• Jackson Dawson

    I've never been a fan of Trump. Sure he can be funny. I was left-wing for a while. I'm talking ANTIFA left-wing. I left the left if you will. Even when I became a right-leaning libertarian, social conservative I didn't really like Trump but this video changed my opinions on the man.

  • Collin Goff

    It makes me sick, the amount of crap this guy gets from the illiterate snowflakes. Leftists have no clue how lucky we are to have this man as a president.

  • Norma Cortes

    The media has portrayed him as the worse human being because of Hillary. I watched a documentary about the Black Wall Street. The media was responsible for the massacre and the burning of that wealthy and prosperous businesd black community over a lie. The media incited the hate towards the wealthy black community. That's what the media do to this very day. Incite hatred and cause division among the American people.

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