Fall 2019 Update
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Fall 2019 Update

– Hey everyone, it’s Ryan
here at Royal LePage NRC. I thought it would be
a good idea to check in as we head into the Fall market. Most of you know that I am responsible for growth and development for everyone within our company and that
I’m a non-selling manager. What I do on a regular basis is I meet with individuals, teams, partnerships, or sub-brokerages, and I help them in various aspects to grow and develop. And I enjoy doing it. I took on the role about a
year ago, and it’s been great. We were actually just
recognized as the fifth growing, in terms of agent net count in Canada in the 250 plus brokerage category. So it’s really done very well for us here at Royal LePage NRC. We are committed to hiring qualified individuals that are taking
this business very seriously, and want to grow and
develop their business. So we’re not hiring everyone. We’re hiring individuals that are willing to do this full-time and take
this business very seriously. In terms of Royal LePage Canada, we’re at about 18,500 agents across Canada. RoyalLePage.ca, they’ve done
a lot of development work, a lot of enhancements, and it is the number one franchise
website in Canada. It actually generated
182,000 leads last year, which go to all the
agents across the network. What we do at Royal LePage NRC is we buy non-Royal LePage leads from Royal LePage, and we give them to our agents through
the Smart Leads program. Last year, we distributed
5,500 leads to our agents. And it’s great because
equality is increased, and we have campaigns in place that allow our agents to send out quick responses and
communicate and provide that value to try and captivate and generate that lead
and turn it into business. At Royal LePage NRC, our
management team is non-competing. We do not sell real estate. We’re available 24 seven. We have office across the Niagra region, and we have a sister company up north in Collingwood, Midland, and the Muskokas. We just implemented Broker Bay, and we have live support, so any inquiry on a listing, any page,
any piece of information goes through Broker Bay. There’s always a live
voice on the other end when somebody calls. We don’t want to use automated messaging. Coming down the pipe in the
Fall, we have a new website. We always do our monthly
top producer reports. We have awards where we recognize all of our top producing agents, and that is based on closed
and collected commission from November 15th up
until November 14th, 2019. So our awards event will be
held January 24th in 2020. We have statistics that we do in-house, templates, digital and print marketing, and Royal LePage just announced last week that they’re implementing
a new technology platform for brokerages, for agents, for
teams, and for partnerships. And this will launch in January of 2020. And it covers everything. Document management,
your CRM, your website, your lead gen, your campaigns. It has API integration to other platforms, so this is a big
undertaking, and they’ve done a lot of research behind the scenes as a brokerage technology solution. And you’re gonna see more of that as we head into the new year. As most of you know, I do
a lot of the recruiting and development, and I’ve met with agents in the first seven,
eight months of the year. If you are considering a change, please reach out to me confidentially. We have great plans for
individuals that just run solo. I deal a lot with partnerships,
two people working together. We have teams, and then we
have the sub-brokerage option. Have a great Fall. If you need anything, let me know.

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