Family of 4 in 236 sq ft modern tiny house – Architects selfbuild tiny garden house

Welcome to our house, it’s a house that my
husband and I build about 9 years ago. It’s a modern interpretation of a traditional
Danish allotment hut. It’s a tradition you have in Denmark where
you have a small garden inside the city, where you have a little house in the garden. Originally it was a place for people living
in apartments, being able to come out get some sun and air, and grow some vegetables. The house is 22 m2, so that’s really not a
lot. We were allowed to build about 50 m2, but
we didn’t want to do that because we wanted it to be a small house and just be a part
of the garden and not the main feature of the garden. Let’s check it out! This is the part of the kitchen that’s outside,
here we have this gas burner, and we have all the pots and pans conveniently at hand. Underneath we have space for different…yeah
there’s a lot of mess there. But it’s nice to have a place to put things.We
also have a propane tank and the possibility to get some electricity in the garden if you’re
cutting the hedge or things like that. We spend a lot of time cooking, that’s one
of our main hobbies, you could say. As you can see also, the way the kitchen extends
to the insides as well. For a house of this size there’s quite a lot
of kitchen. And of course we like cooking from things
we have grown in the garden, the first years before we had our children, our garden was
really looking awesome with lots of vegetables and fruits and berries and things but after
we had the children it’s like… Time has become a little bit short. So now it’s not really looking that good anymore. But, still we can grow potatoes and corn and
we have raspberries and strawberries and salad and peas and lots of nice things. But mostly the things that are for just picking
and eating right away because the children just love that. In this part of the house the ceiling is made
of these sticks you could say. And above that there’s a translucent plastic
roof so you don’t get the rain in here, but still you get some light through. In the Summer it’s really nice because you
can sit in a kind of semi-shade when you’re sitting here on the terrace. Above these we have added some electrical
lights as well, I don’t know if you can see them anywhere, there’s one right there. At night we can turn that light on here and
you get this nice warm light. This part in here is where you are actually
inside the house, you can of course close off and keep warm and things like that. This is the room where we have the kitchen
and the dining space as well. And it’s only 9 m2. But when you open this fold-in door as we
just did, it actually extends to being like double the size. There’s room enough for the 4 people of us
to be eating here if the weather is bad and we want to keep warm. Then we have this part of the kitchen that
is the part that’s inside the house. There’s a lot of storage for things we need
when we live here. But we chose open storage because it seemed
more light, if we had to put traditional kitchen cupboards up here I think it would seem too
heavy. And then also because we added this details
with one of them being a window. This is the morning sun window, where the
sun actually comes in and you can sit with the sun in your neck when you’re eating your
breakfast. And that’s really nice. So I think that’s neat detail. That it’s the same boxes, different sizes,
and one of them is a window. We have these three drawers, it’s just a standard
kitchen from Ikea. In here we have all the plates. We inherited from my husbands grandmother. For her, this used to be the really fancy
plates that only came out of the cupboard when she had important visitors. But now it’s just everyday use. She would probably roll over in her grave
if she knew. In here we have things for doing the dishes
and recycling and yeah, things like that. Down here we have everything plastic. And then we have just a small fridge. And finally we have this very small cupboard,
where there’s just room for the drying rack and some chopping boards and other narrow
things. In the dining area we can extend this table. So we can fit more people than the usual four. When the table is like this, we can fit six
or eight people here and then if we’re more people than that we can add this one as well. Looks a little bit odd but it works. This is the entrance area, this is the only
door that locks from the outside, so when you enter you open that one and then you can
open up the rest of the house from the inside. There’s space for coats and hats of course,
and also some room for shoes on the wall to get things away from the floor. These hangers for clothes are a little Do-it-yourself
project we made this summer with the kids, they carved them from some sticks that we
found in the garden. Behind this door we have the most private
part of the house, this is where we have the bedroom and behind that door the bathroom. It’s nice to be able to close off if the kids
have gone off to bed earlier than we do, then we can close if off so they don’t get waken
up. When we started building the house we didn’t
have any children yet, in a way of course we knew that we would probably have some at
some point, but we didn’t really design the house for a whole family but more for just
the two of us. So then, when we had the children and they
didn’t sleep in a crip anymore, he had to find a way to fit all four of us in this room
of just 9 m2. So we did that by making this bunkbed which
is of course also build by ourself. It’s build around two standard dressers from
Ikea. You might be able to see, it’s a little bit
more narrow in this end than it is in the other, you can see we had to obviously fit
it behind the door. To make sure we didn’t make it better for
one of the kids than the other, this bed is lower than the other one so the space up here
is higher. So here you have a narrow space with a high
ceiling and up here you have a more wide space with a low ceiling. So there’s good things about this place, and
there’s good things about this place. The kids really love it there, it’s like they
have their own room. And there’s also some storage for some of
their things. As you can see it’s designed like a tree,
so it’s actually two tree houses in one tree, so there’s a ladder on the trunk and then
we made these birds houses and birds. We had to make sure they don’t fall out of
the beds, but inside of just adding a stick there, we wanted to make it more a part of
the design. And then, you can see over here, behind here
there’s some shelves for some of our stuff. It’s nice having the kids as close as we have
them here, but I think it might be because we’re only here in the Summer. So if it was year-around it would probably
be a little bit crammed. Here we have these eight drawers, so each
of the four of us had one drawer for clothes and then the last four are for the kids toys. Here we have a more or less hidden closet,
it lasted I don’t know two years before my dad noticed that there was actually a closet
here. – Good job! – There is room for some cleaning stuff and
things, and there’s also the technical installations. In here we have the bathroom. It’s quite small as well. But there’s a toilet and wash bassin and a
bath in here, or a shower. So there is really everything we need. – Is it a full size shower? Like regular size? I think it’s 80x80cm. There’s a nice detail I think that as you
move into the house, in the same way as it gets more and more private, the windows also
get smaller and smaller. So out here in the dining area you have these
really big windows, yeah of course you can see everything out, but people outside can
also see everything in. And then as you move into the bedroom, it’s
just a regular window, and the window in the bathroom is just a tiny one. But it lets in light and that’s enough. The whole house is entirely self build by
the two of us, myself and my husband. So for us it has in a way been a really nice
hands on experience for how to build a house and not just draw it as we usually do. All the challenges that came up during the
build like details and design things here and there were solved on site as we build
it. We made a lot of small sketches and pieces
of wood and things like that. And it caused quite a bit of laugh from some
of our neighbors, they said that it most be the allotment hut in Aarhus that has been
made the most drawings for. So.. I really like designing small spaces because
you have to consider every square meter, how you use it. There’s really no left over space here at
all so. That’s a nice challenge to get. Having a place like this is kind of a retreat,
we move out here when it’s Summer and weekend and nice weather, and you can really feel
how all four of us are just relaxing much more when we are in this place because there’s
not so many things and there’s not so many boring duties that we have to take care of
so, even if you want to clean the place it’s done in 10 minutes. So I think that’s really nice. Thank you so much for checking out the video
with us this week, I really hope you enjoyed checking out Karen and Peter’s house, I loved
it! I loved the modern feel of it, and I love
how small it is and I am particularly fascinated by the fact that they could have build it
double the size but they chose not to keep the garden which is awesome. Could you ever live that small? I don’t know if I could. Give it a thumps up if you liked the video,
head on over to Karen’s website, I’ll leave the links down in the description, hit the
subscribe button and we’ll see you guys in a week. Bye!

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