Dolores Williams – Wilmington Green – Realtor Action Day 2018
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Dolores Williams – Wilmington Green – Realtor Action Day 2018

Hi, everyone! Melanie Cameron with The Cameron Team at Coldwell
Banker Sea Coast. We’re doing our Realtor Action Day today. We’re at one of the community gardens here
by the hospital and I’m with Dolores Williams. She does a lot with the community gardens
in our area and I just wanted her to tell us a little bit about it. The Community Enrichment Initiatives is a
nonprofit and Wilmington Green is a community garden project under that nonprofit umbrella. And today the Realtors came out in full force,
at least 65 of them, and more than doubled the size of the hospital community garden. They did it in record time. We work fast. That’s right. 65 hands at work – times 2! And they did a great job and they’re already
taking off for lunch today. And we have various community gardens. Matter-of-fact, there are 10 of them throughout
the City of Wilmington and we’d love for people to join us to help support the gardens and
even to become a gardener within a community in your community and meet your neighbors. It’s a great idea. Check out our blog. We’ve got a location of all of the community
gardens in our area. Thanks everyone! Have a great day! Thanks, Dolores!

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