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Finding Home with Amaluna | Amanda’s Story: Episode 3 | In Partnership with

Home is a place where
I want to just sing and not feel like I have to worry about
anyone watching me or listening; perform for myself and be
myself and have fun with it. My name is Amanda Zidow. I’m a cellist, singer and character
actor inCirque du Soleil’sAmaluna. As a kid, I remember playing music
with my family all the time; my aunts, my uncles,
my cousins… We each played a different instrument
and we’d just start jamming and my house was filled
with music all the time, whether it was being played live
by someone or playing records. In a house, the most important thing
to me, I would say, are acoustics. Wood floors or you
know, padding… Having the space for people to
come and jam with us, you know, so we have enough room
for all the musicians. When I have friends over, we’ll
get together and start jamming. It’s always anything from
the 60s and 70s genres to whatever is current
now and yeah, it’s just a way
to keep it fresh. I’m very passionate about playing
music with other people, because it’s a way for
us to get together and all have something
in common that we love. It’s our passion. It’s not always about
performing for other people, it’s more performing
for ourselves, for our friends and
having that intimacy. It’s the one common language
that we can all share is music. For me, home represents
feelings of warmth, love, family… [ / The Home of Home Search
OFFICIAL PARTNER / TOURING SHOWS] Music brings us all together in a
way that I feel nothing else can. LEARN MORE / WATCH MORE VIDEOS


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