Finding Motivated Sellers On Zillow- ROI Genie -( SATISFIED YET? )
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Finding Motivated Sellers On Zillow- ROI Genie -( SATISFIED YET? )

okay okay in case you’re wondering this. yes I
am turning out all these videos in one day in this playlist but anyway this is
a video for how to find motivated sellers on Zillow and then I’m gonna
show you how to find motivated sellers on Zillow and then I’m going to show you
where you should be finding them in the state because Zillow is super expensive
and the leaves are crazy and shared and all it is extra tidy and crap that you
shouldn’t have to deal with to get a nice quality of motivated seller leads
all right so let us use the example los angeles again of course Zillow realtor
and Trulia you can choose any one of these Trulia Zillow they’re
all the same wouldn’t be surprised if they are all owned by the same people
all right so we’re gonna come to Zillow expensive Zillow all right so we’re
gonna use the same thinking in the same line that we had in the Craigslist video
you want properties there’s been on here for a long time why well the keyword is
motivated seller now if a property has been sitting and don’t have any bites
how motivated do you think that person is to get them get that property off of
them they’re super motivated some people drag their feet because they’re not
ready to sell yet yeah you can run it to a couple people like that but most of
the times because they don’t know how to advertise the property they don’t know
what to do even you yourself don’t know what to do some people are still putting
out bandit acts its 2018 some people are still going down there checking a book
some people are still just posting properties on Craigslist looking at the
MLS listings and all of that crap okay there’s a new day and age and I’m going
to help you guys I’m gonna show you become different so that you can succeed
you do the same actions you get the same results insanity right you do something
different you get different results so let’s be different so you want to first
come here you want to click on more well you want to choose where you are but if
you like I did you’re probably already there
don’t worry about all of this stuff up in here don’t worry about all that you
can fill that in if you want to but I would you want to go two days on Zillow
all right then you apply now chances are they’re
not going to go to the ones we said we said we want the 36 months on Zillow yes
we’re going back therefore we’re going back there for so you want to come
around here and start going to another page because they’re still gonna show
you the ones on the first page as the ones that are just recently uploaded so
you want to go back a few all right so what we’re looking for is properties
that’s been on here for a while okay so now you shouldn’t be doing this yourself
as a real estate professional you’re already super busy I bet and all of that
so you should be having someone else do that virtual assistant cousin little
brother nephew they’re begging for money all the time it doesn’t matter put them
to work for somebody else to work to do this because what you’re gonna do you
have to create a list of prospects you know the term prospect right all right
so 35 days that’s not enough 76 days that’s not enough now this right here
488 days that’s awesome all right let’s find some more okay 243 days that is
awesome so that’s what you want to do you want to start making lists of people
that has been on here with their properties for so long why because
they’re going to take whatever you can give them 169 days already keep going
back in the day so you make a list and then you’re gonna reach out to them or
the person that you hire is gonna reach out to them and you’re gonna ask them
those penetrating questions that I told you in the last video why do you think
this property is still for sale why do you think nobody’s bidding do you think
it’s worth what you’re asking can you prove that is worth what you’re asking
how much is it going to be after the ARV how much is that the
damages you see what I’m saying and then we can tell you how much people will pay
you for it you see what I’m saying so what you want to do first is build up
your buyers list all right 148 154 days on here those are
the ones that you want no five days no no 61 days look at this 100 days you see
what I’m saying so yeah you want to change the pricing
on and eventually another day but I just wanted to show you guys the type of
people you will be going after you know I’m saying people that have their
properties on her for a crap load of time that’s what you want to do if
you’re gonna look for motivated sellers on Zillow now let me give you the
alternative alternative to find motivated sellers like I showed you in
the other video so we buy houses cash that would be something that a seller
would type in and the proof is right here people are willing to pay $52 per
click for Google AdWords just to show up right here forty people are searching
this per month so you only need a couple of those all right let’s take it the
keyword but another one we buy houses that gives three hundred and ninety
searches per month you only need a fraction a day as you can see here the
paid as I was talking about these people are paying fifty three dollars just for
a click if I was to click on this site right now he has to pay fifty three
dollars whether or not I call or anything and it’s worth the risk to them
that shows you that it’s showing up on the first page is what you need to be
doing not Facebook not Craigslist not Zillow you need to be showing up with
your site these people right here get motivated seller calls all day up and
down the week and they never have to worry about it again because they’re
plasterer right here I can overthrow them can you you need to figure out how
whatever way you can this is where you need to be you need to show up for sale
my house you need to show up for I sell my house fast Los Angeles these
are keywords look at his $55 per click 170 searches per month how do you think
life would change for you if you just had a fraction of that how many deals do
you think you could sell or close per month if you get these sellers that come
in you need to be right here at 80% of the phone calls come right here and this
is not pay-per-click or any of that extra crap like that unless you’re right
here you’re right here you need to be right here unlimited supply leads all
right so like I said in other videos if you know how to do it good luck to you
go out and do it to themself but it promise me you’re not just gonna
continue watching videos all day like it’s a movie and not putting in action
you have to put in action you gotta if you want to change in life you got to
make a change in life you got to put action to it alright so go ahead and get
right there if you don’t know how to get right there you need to contact me my
contact information is in the description of this video I will talk to
you no obligation to tell you exactly what you need to do you can do it your
damn self or I can do it for you definitely gonna cause if I do it for
you but I will show you how to do it yourself
but whatever you need to do don’t be petty or cheap
you need to get right there and then you won’t have to worry about Craigslist
methods and all that there’s extra crap you won’t have to worry about cheap
leads from from Zillow when I say cheap I mean they’re not they’re not going to
convert but you had to pay a crapload of money in a zip load to get Zillow to get
anything quality so you need to focus on right here alright so my contact
information is in the description you can contact me right now just text me
say Dave I need motivated sellers what can we do help me out my life is falling
away because I know that’s how you feel on the inside you don’t have to admit it
to me just text me and say seller leads please and I will have somebody reach
out to you immediately and we’ll get you started
continue watching the videos and it’s clay
you have to continue educating yourself but if not then you need to go ahead and
reach out to me have a good day


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