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Estateya – Why Real-Estate

you save some money added set aside now what do you do it it you can buy
some new cool things you know the stuff people usually by you can thing for the long run check this out you can invest your money
invested yes invest your money you’re probably thinking one of my options that some people put their money in the bank that just helps the bank you know a lot of people invest in the
stock market but a lot of people lost so much money they’re you know there’s
money in real estate and even sounds good but you probably think have the first clue about real estate or
how even find income property you probably know people that lost money in
real estate so how can you invest in real estate and
do it right some people think that in order to invest in real estate you have
to have all lot of money so how much money do you think you
unique a hundred thousand dollars five hundred thousand dollars a million dollars did you know that you can start with his
little as a few thousand dollars you just need to know where to look you
start searching for ventures you pay a visit your local agents to find
something in your area but maybe and bear with me your money can work order and it might not be in your backyard so you’re going to the internet to find
out what’s out there there are so many listing sites and realestate portals
with those crazy banners and noises you can’t find the information you were
looking for in compare deals i’d just what i want to close the window let’s say you found some investments how
can you compare the deals is this what a good deal is the location good is this for the long term short term what is important to know who should you consult with brands maybe an expert maybe tracking an expert
steps to understand the global market rio’s dates seem so confusing there must
be of better way scientific and find out on new way to
invest in real estate


  • dudu arviv

    hey! sounds interesting! but, can i invest throw your website? or that it just brings me all the relevant data?

  • Info Estateya

    Hi duduarviv, thanks for your question.
    Currently we are a market place just like ebay – where you can find your best suited investment using our rating system, investment tools and following properties.
    We are planing to introduce a validation system in which every property will get checked and than we can do online trading with Private Ventures so you can e-Trade.

    Stay tuned – there's no telling what's the future holds 🙂

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