• aprilfool1965

    "Mental capacity of a young child" Well, who in the hell would entrust their 200lb "young child" to roam free – unsupervised?

  • Michele Craig

    No. This is not the woman's fault. If he can't be controlled, then he needs supervision. His bad behaviour is escalating and needs to be stopped.

  • dattack1970

    This is California. He's intellectually disabled with a mental health disability that happens to be a justice involved person. Please be empathetic to his cause and rights. I think he's just saying that a mental health person lives matters. Remember the cop in Corona killing the poor mentally disabled guy and shooting at his parents.

  • SayNoToSatan

    If he has a mental state problem than he is more dangerous to our society than a normal headed criminal. Sentence him to death! We should not worry if this dangerous person will attack someone else.

  • Leonel Castillo

    Similar case with the off duty lapd officer at costco. Both have “mental issues”. They shouldn’t be allowed out in the public. He wouldn’t hit a fly because the fly is probably smarter and faster them him lol

  • GreatWhite Sharkey

    Family, "He was a very nice man", The video tape is was it is. Mentally impaired or not, the video depicts his actions and those action went far beyond acceptable. It was cold and calculated from his talking to his actions. You do not get a handicap plaque excuse. You ccx an clearly hear and see the start and the finally of his mentally impaired brain. He wanted to willfully sexual abuse the realtor. It was this cold and calculated action, thus leading to his arrest. The family aided and abated this man prior to the police catching him. This man is a sick, cold calculated predator and deserves nothing less but 10 to 30 years in a mental institutions/prison and registered as a sexual predator.
    If you have a special needs child/at legal age (adult) male/female and you knowingly withhold that this person is a danger to the public in anyway you could be arrested for harboring a dangerous person from society. This is exactly what should have been done in this particular case, but luckily the police caught up to the predator before he could strike again.
    I do not feel sorry for this man, justice must and will prevail in this sexual assault case. Very sad case for the victim/realtor.
    Being mentally impaired does not give you the right to get away from sexual assault, murder, etc. I can't believe the family/friends of this man crying and stating he is a good person, especially after reviewing the video tape. Justice will prevail.

  • Dee Dee Winfrey

    That's no excuse to attack someone. Scared ? Children dont attack others ? Parents are always making excuses for their shitty kids makes them shitty adults.

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