EXPO REAL 2018 – Europe’s largest real estate fair sets the stage for real estate start-ups
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EXPO REAL 2018 – Europe’s largest real estate fair sets the stage for real estate start-ups

The largest start-up contest in the real estate
sector is being held for the second time in the halls of Messe München. The Real Estate Innovation Forum has grown
significantly. Over 60 start-ups across a 750-square-metre
area: young tech firms are exhibiting at EXPO REAL. Their developments represent the potential
of digitization in the real estate sector. There is also a comprehensive conference program,
plus pitches and techtalks. bGrid is a system developed in the Netherlands
that simplifies work processes in offices. It reserves conference rooms, and it turns
up the heating. Soon, users will be able to do that on their
way to work. If we look at the Millennials for instance
they are very used to working with their phones. They are doing everything with their phones. It is important that the office is ready for
that as well. Giraffe360 is a 3D camera that not only creates
images but a floor plan to go with them. In just two minutes, the 20-square-metre room
is filmed and pow: Thanks to digitization, a cost-effective virtual tour of the apartment is created. If you have a lot of properties you can definitely
have benefit from using the Giraffe360 as a tool to put them in a visual form to your
homepage. Thanks to artificial intelligence, Popertee
is the first data platform to suggest to fashion brands the best possible pop-up stores in
selected cities. It is a great platform to meet potential investors
and customers. We are not trading in Germany because it is
a new market and it is great to start building relationships early. Our plan is to start our presence here next
year. Planradar, with its construction documentation
software, was one of the start-up winners last year. Thanks to the Real Estate Innovation Forum,
big players in the industry – such as Corpus Sireo – became aware of the Austrians. Various Corpus Sireo employees from various
levels all the way up to the board came to our booth because they were interested in
the solution. They took a look and we’re currently in
a situation where we get additional orders coming from Corpus Sireo almost monthly, because
they’re rolling it out more broadly – to all their projects and all their staff. It’s a classic example of what a young company
can achieve at a trade show. The established companies are delighted by
the ideas and the spirit behind it. Here are some people with applications that
are innovative – and where we might have once simply wondered how to get something
done, they went ahead and found solutions. And for me, that’s really exciting. Startups and established real estate companies:
they all come together at the Real Estate Innovation Forum at EXPO REAL. Together, they’re part of the digital revolution.

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