Ep. 40: What Is Real Estate Farming? | How To Farm An Area
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Ep. 40: What Is Real Estate Farming? | How To Farm An Area

Hello everybody, thank you for coming to this
week’s video blog here at California Realty Training. Robert Rico here, hoping to shed some great
information for you and your new real estate career. Those of you who just need a jump in your
real estate career, see if this information will help you. I’m sure it will. Today’s theme, farming. I don’t mean farming with a wheelbarrow and
a shovel. I mean real estate farming and how important
it is. Let’s get something straight. Most people who have been very successful
in the real estate field, have, at one point or another, started with farming. Farming is this, let’s think about farming. Farming is concentrating in a location, in
a certain location, and what you do is flood this particular location with your information,
with you in particular. You go into this new location, typically the
best way to start this new location would be a location that you are very, very familiar
with, an area that you know about, whether it be the big city, whether it be the suburbs,
but an area that you know very much about, very familiar with. That would be your farming area. What do you do with this farming area? Now you’ve got this whole massive area. Let’s assume it’s a 10 block by 10 block area
or a one mile by one mile radius. You want to be specific with your farm area. You don’t want it to be the whole, well I
want to go ahead and farm this whole city. That’s too much land, so be specific when
it comes to your farm area. Pick a nice area and flood it with your stuff. The question is, what kind of flooding do
you do with your stuff? How about mailers? How about door knocking? How about advertising in this area, and letting
the people know, in this area, that you are now here in town to provide that real estate
service that they deserve. The best of the best. This is all done by farming. Now, if you decide to just do mailers, the
next question is, how often do I do it? If you just say, “Well I’m gonna do mailers. I’m gonna spend tons of money on mailers,”
and you do, I don’t know, maybe once every three months. I’m gonna shoot out mailers to this farm area
once every three months. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m gonna tell you that
once every three months isn’t gonna work. They’re gonna forget about you. The whole idea is to do this, when it comes
to farming, have a game plan. You gotta have a game plan, so you sit there
and think, how often can I do it? How often should I do it? Do i have enough money to do it appropriately? Is this a nice designed, interactive way that
I’m doing it? Is my method proper? When I do the door knocking, am I doing it
often enough? If you door knock maybe once every six months,
that’s not near enough. They’ll forget about you just like that. When it comes to the door knocking situation,
you might want to do it often. I don’t know, maybe once every two weeks,
over and over. You’re gonna saturate your farm area. With what? With you. When I was first getting started, what did
my wife and I do? We would pick the area, our farm area, and
the farm area we selected was the farm area that we knew most. Which area do most of us know most, are most
familiar with? That’s right. The area you live in. We picked our area that we live in, our neighborhood,
as our farm area. Of course, we would send out mailers, maybe
every two weeks or whatnot. We would door knock that area maybe once every
two weeks also. Best yet, we would send our kids. Yeah, we got the family involved. We’d get our kids. Back then our kids were very small, three
children, maybe five, seven, and nine, something like that. They would get on their roller blades, if
you’re familiar with roller blades, they’re like roller skates. We would hand them fliers, and they would
go up and down driveways, up and down driveways, up and down driveways, and leave the fliers
at every door of our farm area. That was in addition to us door knocking and
sending out our mailers. There’s different ways, strategies of farming
your area. Let’s get something clear here. You want to be successful right off the bat
when you get your license? Do yourself a favor. Do what most successful real estate agents
have done when they first started. Select a nice, little farm area, a nice geographic
location that you’re familiar with. Not too large, a nice comfortable location,
maybe one mile by one mile, and flood it with your information. You do that, the neighborhood will know you. Before you know it, you’ll become the neighborhood
pro when it comes to real estate. Thanks for coming to this week’s video blog. We hope to see you next week. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding
our video blogs, do us a favor, leave them right down below here at the comments section. We hope to see you next week. Have a great day.

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