Enas Latif Sales Team – Team Bio (2018)
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Enas Latif Sales Team – Team Bio (2018)

I’m Enas Latif and I’m the lead agent of the Enas Latif Sales Team. This team
is the result of all my hard work and dedication since 2001. I care for everyone on the team very
much. Everybody is so unique and different, but have the same
values. They care about each other and they care about everyone that
they work with. Part of my job is to ensure that we are providing world class service to our clients and we do that by making sure that we are continually training on the latest tools and technologies that we can apply to our business. Our goal is to put our clients first before us and at the end of the day we want our clients to become part
of our family as well. I really love not only this job but this team because it’s such an incredibly supportive environment and we really are like a family. My job entails taking people’s needs, sitting down with them and going over those needs. Being on the team that I’m on, I feel like I’m able to really stay ahead of the market. Helping buyers find their home is very rewarding. I have been doing it for quite a while. I do consider real estate
my dream job. I love the hours, I love the flexibility and I really enjoy the people that I get to meet every day. If I wasn’t work for this team I’d
probably still will be in real estate. I love real estate and everything about it so don’t think I could ever not be in it. You never know what to expect in
real estate and it’s extremely gratifying
because every day is a new adventure and a new challenge to conquer. There has been moments where I’ve
described our work as, you know, as being the architect of the American dream. I know I was really excited when I
bought my first house. I know how excited my first time
homebuyers are. I know how exciting it can be to move to the next
chapter of your life. I think one of the things about this
job that’s great is that every day is
completely different than the last. Each member on the team is so
diverse and different however they are all so talented. They have a great sense of humor. They love to help each other, making each other better people and also better agents just like a
family. The Enas Latif Sales Team is in the top 1 percent of realtors in the area. Contact us today and we look forward to working with you.

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