Edward Drennan – Your Trusted Realtor in Oakville (Century 21 Dreams Inc.)
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Edward Drennan – Your Trusted Realtor in Oakville (Century 21 Dreams Inc.)

I believe there’s a golden rule. There is a cause and effect of what we do. And I believe that holds true in your personal world as
well as in the business world. “Do unto others as you’d
have them do unto you.” They will remember you because you have their best interests at heart. And it circulates back to you. Selling my first home, that
was a little bit stressful because I had to move on employment. But I did find that the reassurances of the agent I had from Century 21, calmed it down and he
got the job done for me, so it turned out very well. That realtor became an inspiration for me and I modeled myself upon
that for what I do today. People come to realtors to
solve a challenge, an issue. We’re here as trusted advisors to do that. I use that as my model. To be that trusted advisor, to be that friend, to help them. I work with local
community and businesses, partnering with them
so that when new people come into the area they
will feel that sense of community, that warmth. Well community is where you live, it’s your home away from home, so it’s nice to know that you’re
connected to other people. You feel like a sense of
belonging in Oakville. I believe in developing long term business relationships with my clients. I don’t go away after the deal is done, I’m always there to support them. What I offer my clients is counsel on market price and what might be needed in order to get their home
to show in the best way. I use all of my resources to help my clients sell their homes in the shortest period of
time, at the best price, so they can move on with their lives. So, Edward Drennan, he’s there for you when you need him.

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