Find Motivated SELLERS ON FACEBOOK (Part 2) | Wholesaling Real Estate
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Find Motivated SELLERS ON FACEBOOK (Part 2) | Wholesaling Real Estate

– Hey, it’s Cris Chico,
and this is part two of my video series on how to use Facebook to find motivated sellers. If you have not watched part one, I’m going to go ahead and include the link to part one in the description of this video so you
can go ahead and watch that video first and
then come to this one, and then there’s going
to be a part number three right after this one. Now this video’s all about targeting. Now when most people think
about Facebook advertising and targeting, they think well, I got to go out and find common elements or behavior or interest
within a particular area that then I can target to those people. So let’s look at another
example from another business. So let’s say that I have a yoga studio, and I’m going to go hire– and I wanted to get more people into my yoga studio. So I can target both by
interest an behaviors. Interest is where I say I want to target people that have shown
an interest in yoga. They’ve liked a ton of pages about yoga. They have indicated in their profile that they’re a really huge yoga fan. The second targeting is behavioral. This particular individual has visited 10 websites on yoga. I also want to target those people. And so then that’s the interest and that’s the behavior. You can then layer on top of that the geographic region, meaning I have a yoga studio, it’s local. I’m not looking to advertise
all across the United States, I’m just looking to
advertise a yoga studio just in my neck of the woods. Now the problem with
real estate investing, specifically finding motivated sellers, is that a motivated seller is not going to be going
through their Facebook newsfeed, right? And they’re going to be flipping through, and you know, if there was a yoga studio, they would be flipping through and they’d see the yoga studio, and they’d be like, this is great! I love it! Motivated sellers don’t do that. They’re flipping through
the Facebook feed, and then all of a sudden they’re like, oh, look, look another
we buy houses cash guy. Oh, look, honey, honey, look another one! Let’s like that page! No, they don’t do that. So interest targeting
for motivated sellers is very difficult. Now behavior targeting is where we can say look, if a seller has visited Zillow or visited or has visited a variety
of different sites, or exhibited a particular
form of behavior, then I want to target those people. If you start off on that foot, and you start off with the intention of I got to figure out the brain
of this motivated seller that then I can then target, what ends up happening is that then you start targeting too wide of an area because you say, well, gee, I want these type of sellers and you know what, I want to find these
people in Broward County which is the county that I live in, and now I got this huge area, and that typically is a disaster because when you do that, then
you’re going to end up either having no leads or
spending a lot of money for leads. So the way that I target
is targeting specifically around the zip codes that you would normally send marketing to. So let’s say that you wanted to send out a direct mail campaign
for motivated sellers using postcards, using direct mail. The way that I recommend you do that is you’re not going to go out and target the entire county. You would go out and target
the specific zip codes that have the most investor activity. So in this scenario, I’m
a real estate investor, I’m a wholesaler, I’m
looking to buy properties, and I want to be able to find properties in areas where there’s
a lot of cash buyers. So I’m going to do that analysis and be able to know, okay, look, out of all the 30 plus zip codes that are in Broward County, and again, I’m using my
county as an example, there are 10 zip codes that have the most investor activity. So I know that if I find a hot deal there, I can easily find another investor to help me and take this deal over and settle on my contract. And so then therefore, I’m going to be very specific with my mailings and target the people
in those 10 zip codes. So that’s the same
approach you need to take when it comes to Facebook marketing. So you’re only going to target a very small geographic region, and that’s how you can
get results very quickly at a very economical way
within Facebook advertising. So when you’re targeting a zip code, I recommend that you only use the age as another filter. So you’re going to target
a particular zip code. Only put the age between
35 to say 65 years or age, because typically our
customers are not going to be younger than that. And don’t put anything else in there. Many times people see
the home owner attributes in Facebook and say, well, gee, I want to target that zip code, I want to target the age range, but I’m going to put in there that I want only home owners. But the data that Facebook is using in order to determine if
somebody’s a home owner or not, it’s very ehhh. So I would recommend not doing that. I would recommend only the age, target the zip code, and that’s going to get
you the best results. Now on video three I’m going to discuss what type of ad we want to run, because it’s also very important to run the right type of ad, because every single
step builds on the other. I talked about video the expectations. This video’s about targeting. And now the next video is going to cover the actual ads that were
run an how we run things, and so all those things together then will bring you
success when it comes to Facebook advertising. Now another way that you can target motivated sellers on Facebook is by uploading lists that you have, uploading them to Facebook. Facebook will match them in their database and now you can show ads to those people. There’s a variety of lists that you can go ahead and do that with. You can purchase and/or get access to a tax delinquent list,
a vacant property list, a tired landlord list. You can take your existing
database of customers that you have that maybe you’ve done a lot of direct mail campaigns, you have a lot of phone
numbers and email addresses and then you can upload them to Facebook so that you can also
show ads to those people inside of the Facebook platform. And I’ll do a future video just on that. So I always recommend that
the core of your campaigns start off as the geographic campaigns, meaning around the zip codes. If I had to pick one list, I like the tax delinquent
list as a list to upload to Facebook, but certainly you can upload all your lists to Facebook. Spend $15 to $20 on that campaign. What I have found is that
you are going to spend more per lead on those campaigns. So you have to be prepared for that. But it’s okay, because
you’re starting off already with a very qualified,
highly targeted audience. So, you know, if it cost you double to get somebody in that
list to raise their hands and say hey, I’m interested, it’s okay, because they’re already pre-qualified. So maybe you might spend double or even triple what you
would normally spend on a geographic campaign per lead. However, though, that lead might be two to three times more qualified than the geographic campaign. Now with buyers, it’s
a little bit different, because with buyers, we are going to still target geographically, however it does make sense with buyers to add layers of demographic information and interest and/or behavior information to then be able to really zero in on cash buyers. And that example would be, you know, making sure that your ads show up to say, anyone who’s a
realtor, a real estate agent who has expressed interest
in real estate investing. So there’s about 10 of those that we use in an effort to then narrow down the focus in our target area, so that now we get buyers
that are legitimate buyers. And we’re also not showing the same ads to the sellers as well. So that’s how I target
specifically on Facebook, and it’s how I think you should target because we generate hundreds
and hundreds of leads each and every single week using this exact methodology, and I have students also
using this methodology and having tremendous results with it. And remember, if you like the video, if you like the content,
go ahead and subscribe to the channel, go ahead
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  • Mike

    Hi Cris. Thanks for doing this series. After watching the part 1 video I purchased your course. How long will it take to be added to the private facebook groups?

  • Alessio Palmieri

    Hi from Italy😉! I’m searching for videos that could help me to find home SELLERS (not buyers, that is the most common topic we can find on YT) so your video appears very valuable for my goal😉. So, resuming (if I have understood): target filter based only on zip code and age? Nothing else? And you had good feedbacks from this (not so narrow!) kind of public from a “SELLER finder” point of view? Thanks in advance.

  • Alvin Grier

    Loving the videos, sir. Thank you so much! Anyone ever tell you that you resemble A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez), and you actually kind of sound like him too. LOL Happy Holidays.

  • Alvin Grier

    Cris, aren't you going to miss a lot of absentee owners by only sending ads to people in the specific zip codes? For ex:, what about people that own a house in your target zip but reside in one of your "unwanted" zips? I know you're always going to have some that slip through the cracks, I was just wondering if you considered that or not.

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