Finding Home with LUZIA | Nelson’s Story: Episode 2 | In Partnership with

It was something
that I always did. Like, at school, I was always getting
into trouble for doing flips. I was always doing
flips at home; I was doing flips
wherever I could, really. And then one day,
my best mate Beckham came and asked me if I wanted to
audition for the circus school and that’s how it all
sort of started. I’m Nelson Smiles, I’m an acrobat
onCirque du Soleil’s LUZIA. As an acrobat, they’re changing cities
every 7 weeks or something like this, so you have to have something
small to remind you of home. You miss the beach, you miss that easy access
to a nice day by the pool, by the water,
by the waves. I get to do it with
my best friends every day, it’s one of the greatest things. They make me laugh on stage,
off stage, all the time. They’re a delight to be around. Before every show, we’ve got a
little handshake that we do that actually my brother showed me,
and I thought it was kind of cool because it had a little
bit of a bird in it, so I showed them and now
we do it every show. My birthday is in the middle
of summer in Australia, so it’s always boiling hot. So all of my friends would come around,
we’d spend the whole day by the pool trying new dives and
flips into the water. The things I’ll be looking
for when I’m buying a house… It doesn’t matter if it’s big,
it doesn’t matter if it’s small, just as long as it has
a big old pool, huge backyard for me to do flips in,
party with my friends… That’s perfect. Anytime, anytime
if there’s a pool I’m doing as many flips
into it as possible. At the end of the day,
home for me is somewhere where you can express
yourself freely doing what you love with
the people that you love.

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