Fall in Love with this Land // Amor a esta Terra (ROTA VICENTINA 2018)

For some years I’m doing hiking and for this year I thought I would like to go to Portugal It’ special… Special place… I grew up in a healthy way and am very attached to this way of life As humble as they were and what little they might have, they would share. This here is the path that was laid down by the people who lived here We see the mountains, we see the river, we see the sea Iit’s beautiful, just beautiful We are fortunate to be sought out for the right reasons It’s one of the most perfect places to be. You look around and it’s green. There is nature everywhere Ufff… Magnificent! The scenery is breathtaking! The whole route is like a garden, it’s like we’re dreaming That’s really special for us, To be, for a little moment, part of this environment That’s what people appreciate, having this piece of the world still intact, isn’t it? Still in its natural state It’s very wild, isn’t it? And there are many different landscapes, it is not monotonous How well this is taken care of, the cleanliness. It’s fantastic! All this nature in its pure state It’s also really authentic, you see that’s it is still Portugal The ocean is always… fascinating You think you are.. I don’t say heaven I don’t know it because I don’t know it, but it’s really great! Relax man, you live in paradise – I know, I understand this, and I do not want to lose it. Resources very quickly disappear when used and not replaced As long as they don’t spoil it… Some things can be spoiled, but not because of them Before there were the trails you could go out in the countryside on horseback or on foot and not see anyone on the paths and now there is always someone It’s not just mid season, but low season We want to show this and share it with people but we worry about the pressure of tourism. The eco-system is fragile… In a few years, there is a risk that there will be more and more people. Maybe too many. We like to be tourists, but we don’t like too many tourists and nature suffers from tourism Everything is growing Exept nature. Nature ins’t growing If this tourism is not linked to the roots of the local people it could become a problem Maintaining the balance of what is on offer, because for now what the tourists like is quality, and not quantity That the people who come also fall in love with this corner and preserve it as much as possible And try to understand why we’ve been here so many years for many generations, and why we continue to be here How do I sell, how do the restaurants sell, how do the baker and the fisherman make their living? It’s all part of the circle The local econnomy is getting stronger And if the local economy is strong the landscape will be stronger and more protected So it is the future generations who, one way or another, are going to have to deal with it and if they have to deal with it, let them do so in the best way and make the most of it Consciousness and true education is the way forward It’s not a luxury going outside. It’s a need. As important as drinking and eating

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