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Welcome to the League of Legends Champion Spotlight, featuring Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time. Ekko’s a rebellious street kid with smarts
– a daredevil genius who uses his inventions to survive and thrive on the corrupted streets
of Zaun. In game, Ekko plays the role of a solo lane skirmishing assassin who uses his
guile and crowd control gadgets to outsmart and outmaneuver his targets before blinking
in to bludgeon them down. Ekko’s passive is Z-Drive Resonance. Whenever
Ekko hits an enemy with a basic attack or damaging ability, he applies a stack of Resonance.
The stacks drop off after a few seconds, but if Ekko’s able to thunk the same target three
times in quick succession, the stacks trigger, dealing extra damage and slowing the target
briefly. That’s against minions and monsters – triggering Resonance on an enemy champion
applies the same extra damage and slow, but also gives Ekko a brief speed boost. Finally, Ekko can apply Resonance to multiple targets at the same time, and after triggering his
stacks on a target, they briefly turn immune to his passive for a few seconds. Ekko’s Q is Timewinder, a medium range skillshot
that serves as his primary damage and harass ability. Ekko tosses out a chronogizmo that
damages all units in its path – once the device reaches its max distance or strikes an enemy
champion, it expands, creating a large but short-lasting slowing field. After it collapses
back down, Timewinder shoots back to Ekko, dealing extra damage to whatever the ability
strikes on its way home. With good aiming, you should be able to hit
your lane opponent twice, so get super aggressive with Timewinder. After you land it, all you
have to do is walk up – which should be easy enough thanks to the ability’s slow – and
smack ‘em in the face to trigger your passive. Ekko’s W is Parallel Convergence, which has
a passive and an active. Passively, Ekko’s basic attacks deal extra magic damage to all
low health enemies, including minions, monsters, and yes, champions. When he activates his
W, he bats a… time thing… to a target location, which, after a brief pause, creates
a pretty big slowing sphere. It’ll fade away after a few seconds, but if Ekko manages to
enter the sphere before then, it’ll detonate and grant him a quick shield. Even better
though, enemies caught inside the sphere when Ekko detonates it end up stunned for a few
seconds. Ekko’s enemies see him cast Parallel Convergence, but won’t be able to spot where
he aims it until a few moments before the zone kicks in. Cast Parallel Convergence on your escape route
whenever you’re running for safety. The shield usually helps you survive incoming damage,
and the slow zone will leave most enemies in the past. Ekko’s E is Phase Dive. On cast, Ekko dashes
a fixed distance to a target location before gaining a bunch of range on his next basic
attack. Once Ekko begins his next attack, he blinks to his target dealing extra damage
and applying all the on-hit and spell effects he has hidden up his sleeve. Remember that
Ekko can pass through terrain with both parts of Phase Dive, meaning he can get pretty damn
slippery when he wants to. Yo Phase Dive has a ton of uses – dive across
walls, dodge enemy skillshots before blowing up a squishy, or, if you like living, just
use it to make your way to safety. Hella. Uses. Ekko’s ult is Chronobreak. Whenever it’s available,
Ekko leaves behind an image of himself that indicates wherever he was exactly four seconds
ago – when he hits his giga Chronobreak button, that’s where he’ll reappear, dealing massive
damage to all nearby enemies and recovering a portion of his lost health. The trail is a super useful way for Ekko to
keep track of where he’s going to Chronobreak back to, but remember that it’s not just him that
can see it – allies and enemies can, too, although they will need vision of Ekko. Note
that Ekko briefly turns untargetable and invulnerable whenever he uses Chronobreak, and that when
he reappears, he’ll heal up based on the amount of punishment he’s taken over the last four
seconds. Use Chronobreak to dive a little bit deeper,
or abandon your teammates when the fight goes wrong. It’s not your fault they can’t time
travel. Ekko’s one of them new fangled skirmishing
assassins, so while he lacks some of the raw punching power that other assassins boast,
he’s got a ton of crowd control and other tools to use alongside his more standard attacks.
Here are just a few pointers that’ll help you wrangle the most out of your Ekko. Ekko’s too squishy to start fights, but his
kit makes him incredible at setting up areas for your initiators to go in. Here’s whatcha
wanna do. Start by aiming Parallel Convergence over wherever you want the fight to happen.
Once your frontline goes in, their knock-up, stun, snare, bolas, bears you know… whatever
should last long enough for the slowing sphere to appear. As soon as it does, quickly Phase
Dive in to trigger the stun and pick up your shield before pressing all of your buttons on
the enemy team. Sometimes you’ll be merrily playing a game
of League when, out of the corner of your eye, you spot a wounded squishy positioned
away from their team. Here’s how to get in, kill ’em, and get out before the enemy team
can react. Phase Dive in before using the ability’s second attack to close range. Ekko
makes short work of low health enemies thanks to his W passive. Once they’re dead, Chronobreak
back to safety! Just make sure your timeclone is where you want to go – ulting to the same
spot is hella embarrassing. Finally, this last combo’s a perfect way to
engage on an enemy team while you’re running away. Cast W roughly where your trail’s going
to be in four seconds, then, as the enemy team heads through the slowing zone, Chronobreak
to put yourself back into it. You’ll trigger the stun and deal…sigh… tons of damage. Keep an eye out for opportunities where you
can abuse your opponent’s cooldowns. Even from level 2, you’ll have enough threat to
punish mistakes, so while it’s okay to poke and farm from range with Timewinder, don’t
be afraid to get aggressive when the time is right. Chronobreak gives Ekko all of the tools he
needs to go in and turn around seemingly lost fights. Here he times the ability perfectly,
dodging Lux’s ult and styling for the triple. As you start grouping, try using Parallel
Convergence to set up traps for the enemy team. Without vision, they’ll walk right into
your stun and pretty much hand you a free kill. Also, while we’re on this clip, check
this out. Dodging abilities with your E’s blink requires some predictive play, but when
you pull it off, it looks super sick. Alright, so this is how to not play Ekko.
With poor positioning, you’ll quickly end up giving huge chunks of your life to super
avoidable poke, sometimes so much that you’re forced to ult just to try and survive otherwise
lethal damage. No matter how cool you think you are, you’re still pretty squishy, so try
to save your ult for the enemy team and not to cover your mistakes. By using Chronobreak just to reposition, Ekko
totally catches Lux off guard and immediately puts her team on the back foot. Speed boosts
from his passive, along with Phase Dive’s two gap closers, mean that your enemies are
going to have a pretty hard time getting away from you. Even if they’re flying a biplane.
That’s cheating. Alright, final clip time. Ekko nearly dies
like… four times or something stupid. He survives Shockwave by Chronbreaking through
it before dancing on the brink of the fight time and time again. Check out his positioning
here. Because he never commits and positions at the edge of the fight, he can use Timewinder
to whittle his enemies down and go in when it matters. Thanks to Maokai, he’s able to dive back in with a shield and pick apart the enemy team. Oh and he also totally outplays
Zac with some fancy Phase Dive footwork. I guess Zac’s “Ekko location” wasn’t quite good
enough. Oh man. We almost made it without a pun. Thanks for tuning in to the Ekko Champion
Spotlight. Please subscribe to the Riot Games YouTube channel and leave us your comments just below the video.

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