Freddie Gives Her New House An Extreme Makeover • Moving Series: Part 2 • Ladylike
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Freddie Gives Her New House An Extreme Makeover • Moving Series: Part 2 • Ladylike

I knew I had a lot of t-shirts but like I feel crazy this is the day that I’ve been dreading the most I’m gearing up to move into a new apartment from my old apartment but I’m doing it with my friends for me moving is at the top of the list when it comes to stressful events this is kind of an exercise to help me to let go of the notion that people absolutely will not help me or don’t want to so the apartment that I’m gonna be moving into is something I would want to sort of categorize as like my first big-girl apartment or my first apartment as a Pullman it has like separate rooms that I could use for actual separate things instead of they’re just sort of being like one small apartment where I do everything in one room because I’m taking over the apartment from a friend who’s already been living there and I already know how she decorated it I really want to make sure that I go into this apartment feeling renewed and refreshed I want to do some painting changes with like the decor so I’m gonna hire some painters and also probably help paint a little myself and also I’m going to bring in a Reiki healer to sort of bless the apartment and make sure that it’s truly mine when I actually move in hi I’m Mel and I’m brandy and we’re from Kirk renovations based here in Los Angeles we’re a painting handyman and interior design service I’ve been doing this since I was a kid we own rental properties here in LA County part of the rule was they’re gonna be mine someday so I better learn how to do it myself we start off with the interior design picking colors swatches and then from there we’ll paint and provide handyman services finishing touches like adding drapery or maybe mounting a television which is exactly what we’re hoping Friday with today we’re really excited to get started on this project and we can’t wait for Freddy to see the final result because the apartment is really open and has a lot of daylight bouncing in I really want to keep it as bright and as white as possible so I’m gonna go into the bedroom and paint it white it’s currently like a really dark blue what we’re going to have to do is seal that color and using a primer after that will they are a couple of coats of white paint and hopefully that color so my room is like almost done being painted white it’s like a pure white which I’m super excited about wow I love it it makes me feel oh my gosh it’s just giving me a coupe these were all brown wooden strips and so they’re just painting the beans and the brown wooden strips white to sort of make everything cohesive and bright and fresh Freddie’s apartment has some woodwork that’s original to the space which is beautiful but for Friday we really want to modernize it I’m gonna have Mel and Brandon come in the hallway and sort of paint all of these trims and doors in addition they’re also gonna paint this built-in cabinet and that is also wooden and brown we’re gonna sort of make it match the rest of the hallway so we’re gonna be going over it with a semi-gloss white to really brighten up the space and make it fun and girly so what’s happening here so we took the cabinet’s back to our shop with us and the drawers we sanded them down and now training them back up and the hallway trim has been painted and it’s like a brand new home oh my gosh it looks so good so one of our biggest challenges while painting Freddie’s face is what a lot of the paint is very old which is difficult to always match paint so what we did was took our base which is a paint color and added a little bit of the white you can always add but you can’t subtract office we’re gonna try to match the paint color as best as we can so we started here and they started mixing and we ended up here and then once it dries it should be pretty close it would be pretty close and I want to go into the master closet and paint that a pop of color I’m thinking like a purplish pink which I’m really excited about we’re doing your credit really want to do mine listen LEDs have a project this is worried what if we just turned ladylike into HDTV yeah so we also did a fun little pop of color in the main closet and it’s called pink raspberry I’m really happy with the way it turned out one of Freddy’s other ideas was to add some really fun accent shapes along the walls so rather than painting a whole wall an accent color we’ve added really unique geometric shapes to the corners as well as to across the wall so prep work is really key in scenarios like this I’m gonna do some preliminary doctoring before she goes in and we start doing some accents them to prep the wall for paint we’re just gonna fill in some of the nail and screw holes super easy just some spackling and she’s just gonna press it on really firm pressure and scrape away as she goes and it’s gonna go on pink and dry white when it’s white it’s ready to sand for all these projects we anticipate it to take about two days mostly painting the first day and then going in the second day complaining the handyman work like TV mounting and door hanging so we are pretty much done with our first full day the longer the day has gone and like the more camaraderie I felt and then meeting Mel and Brandon and hang out with them and then just like keeping me at ease the whole day has like been super beneficial now let’s get into these accents I’m very excited and very happy about them so I’ve decided to go with a chartreuse as an accent color Mel had the cool idea to just have the stripe extend to this little corner then we did a pool accent here it’s a nice little triangle situation I feel like accent walls are very popular and like they’re a really great idea but in theory they are just like a little bit more work than really what I wanted to do so I was like let’s just do a little peekaboo accents and like just sort of throughout the comment area so that it sort of ties everything together it’s been a really great day one like it’s definitely helping me to feel like okay the rest of the week is gonna go free smooth but then again I’ll probably not be loosely tonight and go through the whole emotional rollercoaster tomorrow by one of Freddy’s requests was that she really wanted her televisions mounted and her living room though there’s a really unique hole right smack dab in the middle so we’re gonna try to create our own TV mounting with that TV mounting we’re gonna fill the hole and then include some molding around it to frame the TV into that hole and the television will make a painting so one thing we notice about Freddie’s bedroom wasn’t the closet didn’t have a door it’s just like you could just see see right into it we don’t know why but it doesn’t so what we’re gonna be doing is replacing that door and so she can actually use it plot twist so Brandon had to go get more materials and things because they’ve had to completely replace the door jamb on my closet this is the joy of a very character-driven older home the floor is uneven and the door jamb it’s just a little too tight I think you can’t replace the full door jamb putting your molding back up and they will be gonna snap this is why Mel and Brandon are amazing okay so Brandon you made it happen this looks great yeah just doing some finishing touches cut our holes with some spackling here from the gun you are the spackle in Queen maybe you should be doing this listen [Music] we’re gonna have movers move everything from the old apartment to the new apartment so cue shark they’re gonna be really great they’re gonna help to really minimize the stress they’re gonna unmount my TVs they’re gonna unmount my vanity and any additional packing for larger items that they need to do at they’ll take care of that and then take everything over to the new apartment so that’s definitely one less thing that I have to worry about before we move everything into the new apartment Christina the Reiki healer is going to come in and bless the apartment and set me up with good energy and good vibes for a new fresh start she’s gonna make sure ain’t no ghosts cuz I don’t do ghosts [Laughter] [Music] hi I’m Christina Galvez I’m a Reiki Master and shamanic healer I’m here today to do a house cleansing Freddy’s moving in today good to meet you I’ve been talking to you yeah about my nervousness for a while so it’s a huge move for most people it’s totally nerve-wracking it’s all of your stuff also just based on like the finances in the money aspect of it because it is a more expensive apartment and I think it is a cultural thing we’re like I could be making like a million dollars a year but still be terrified about money and like my biggest fear is like running out of money and having to move back home okay keep not bring that I’m tired though I know just trying to like realize that it’s okay to like upgrade and like you know make sure that I’m living in a space that makes me feel good adverse is like trying to save save save save saying but we’ll definitely do a blessing right so you’ll feel like you’re living in this abundance consciousness and abundance you can’t subtract from it should you get started yes all right so I walk into the space a scan for maybe any trapped energies that feel dense heavy earring so the importance of it is to clear that out so that we bring in the blessings the abundance the wealth of the health and good energy so the significance of the altar is how I work it’s my participation in bringing in spirit so it’s the first thing that I do is to honor the energies that I work with and because of Freddy’s nerves we’re gonna be also cleansing her Oryx pace so she doesn’t bring any of this just into her new property or her apartment every now conscious of your breath the surest gateway to gain [Music] this was like my first experience like this ever so I just feel really good really focusing on my breaths and breathing in and breathing out and just let him go all of the baggage and all of the worry and all the nervousness and turning that into excitement was definitely helpful well thank you so much I’m really appreciative and I love to check back in with you like a normal month so you like let you know yeah definitely well thank you for seeing us [Music] today is a day that we’ve been waiting for okay so I’m freaking out a little bit the main point of this whole video was the closet so I just have to like power through and make sure that it’s great and it’s gonna be I’m excited to give my life in order yeah does it feel like it’s in shambles I want it to be done [Music]


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