Explaining Former Cabin Rental Duplex Property (Case Study) | BRRRR Strategy Real Estate Investing
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Explaining Former Cabin Rental Duplex Property (Case Study) | BRRRR Strategy Real Estate Investing

hey all it’s James and we’re back here on
this rainy Kentucky day and I’m going to show you our newest project. So this is
our cabin duplex and I’m calling it a cabin because you can see here these
great, great wood beams that are in here in the living room as these are really
awesome. So this is a three-bedroom two-bath each side around 1,500 square
feet duplex. So we’re gonna look at one side
here that’s vacant right now. You can see it needs a major trash out. So they left
us this nice little TV console it’s gonna be fun to get rid of. You know lots
of trash around but I’m going to show you guys everything that we’re gonna do
on this throughout the whole project. So there’s going to be multiple videos. This
will be a series and we’re gonna show you all the numbers and everything that
we’ve done to get this rented back out, back on the market, and me to get my
money back. So a couple things. A couple patches we’re gonna go in we’re
probably going to repaint so the reason we’re gonna repaint is that we got a lot
of trim here and even though it gives it a lot of character you can either poly
these because they’ve never been poly before or we’re just going to go back
white trim. Mine we have pretty standard paint colors so white trim on the doors
as well white and we have a revere pewter match color that we do on the
walls. So you’re gonna see how much better this is gonna look when we get
that done. A couple of stains on the ceiling there. A little hole there we got
a patch. Might update these light fixtures maybe not we’ll see. Power is
off right now because we’re in between tenants. I just wanted to give you an
overview of what it looks like now though. So you can see the before and
after. So here’s the bathroom. Unfortunately a little dark, no power.
Always in all your rentals always check for coins. People leave coins. I don’t
know why all the time. So bathtub it’s got a full bathtub downstairs. Good-sized
bathroom right off when you come in. So a laundry area there’s your washer/dryer
area this is pretty rotted out. We’re gonna have to go back fix all this and
you can see here. Might have to do some plumbing work. Here as well that’s dripping. New wash box. So you can go in here. Here is what I would consider kind of the master. More trash obviously. Always trash in
rentals right when people move out. My landlords can I get a what-what in the
comments. Cuz they know I’m talking about but yeah this is what what happens. We
got this duplex, the guy didn’t have a lease, he didn’t have any deposits, nothing, so I
knew the risk whenever we had people move out that we were gonna eat all. This
but that you just factor that in your numbers. We’re gonna look at the doors
here. Get them reattached on possibly look at the hardware on the ceiling fan. So
we’re gonna leave the kitchen for a little bit. We’re gonna go back in the
living room with these awesome awesome beams. So you can see once again trash
out still needed. Not a big deal. This fixture here, I don’t know. Like I think
I’m gonna keep. It’s pretty cool. It kind of matches the wood beams but I
just like stuff a little more modern. That’s just me. We do have some patchwork here. There was a prior leak in the roof. It is raining right now. So I’m not seeing any leaks but we’ll definitely
keep an eye on that but we need to patch it, clean it up. Off the living room you
get a nice little patio deck area. Just clean it up, I think it’ll be fine. Then
go in with all new locks here as well and we’re gonna move into the kitchen.
You can see the kitchen here for a rental for this area is probably not too
bad. Needs to be cleaned up. Might have to do
new hardware. We are missing one handle there and a couple things just clean up.
Fix this drawer here not a big deal. All the burners, I don’t know because the
powers off. So just showing that. We’re not really sure but I think it
probably works. I mean whirlpools not too bad. I just want to make sure all of this is off when the power does come back on. In here we’re having a little bit of soft flooring so gonna have to look into
that. Might come in here redo this sub floor a little bit. It’s pretty soft right
here in the middle. I know that’s kind of hard to come through on the camera but I
have to look at that. Nice little pantry off the side here. I have to clean that
out not a big deal. So Oh everybody knows fridges. Rough, rough, rough. Not excited about this one because
already I can tell that it’s smelly. So we’re gonna approach this one with
caution. I can already smell it. Oh man. yeah with the power already off, tons of bugs. Look at all of that! Trying to hold my breath. Yeah woooo. Well, that is some
old chicken in there. Yep. so maybe we can keep the fridge. Unsure
probably no not worth keeping. Going in with a new fridge there. Oh god.
Yeah oh god. It’s so strong. Why is that so strong? This one is a
champ here. I don’t get too many fridges that are this bad. For some reason just
because it’s got everything left in it. Well, we’re gonna try here. Let me catch
my breath. all right holding my breath as long as I
can. Here’s the fridge. Yep seeing lots of
bugs. Lots and lots of nastiness in there. Oh god. Gotta close that. Whoa! Okay whoa, we survived this one. That was a rough one. That was a really rough one. Now we’re gonna come upstairs now though. We’re gonna show you guys this. This is an
awesome space up here. Nice little kind of den area. You can see still need to
clean everything out but this is a nice little sitting area. You know to sit down
read a book. Like the people have done in the past put a little couch there. Might
give you guys another overview when I get the power back on so we can see it
but I just wanted you to see it in it’s prime. You know what’s what we have to
deal with is removing all this stuff get some nice before and afters of this but
here’s a bedroom. Probably need new sliders on the closet there. Sometimes
you can go without. We might go without. A little patchwork there we need. Probably
check the attic as well for some pests some vermin. Probably be okay. A light fixture there we’re probably gonna change out we’ll
see that was a pretty good shape. Other bedroom. Pretty decent shape so we got
the doors major cleanout as you can see. Christmas stuff always lots of Christmas
stuff. Right. I don’t know why. So bed, Christmas tree, other things we need to
get rid of not too bad there. So the bathroom. I know this is really dark so I’m going
to do my best. Here is the sink vanity area. Everything’s pretty good like
structurally wise it’s fine. It’s being cleanup and cleanup in the shower area
there. Not too bad may do some new lighting and fixtures. Hey, see me there.
Overall wasn’t too bad so a lot of our works probably going to go into painting.
Okay I think the paint is gonna really make a big difference here. Obviously
clean out. May try to keep the carpet may not. I don’t know we’re still debating
that a little bit it maybe could be cleaned up but it’s got several spots
here that we’re gonna have to. So unfortunately that’s when my camera
stopped working but basically I’d shown you everything that I wanted to there
was just one part with the carpets of where they were actually kind of torn. I
think we’re gonna be able to stretch those out and a couple little stains on
there but those should steam clean out as well. Other than that that’s pretty
much the whole property. So if you have any other BRRRR projects that you’re
working on definitely leave me a comment down below because I want to know how
your projects are going as well. This is part one of a series and our next video
will show a little more of the renovation project and like kind of some
of the products that we’re putting in, but if you really enjoyed this video
please remember to give it a thumbs up that really helps us out and stick
around and give us a subscribe. Because Freedom Rental Properties is helping you
build your financial freedom through real estate.


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    Hey James,
    Looking forward to following your BRRRR property. I’m located in Lexington, KY and I’m just staring to educate myself on real estate investing. I’m probably a ways from making my first deal but hope to pick up some tips from your journey. Thanks for the content.

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