Facebook For Realtors 2019 – Is It Over?
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Facebook For Realtors 2019 – Is It Over?


  • Jim Flanagan

    Hey Trevor! I've watched many videos (about Facebook and video), and have listened to a ton of podcasts on the subject as well, but this was by far the most informative and useful, in the least amount of time, with the most amount of fun. Slainte! ☘️

  • Tony Anczer

    convinced me to concentrate my FB content to be videos! (in lieu of photos, text, etc…) and to look for FB live opportunities. Great content! Thanks!

  • Malcolm Lawson - REALTOR

    Good stuff! The only thing I would add is just clarification as to what Facebook calls a "view" and how different that is compared to a YouTube "view". This is something I think most people are not aware of. FB View = 3 seconds of 51% or more of the video auto-playing on the screen, almost always with no sound. Their view count is kinda nonsense. Also, if you look at the life of a view on FB. Most of them only live for about 1 week. My best videos have lived for 2 weeks. After that, FB does not send any more traffic to them. On the flip side, YouTube will send your video traffic for YEARS and YEARS. This is still why I don't focus on FB nearly as much as I do on YT. Except for paid FB ads…that's a whole nother game.

  • Anthony Nicholson

    Turn that phone 90 degrees! Facebook videos can all be watch horizontally quite easily. Instagram is the only platform that doesn't make a difference, with it's square picture format.

  • Jaime Resendiz

    Dropping knowledge my friend! Great information. The percentage of mobile ad spend has me thinking quite a bit….

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