From Fame To Forest – Rockstar’s Magical Woodland Cabin
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From Fame To Forest – Rockstar’s Magical Woodland Cabin

if you’re building a home in a beautiful natural environment such as this forest here in the Pacific Northwest it comes with a degree of responsibility to ensure that whatever you build actually looks like it belongs in the place where it is and this next cat we’re about to visit well it looks like it could have been put there by magic [Music] hello Albin are you pleasure to meet you mate likewise this place here what can I say it’s absolutely stunning isn’t it we’re in the Pacific Northwest in the middle of this very very beautiful forest and this style of this house it looks like it grew out of the forest doesn’t it kind of yeah that’s kind of the idea I’ve always lived in an environment that was totally surrounded by nature I go out of my way to camouflage anything that looks man-made as I find it very unethical is under static to me I could never find a house in an environment that I was pleased with so I bought this property and built this place to move in here how did you actually come to style this house in this way well I didn’t want to square a box to start with so the easiest way to do that was actually just cut off the corners and you get a hexagon mix the interior and the exterior look you know takes the box look away that’s how it happened and all this wood came from a mill to Cedar Mill I love all of the really organic materials that have gone into building this house the way that you’ve left so much of the wood natural and it really does help it to marry to its environment yeah I think oh I make a point of trying to hide down into lumber one of the interesting things about your being here is that you’ve actually built a larger house on the property but you moved out of that large house so that you could live here in the smaller cabin why did you decide to do that I was thinking about resale believe it or not when I first built that house so that’s I built it bigger than I would actually III didn’t get into the idea of smaller until after I lived in that place and realized it’s a bit of a monster I completely understand well I really love the style of the exterior of this house and I can’t wait to see if it’s murdered on the inside you have a lot absolutely oh wow this is like walking into something out of a fairy tale yeah I’ve heard that before actually I’m glad people feel that way about I do do it actually how long have you actually left here now well my daughter is 15 now the year after she was born we moved two days I’ve been here 14 years what is it that you love most about this space the naturalness of it you know there’s so much natural I love that did you see this goes up here it separates here once joins here separates and joins there that’s one of my favorite pieces of wood I like this one here we holds that beam and the railing up there you see the railing is so beautiful how that’s done I mean that in itself is just a complete look about yeah I’m really I really pleased with that – can I go up there now absolutely that’s because of the baby she was one-year-old she’s crawling around and we didn’t want to confine her in a little crib type space and this is the door and then basically actually that part was not planned before originally the floor just went to here so you actually extended this area over here and you turned that into your bedroom now that’s it give us a lot more space I can just imagine actually lying in that bed and looking out that window and you must get the most incredible views here yeah yeah a little it’s really super Pleasant no question about it you’ve also got all of these musical instruments up here and you’re a musician honey that’s it are you could you tell me a little bit about your musical history I took violin lessons for two years I took piano lessons for eight years and at that time the Beatles were were just coming out and I saw Ringo Starr and his drumming another man that’s amazing so I got a jump set and immediately started playing rock and roll and then I ended up getting involved with these guys from from love you were a drummer for this been loved him they were a big deal yeah yeah they were a big deal what was that like well I wasn’t very good to me they wanted another drummer was strung out on crystal meth and so they would call me every time the guys failed to be able to make the gigs and eventually when it came time to take pictures of the album cover I was there and he wasn’t and so by that little thing I managed to get in the group after the second hit seven and seven is when it came to playing it live I couldn’t do it now hit one time in my life I played seven seven is which is people’s became a hit and when he came to play live I couldn’t so they had they had to get another drummer because it was a hit you have to play your hits you and then that’s when I finished my Rockstar two-year period fame is a really interesting thing and it’s something that in our society it’s so it’s so honored and so many people desire it what was your experience with being famous like Fame was like miss misappropriated as far as I was concerned and I’ve never meant anything to me I mean I like the idea of everybody knowing who it was and playing all over the world that was my I like that idea but I don’t feel like I really got taste of Fame the way you would think that people get it should we have a look at the rest of the house sure this lounge area just looks so uncomfortable I love the way that everything is actually kind of the locus in these or to a woodstove exactly yeah it’s an important truth piece of furniture actually and winter I guarantee you something else which is really unusual is this bathroom space it’s so unusual the way that it opens up to the rest of the house yeah just so long as you’re here and it’s used you and your girlfriends and what’s the point of having it closed off and it just makes it whole place feel bigger you know I like that leaving those those spaces open there you know I don’t have a toilet you see I also have as a pack a bathtub I go out in the woods and it’s so really nice to go outside and it’s such a beautiful forest you know and contrary to a lot of people think unless you’ve got a thickness there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that stuff ending up on the land yeah and to the contrary it nourishes the land nature designed perfect system yeah and we love to pretend that we’re not a part of nature and yeah we’re really still not me yeah I’d like to purchase tonight Empire nature and the kitchen over here this is again a really kind of welcoming space yeah I feel I feel good about my design my father was you know really into functioning spaces in fact that’s one of the reasons became an architect he spoke of it as a functional sculpture so I have a sense of that this is my refrigerator that’s one of my one of my favorite little features and then the old sink you know I like these old I like old fixtures and there’s so much they’re really practical you know so all up what would you say this house actually cost you to complete it– a cost about $30,000 with a labor to frame it and recycled windows floor and drywall the roofing yeah about 30 good I get to see a lot of houses and to me it’s still so rare to walk into a space that sold for this much character I think when earlier when I said that it was like walking into a fairy tale after coming through this house that’s still exactly how I feel there’s something completely surreal and yet at the same time something so natural about the way that this home has been built congratulations on a great design oh thank you okay I do appreciate visiting this home has been such an experience for me I almost feel like I should have been led here by a trail of breadcrumbs but it does make perfect sense I mean if you’re going to build a little cabin in such a beautiful natural landscape of this you might as well build something that actually looks like it belongs there and to that end I think that Alban has done a truly exceptional job with his design [Music] you


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