From the Land of the Moon International Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers

You’ve met my eldest daughter? Yes. She is beautiful. I won’t lie… She’s ill. She’s not mad. What are you all staring at? She needs a man in her life. You want to marry me? You’re mad. I’ll never love you. Mrs. Rabascall, Gabrielle. Here for six weeks. What you’re suffering from is kidney stones. Hello. I’m getting treatment. Me, I never go downstairs. It’s only sick people down there. The book you’re reading? Yes. Your treatment is finished. Your husband will pick you up tomorrow. I can’t leave you. We’ll write. “My love… your body invaded mine. All I do is wait.” “You still haven’t responded to my letters.” “What have I done to you?” “I want us to speak.” Why didn’t you tell me anything? What the hell! Wait! What can I do?

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