Dr. Phil Tries To Break Into My House!
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Dr. Phil Tries To Break Into My House!

It’s been so long. (too long!!!!) I don’t even know which direction to stand anymore. Is it this way? Oh there you are! Hi, hello, welcome back. To Jacksepticeye’s Funniest Home Videos. Haha… It’s been a while… but that’s fine We had to go away for a long time because we revamped the series its brand new, everyone! Everything is different now. Everything about the series is different. We got a higher budget, we got a bigger cast. We… hired a different Jacksepticeye for this one. Completely CG. I can do this from my bed now… ♫ When you put it together… what do you get? (what do you get?) ♫ ♫ Put it together… what do you get? (what do you get?) ♫ ♫ What do you get? ♫ ♫ What do you get? ♫ LAUGH We even got a brand new set. Isn’t it great-looking? I know… I can’t believe that the Jacksepticeye’s “Funniest Home Video” series has spread to millions of people worldwide And now we got government funding [Applause] Because of you, the fans… Buy my merch. Have you liked this video yet? But before we go anywhere, you know, we have a slogan here on jacksepticeye’s Funniest Home Videos. Let’s do it together for old times sake. L. Lovers. A. Ass! U. You. G. Gamer. And H is for Happy! Oh what do you get when you put them all together? *Smacks Whiteboard*
LOUGAHUH Wow, okay, it’s been a while. I don’t know what I’m doing. Oh, let’s look at the video show I’m sorry. What! *faintly* You need to speak up it sounds like you’re really far away in a YouTube video! I have- I have no idea what’s going on because I don’t speak this language Ha, what?! *copying video* oh my god! WOOOOOWWW WHAT?! She’s pregnant, okay, that makes way more sense. I thought he just leaned it and farted on her *laughs* AHHHHHH FUCK Jacksepticeye’s Funniest Home Video is not Jacksepticeye hurts himself for 10 minutes You know you’re in trouble when you start making barren animal sounds This videos from 2014 and has six and a half million views. How have I not seen this thought? I’m supposed to be a meme lord. Damn it. I Need my license revoked She’s just making a worse If you give a Funniest Home Video and the perfectly could scream all at the same time, we all need a friend like Sarah a friend who can just really be a Great help to us in our time of need Thank you for locating If there’s anything I can ever do to repay you for your kindness Anyone can just recite that word-for-word. Let’s give it a shot Thank you for locating my luck, I’m Doug dimmadome don’t Just stop working. Oh, I know this is going to be quality cuz that’s got that sweet Tick-tock open the top left Tick tock you will never replace vine. Stop trying. Oh My god Oh That’s good, the filter just makes it look like the cat floats look at squish tears You know you need to put with that Perfect sync. I have a lord. I’ve been revoked no Redeemed that’s the order Please don’t hit me back Fuck maybe that’s it. The white boards do it It’s just building up pressure and all this time every time we’re gonna smack it after this. It’s just gonna break my hand toast you Overlooking knew what was happening lost us toss toss toss toss toss toss toss overcast Troubleshooting what the fuck’s hooding and posting MT underscore partly cloudy HTML HTML HTML mostly precipitation Just adding tossed us twice reputation Zero in the morning then overcomes Be clear then mostly cloudy mostly cloudy with a low around 13 chance of precipitation is 20% You know what folks welcome to the report toss toss Toss, toss toss toss toss toss toss toss toss toss toss toss toss toss toss toss Frost frost frost frost frost frost Presses pronounced it actually works Give you away from you toast you the exact same Over look at you Overlooking us Overcast over you I feel like I’ve hacked into the matrix of this Because explan language is the sound of a diesel engine trying to start up in minus 40 degrees C Co-sponsorship Asakusa But they’re quizzically co-co-co co-co-co co-co-co co-co-co co-co-co co-co-co second question would be co-co-co co-co-co co-co-co co-co-co co-co-co co-co-co co-co-co co-co-co BC Oh What the fuck even sound like language don’t you sound like somebody making up words? Just to cut the cop cop cop cop the cazuca Scott Scott Scott But out of all a lot of there are a lot of the letter So just like I get I guess the Titan makes sense now, I got a motorbike who just all right And it in didn’t didn’t didn’t did it in didn’t you? I just spoke Kazakhstan language Oh, I’m native Kazakh guys. It’s just tongue twisters. Even I can’t repeat Oh somebody says she’s practicing tongue twisters before going on air that makes a so it’s supposed to sound bizarre even do Kazakh people Huh, but what is it? I want to know what the actual translation is. I was just over here making fun of Kazakhstan people I’m sorry. Your language is beautiful I just didn’t know what it means. I’m just an ignorant That I do you mind I’m tanning I’m tanning Chatam That’s horrifying And adorable at the same time. I Thought it was a dog at first That’s incredible I need one of these The baby and the suit together. My life would be so much better well certain times a day if I woke up in the middle of the night and then walk down stairs and that Thing was coming down the stairs after me Yeah, NoHo You know we came back after a long hiatus of the Funniest Home Videos there for those for those who don’t know and I have sent my elves away working overtime working just really trying to scrounge up the best type of content and This is what you all came back with. All right, they’re funny. They gave me a little chuckle. Some of them just made me go I’m not laughing my ass off rolling on the floor laughing my roflcopter. I need to be laughing more Art, wait a window alarm you I Like that one this fucking meme is everywhere now, where is Homer Bart memes Just the thing right now where the point does anything happen. Where does anything in life happen? Why are we here? How did we get here? Do you have 90 minutes? No one knows? It’s funny it’s like they was it the Yoshi’s Island. They’re That mean I can’t sing it and keep my mouth open at the same time it like this Make me chuckle they’re making me laugh. Every time I have to do that a part of me dies a part of the whiteboard dies My hand gets really hard Dirt and swore together it gets hard dirt These ones Oh Thop essays. Oh, I fuckin love these. Ah They take GI Joe clips and then they repurpose them to be funny And dope over them so and they’re usually very vulgar and I love it The whole thing is them coming over and silly Swearing and then saying GI Joe. Oh, I need to find more of these What do you want to do with it, let’s launch over it Walter Potter massage What did he just say to us Body massage, I highly recommend looking up every single one of these videos if you want to have a good time Comedy is really not that hard is it? Open the door. I’m gonna throw rocks through your windows. You dumb whore. Oh god I’ll raise enough hell til you give in and give it to me. Oh, it’s boiling Nobody likes you. Everybody hates. You you would be better off dead. Just go kill yourself Dr. Phil now He’s in the house you’re not helping me much and if you don’t help me much I can’t help you Was that Dr. Phil threatens your life and stalks the outside of your home if you wear that with headphones go back and watch that clip again Watch it with headphones. You can hear him like walk across the house and everything. That’s so creepy That’s gonna do it for this episode of jacks up. The guy’s Funniest Home Videos I hope you got some laughs and I hope you got some chuckles. I think that that was a weak performance by you guys I think that you’re better than this. I think that you can come up with expertly crafted much better clips for me All right, it’s not even that hard to make me laugh I didn’t even laugh once in this video how many Americans the London Underground is? How many times I’ve laughed in this video? Zero-zero, laughs Out fuckers. I want you to go away and think about what you did come up with better tips come up with better stuff Okay, you need to make me laugh You need to make me chuckle otherwise, I’m gonna be sad and I’m gonna come to your house and punch you in the neck But let me know down in the comments, which was your favorite clip Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and ring that Bell for notifications of all jacksepticeye’s videos and the jacksepticeye variety channel Also hit that like button so we know that you like these videos and you want to see more of them Don’t forget to follow me on twitter at JAXA Jack underscore septic underscore. I hope you follow me on Instagram I also have a tumblr a GoFundMe go peepee also Don’t forget to give me a stool sample a blood sample and your social security numbers so I can really put you into the system to raffle you off against is Amazon gift codes just Giving away gift codes. This video has been sponsored by antidepressant juice and the letter six and until next time I’ll see you next time Good night everybody GI Joe


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