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Finding Home with VOLTA | Jenn’s Story: Episode 1 | In Partnership with

Home for me is love,
connection and happiness. I feel most at home when
I’m with my loved ones and creating happy memories. My name is Jennifer Marcus,
from Miami Florida. I am a baton twirling artist
onCirque du Soleil’s VOLTA. I’ve been touring for 2 years. Being on the road
has been different, because I’m not
in South Florida with my family. So right before I joined VOLTA, I got married to my husband, we’ve been married
for about 2 years, and now that we have
a little baby on the way, we’re ready to start the next
chapter of our life and buy a home. One of my favorite things about
my home when I was growing up is my mom’s quite the party planner,
so we’d always have so much food, lots of friends,
good music and we had a very
wonderful home life surrounded by a lot of love. So my dream is to have
a big kitchen island, where we can lay out all
the food and bake all the time, and have a lot of space
to just play and create. He loves cooking and I love cooking, and so
we’re a really great team in the kitchen. One of my passions
is performing. I feel like when
I’m on the road, I get to do that and perform in
front of audiences every night. And when I get home and start this next
chapter with my husband in my house, I wanna continue that performance,
but in a different aspect, you know? Entertaining my
friends and family and always having
people surrounding me and me getting to share what I love
for them and what they, you know… sharing their love with me.


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