Ep. 5: The Typical Day Of A Real Estate Agent | What Do They Do At Work?
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Ep. 5: The Typical Day Of A Real Estate Agent | What Do They Do At Work?

Welcome to our video blog. My name is Robert Rico, California Realty
Training. Thanks for coming. So you want to know what a real estate agent
actually does all day long? Well, let me tell you. The typical day is extremely, extremely atypical. For example, if you’re working with a seller,
boy, there’s a lot of things you do with a seller. For example, when you’re working with a seller,
first thing you want to do is get their motivation. Are they motivated to sell? If they’re motivated to sell, then what you
do is you pay them a visit, and of course you come along with comps, comparables. With the comparables, you’re going to set
a price for their home. After setting the price for their home you’re
going to of course list the property, have a contract with them. It’s called the RLA, the residential listing
agreement. Get that signed, now it’s time to get to work. What do you do? You go straight to your office, or get to
your home office, and put that listing straight on the MLS. Once it’s on the MLS, of course you’re going
to tell the whole world about it. All of your colleagues, all of the agents
in that area are going to hopefully want to see it and make an offer. After that, the offers come in. You show that to your … You review that
over with your seller, and between both of you, you discuss it and see which offer would
be the best to accept. Once you accept the offer, of course you open
an escrow, and once you open an escrow, you wait the duration, which is typically 30 to
45 days, then you close the deal. In that time, in that time frame from 30 to
45 days, I want you to communicate, communicate, and communicate with your seller, and let
them know what’s going on. If you’re working with a buyer, completely
different story. If you’re working with a buyer, I want you
to see what their motivation is for buying. First thing I want you to do is I want you
to introduce them, of course, to a fantastic lender. A lender will then determine their buying
ability, their buying power and how much they can afford. Then, once you get that price range, of course
you start to show them property. Part of previewing property- they’re going to
hopefully fall in love one, and that’s where you come in. You make the offer. You make an offer, it gets accepted, there
we go again. You open an escrow, typically 30 to 45 days,
close the transaction. You get your commission, they get the keys,
call it a day. Of course, most important part, just like
the sellers, the most important part for the buyers is you communicating with the buyer
at all times. Communicate, communicate, and what’s the third? That’s right, communicate. If you don’t have clients at all, what can
you do? Well, I want you to get mad. And by mad I mean this, I want you to get
amped, I want you to get motivated. You have to get motivated when you get in
this business. You’ve got get motivated, but that’s just
the beginning. After motivation, I want you to get active. You’ve gotta get active. Motivation is just the beginning that leads
into activity. You must be active. By active I mean real estate activity, gotta
be true real estate activity. What does that mean? That means door knocking, that means talking
to people, it means cold calling, it means all the real estate activities that we’ve
discussed before when it comes to a real estate career. You must stay active. Last but not least, I want you to get disciplined. Get disciplined. Have your goals in order, and make sure you
get to the bottom of those goals, meet those goals. I want you to get motivated, I want you to
get active, and I want you to stay disciplined. By becoming disciplined it becomes a habit,
and once you do all those activities over and over and over and over again, it is within
a matter of time before you do get yourself a buyer or a seller. What is a typical day of a realtor? There is no typical day for a realtor. All the days are different. Have a fantastic day. Thanks for coming and visiting us on our video


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