. In fact, after spending six months, six months spinning her wheels,
spending a bunch of time, a good amount of money
marketing tryna make money in wholesaling, she made zero, zero. She was fed up, she was pretty fed up and a bit discouraged. Fortunately, by the grace of God, she was introduced to some of my training. She started watching my
videos and, eventually, connected with me. Anyway to make a long story short, she got her first three units of Airbnb Passive Income
properties in less than a week. She doesn’t own any of ’em. Her Airbnb Passive Income increased to over 36,000 dollars per year on that property, on those three units and 24,000 of that, she
gets to put in her pocket. And again, she accomplished that in less than a week of working with me. So, I wanna show you what that looks like and I’m gonna let you
in on the conversation and after that’s done,
I’m gonna share with you a few other tips and resources so that you can begin copying what I do, copying what she does,
and starting immediately. Okay? Here it is. How are you today? – Oh my goodness, I’ve been so busy. – A world wind, you’ve
been on a world wind. You’ve been on a tare, girl. – Yes I have. – Oh my gosh. From the time we first
talked a few days ago. Now you already got your
property already locked up. You got deposit paid. Do you got keys yet? – I have the keys. – You got keys, girl, come on! Come on! (claps) – Woo! – That is wonderful, that is wonderful! So, talk to me about the
process and how it all went. Talk to me. – Okay, well, I think it was a fairly smooth
process, actually. (laughs) So, I sent her the email that you gave me and she said she’d like to meet me. So I went over there, she was like, “Okay, so tell me what you’re doing,” and I just, basically, told her. I said, “Instead of sending
my clients to hotels, “I’d rather host them, here, “If you allow me to rent the place.” I said, “I have other properties “But they’re already at capacity,” and I said, “If you allow me to rent your place, “I’ll take care of it.” I gave her the whole nine
yards, the whole spill. And she was like, “Oh, “I’ve never heard of
anything like this before.” I said, “Well, this is my adventure, “I’m embarking on it, I
believe it’s gonna work.” And she was like, “well…” Oh, and also the military connection, her husband being in the
military, I being in the military she’s like, oh yeah,
that’ll work. (laughs) – That’s great. That’s wonderful. – But she wanted to give
me the keys that day. I’m like, well, let me get
back to my business partner and I’ll let you know. – Good, good, good. – She was a little concerned. She was like, “So, you’re a host, “Are they gonna contact me?” I said, “No, I’m your tenant. “I will be the only one contacting you.” I said, “I will take care of my clients.” I said, “This is a regular rental, “I’m just gonna be hosting my guest here.” And she was like, “Oh,
okay, I feel comfortable.” I said, “We’ll have
our renter’s insurance, “Everything will be fine.” I said, “I’ll be here almost every, “I’ll be here the majority of the time “Checking up on the place,
make sure everything’s clean.” She’s like, “So do you need me to put a “Washer and dryer in here for you?” I’m like, “I don’t need you to but if
you would like to, yeah.” (laughs) Also, she had another property. (laughs) – Talk to me. – It was a three/two but the master bedroom had
a laundry room in it so she said she couldn’t
really count it as a three/two, more of like a two/two
but it had major work and I didn’t want to do
that right now, so… – No, no, no, no, no. Here’s the thing you could consider. When you have some
that’s flexible like that and it’s not something,
necessarily, that you want, there is an opportunity for others. – Okay, okay. – Opportunity for others. You don’t want to, obviously,
screw up your contact so you have to know who
those others might be. I just want to commend you, yo. You did a great job
– Thank you! So, your first strategy session with me was last week, Tuesday. – Yeah. – On Wednesday, you
were sending me messages talkin’ about, “I’m out here
lookin’ at this property now. (laughs) “In fact, I saw two or three today “And I got a couple more tomorrow. “Tomorrow should even go even better.” I’m like, what!
– Exactly! Like, what! And then, ’cause I was expecting, you were gonna get back to me and let me know you got all these calls and messages and things. You were already on the roll. – I’ve been watching your videos. – You’ve been watching the videos. So then, on Thursday, you
texted me again talkin’ about, “Listen, I’m over here at
this property (glitch) good. “This thing is serious!” And I’m like, “Okay, what are the numbers, “Talk to me about the numbers.” You said, “950 dollars.” I said, “Well, based on
what we talked about it, “I think that’s a win, right?” You go, “(glitch)
definitely a win, it’s good, “And it’s a nice piece of property. “It’s a three/two, it’s this and that.” I was like, okay, well… – Turn key! – Let’s lock this thing up. Now, fast forward another
day, you text me on Friday, I think it was Friday
or Saturday and said, “I need the contract, you
need to send me the lease.” So I sent you out the
lease and the amendment and I said, “We can chat about this.” You’re like, “Well, I just
sent her the amendment, “She says it’s good, we’re
all good, (mumbles) with that. “So it look like we’re
gonna meet on Sunday “And I’m gonna sign the documents.” I’m like, okay, all right, all right. And then Monday, which
was yesterday, you said, “It’s a done deal, I got it all locked up, “And she’s got more properties
she wants to do with me “But it’s a little bit too much work.” So, less than a week, look at that. Less than a week You had nothin’ going on. – Nope. (chuckles) – Zero going on. – Exactly. (chuckles) – Right? – Yup. – In fact, your second
payment for the course isn’t even paid yet. – No, it’s not. (chuckles) – Not even paid in full, you got your- As far as the process is
concerned, from what I was seeing, everything was going
really smooth, I didn’t, in fact, they were going
smoother than normal, right?
– Right. You were a head of me. I was expecting to meet
with you before the call, you were a head of me but you
said you went a head of me because you did what? You watched some of the videos? – I watched your videos. I watched your videos
and I remember you said if they try to, she was tryna say “So what exactly do you do?” I said, “I just partner with
local companies in my area “And I host clients like
hospitals and stuff like that; “Visiting doctors, traveling nurses.” And she wanted to know
more because she’s like, “I’m always into business endeavors.” And I remember you said
to ask her a question. So I said, “So, when was the last time, “How long has it been vacant?” So I brought her back. I didn’t want her to get to
far into what I was doing. – It was textbook, the way you did it, and you handled it textbook too because she wanted to delve
more into what you were doing and you didn’t avoid, but you redirected. Right?
– Right. The goal wasn’t for you to
teach her your business. If you were talking to someone that was interested in considering doing the accelerated course, the academy, what would you say to them? – I would definitely say, go for it because, I’m tellin’ you, before I, I was tryna do stuff myself, look around but it wasn’t workin’. I needed somebody to
say, “Go do this, now” 29 years in the military,
order, “Go do this,” you said, “Go do this, do this, “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel,” and when I did it, it worked. It was like, wow! (chuckles) I don’t even know what to say. It was easy and it works. – And it works. – There was one thing that
I wanted to share with you. The rent was 950 because she
didn’t get a chance to paint it but I have that already,
it’s gonna be done. – Listen, I’m telling
you, oh my, listen to me, you, it was, you just did
this, it was text book. When we talk about win/win, part of the win/win is
you’re listening for the things that she needs. Those are the perfect opportunities, when you see little things like that, to be able to say, “Aye,
don’t worry ’bout that, “We’ll take care of it.” – Yup. – In her mind, she’s going
“Oh my gosh, I love her, “I love her, I love
her, really, you would?” Yeah, no problem, don’t worry about it. Let’s see, let’s make some (mumbles). See how much money you made on this. So, we’re in Mobile. – Alabama. – Let’s go 117 times 30. That’s 3500 dollars. – Wow! (chuckles) – [Jim] Come one, talk to me baby! 35 hundred dollars. – Yes!
(Jim claps) That’s what I’m talkin’ about. (chuckles) – That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Once you get it on Airbnb, Airbnb does all the hard work for you. – Awe man. – [Jim] They’re goal is to
make sure you get bookings because when you get
bookings, they make money. When you get bookings,
they have happy people. They have happy people that are gonna keep doing
more business with them, on their platform. They have an algorithm
that’s very, very powerful just like YouTube, just like Google and so, that algorithm understands and it’s artificial intelligence that just gets smarter, and
smarter, and smarter on your listing based on who wants to book and who’s gonna have a propensity to book. So, it’s gonna do all the work for you. – Wow! – [Jim] So, once you get it
up and optimized properly, you don’t really have to touch
your listings ever again. – Wow! – [Jim] You gonna make adjustments on pricing every now and
then but outside of that, after you get that thing humming along, boom! (Susan laughs) You recognized how easy this was, – Right. – [Jim] And how quickly
you’re gonna be able to scale and do it over, and over, and over again. – That’s what I’m talkin’ about. I’m gettin’ another one,
gettin’ another one, gettin’ another one. Yeah, I can do this. – Four properties and
you have a 100 grand. – Wow! Wow! – Was this investment worth it or not? – Oh, more than worth it. More than worth it, I’m serious. I’m so glad. – Four properties, you’re at a hundred thousand.
– That’s all I need. – Wow! And I went to a real estate course. They told me I needed 10 doors to make a 100,000 dollars. No, I need four doors to ma-(laughs). Yeah, they told, if I was gonna
do the traditional rental, oh my gosh. – Don’t believe the lie. – This is great. I’m so glad I found you. – Come on, now. I’m so glad I found you. (Susan laughs) This is where you should be hovering at. Right around 85/90% but
after your first 30 days, 30, 30, 45 days, you’re
gonna be in the 80s. You’re gonna be in the 80s. You’re gonna have reviews. – Yeah. – [Jim] So things, and then two months down the road, because you’re doing things
the way I showed you, you’re gonna be a super host
in two months, in three months. – Oo, yeah! – [Jim] Just like the rest of my students, you’re, super hosting
in the next three months and then, Airbnb’s gonna give
you a different kind of love and then, you’re gonna, they just do some little
extra things for you. So, how’s that sound to you? – This is exciting. I just, I’m like, is this for real? It’s unbelievable but I’m doing it. – It’s funny because you would think that this is a seminar/webinar
that we’re doing, right? But it’s not!
– Right. You got your first place. – [Susan] Yes, I did. – You got it. You’re only three, four more places away. I told you
– That’s it! Your numbers are better
than mine out there. You’re only three or four places away. That’s crazy, that’s beautiful. – From six figures, man! – From six figures, that’s right. – [Susan] Whew, I’m ready. – I’m gonna send you my cheat sheet so you can follow along,
now, with my stuff. – Okay. – You gonna be there real soon. – Whew, I can’t wait. – So, that’s really your crash course in gettin’ this thing set up and optimized so all I need you to do is
get your first listing going and then once you do that, you can send me the link,
we can take a look at it. – You got your homework,
let’s get that property, let’s get that first
listing up and snoozed. Let’s get it optimized and snoozed and then we’re gonna duplicate the others after I take a look at it, okay? – Okay. – [Jim] All right, great! I see you’re right on track for what you came here for. You’re right on track. – Okay. – That vision that you had, remember we talked about your vision you’re vision, where you are
and where you’re tryna go, that vision, is in your grasp. It’s right there. Just stay diligent. Keep, stay the course and then, remember the three phases. Familiar, Comfortable, Second Nature. – Second Nature, okay. – So, God bless you, Susan. – God bless you. – Congratulations. I am so glad to have you on board. – Thank you! – [Jim] And, again, we’ll talk after you get that listing up and running. – Okay. – [Jim] I’ll look at it and we’ll get the other three up as well, okay? – Yes! – So, God bless you! – [Susan] God bless you and thank you! Yay! – [Jim] Yay! Yay! I’m excited, I’m so excited. – Talk to you soon! – All right, bye bye. If you liked that little
Airbnb success story and would like to generate
3500 dollars per month in Airbnb Passive Income for yourself on your first property
in the next 14 to 21 days without owning property? Type in Passive Income below. If that kind of passive
income could change your life really change your life, Type in Yes in the comments below. Remember, when you’re using the Airbnb Passive Income Strategy or, what we also like to call, the Airbnb Rental Arbitrage Strategy, it doesn’t matter if you’re
doing Airbnb in Florida, Airbnb in Orlando, Miami,
Airbnb in New York, California, Airbnb in Los Angeles, San
Diego, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you’re
in, doing Airbnb in Chicago, Las Vegas, Atlanta,
Nashville, Airbnb in Toronto, it doesn’t matter. If you want a simple
way to use real estate for passive income to give you financial freedom, financial independence and begin building wealth or if you just don’t have
enough current income and it’s causing you stress and worry and constant longing to live your life’s unfulfilled vision, like spending more time or quality time with your family or being able to better help family friends and love ones who are really in need. Or just simply, being able better to serve and support your church and your community with your gifts and your talents. Then I recommend you go and watch my one hour Airbnb free online masterclass. You’ll see my proven
process to know everything you need to quickly get started building and growing your 5,000 to 15,000 dollar a month passive income for financial independence
and financial freedom without experience,
without owning property, using my Airbnb Rental Arbitrage to control other people’s properties. For as little as what it cost to rent. Doing it exactly the way I do it, exactly the way you just saw Susan do it. You can go to the online masterclass by clicking the link
below in the description and just register and watch now. After watching, you’ll be able to schedule a private one-on-one video
strategy session with me, if you want, so I can personally walk you through and just hold you by the hand. I’ll hand hold you all the
way through the process to, pretty much, guarantee your success. Also, if you can relate to what I shared
with you in this video, please subscribe to my channel
and click the bell below to get notified when I
publish my next new video. Finally if you got value from this video or you know someone who could benefit from what I shared with you, you could be a blessing by
liking and sharing the video on social media. In fact, take a screenshot, I’ll give you a couple different poses, (chuckles) Okay. All right. and then share it on social media. Share the link to this video and if you do that, send
me the link to your post and I’ll mention you in my comments and I’ll also connect with you. That’s it! What I always like to do is sign off with a couple
of different things. One is to thank you for watching. Two is to let you know that I’m looking forward to being
part of your future success and then as I do with all my students, God bless you, and I’ll
see you in the next video.

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