DocuSign: The Faster, Easier, Cleaner Way to Get Real Estate Docs Signed
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DocuSign: The Faster, Easier, Cleaner Way to Get Real Estate Docs Signed

– Hey you, what’s going on? This is Seth from the REtipster blog. In this video I’m gonna talk to you about a service called DocuSign. And if you are in the real estate business or really any business
out there that requires people to sign things and
create legal agreements or authorizations or anything like that, this could probably be of some use to you. So stick around, I’ll
show you how it works. (bright tinkling music tones) Okay, so back when I first
got into the real estate investing business, the
way that I did things was whenever I was gonna send an offer to purchase a property,
I would put together a written agreement, print
it off on my computer, I would sign it, fold it
up, put it in an envelope, put a stamp on it, stick it in the mail. It would take anywhere from, I don’t know, three to five days to get to the person, then they would have to sign it and then they’d have to
do the exact same thing and mail it back to me. All in all I mean, it easily
wasted 10 or more days, just waiting for this entire
process to go through, if it ever went through. You know I got to imagine
there were a lot of deals I probably lost as a result
of doing it that way. And if you don’t know about DocuSign, this is something you really
ought to pay attention to because it could be really helpful to you. And it’s been really helpful to me as I’ve kind of moved
into the next generation of technology that the world has to offer. So DocuSign, the way it works is you can put together these documents, contracts, agreements,
whatever you want to, anything that needs signatures. And you can sign it
digitally on your computer and then email it to the other parties. They can also sign it
digitally from their computers or even their phones and then
the system will automatically notify you when it’s done. It’s seriously possible to do this in like a matter of
minutes if not seconds, rather than waiting days or weeks for physical papers to move
around through the mail. If you ask me, there’s really
no reason not to be using a service like this. It’s just so easy to use, so convenient, makes sense from pretty much every angle. So, if you’re interested
in something like this, stick around I’m gonna
show you how DocuSign works and how you can start putting this to work in your business right now if you want to. And I do have an affiliate
link beneath this video. If you sign up through that link, I will get a small commission. And you can also get a free
30 day trial of the service if you go through that link, so be sure to check
that out if you want to just get a taste for it and see if this is something that you want to use. But yeah, follow along with me and I’ll show you how it works. Okay, so if you’ve
clicked the affiliate link beneath this video, once
you get to the website you should see something like this. And if you want to get
started with a free trial, that’s what I’m gonna do right now, just go ahead and sign up right here. And then just go ahead and
put in your information. And then for me I’m a
real estate investor, so I guess probably this
one makes the most sense then to get started. Okay, so then it’s gonna make you confirm your email address. Let’s go back and do that quick and then here it is, click activate. All right, so let’s go
ahead and put together a password here, the usual drill. Okay so just right off
the bat you can either get started with signing
your first document, say if you’ve got one ready to go that you know that you’re
gonna use immediately. Or another you can do is go ahead and add a photo of yourself and
create your own signature. This can kind of help just
in terms of credibility and that will also help
speed up the process whenever you’re trying
to get things signed. Your signature can kind of
just be in there ready to go. So now let’s go ahead and do this quick. Put that in there. That’s all set, let’s
create my signature quick. Now when you get to this part, you can really pick
anyone of these things. Say if there’s one that
looks remotely close to your signature or
really if you just like the look of something, that’s fine, too. My signature is pretty messy
so I guess I’m gonna go with this one right here. Okay, so let’s go ahead
and get started with this and I’ll show you how the process works. One particular function of
DocuSign that’s helpful to me is when I’m sending offers to people or say I’ve got a purchase
agreement that’s ready to go, I just need to get the
other party’s signature. So if I was gonna do something like that I can go here and click send a document. If you’ve got like a special word document or .pdf file in mind that
you need to get signed by both parties, you can
go ahead and upload that. So just to give you an
example here I’m gonna upload a sample document so you
can see how that looks. Okay, so let’s go ahead and click on this, upload a document and
this is the one I’m gonna be using here it’s called
test purchase agreement. As this thing says I’m gonna go ahead and put my name in here,
so then that’s all set. And then add recipients. I’m just gonna make up a
name here, say John Smith. I’m gonna put in just an
alternate email address that I can actually show
you what it looks like to the recipient’s end
when it gets sent to them. And then down here if
there’s something specific that you want to say to all the parties that need to sign it, you can
go ahead and put that here. Say if you want to change the subject line you can do that pretty easily, but I’m just gonna leave
it like that for now. Go ahead and click next. Okay so at this point all you got to do is find the signature
block for this document. So I’m gonna blur this stuff out, because this is like a specific contract. So we’ll go ahead and scroll
down here to the bottom. Now in this case I’m the buyer
and I’m sending this offer so I’m gonna be signing right here and then John Smith is gonna be signing and dating right here. So all I have to do is go
ahead and click signature. And then put that right here
and then we’ll take date and put that right here. We’ll also do this for the seller and this is going to John Smith, so we’ll click his name here. And then date right there. And this is going to John Smith as well. So basically as the colors indicate, yellow ones are the ones
that are gonna show up in my inbox so that I can sign it and then the blue ones are
the ones that are going to John Smith’s inbox so
that he can sign and date it. And as you can see there’s
some other things here that I’m not really gonna be using because this template that I uploaded really has all the information
baked into it already before I even uploaded it. So there’s nothing else that really needs to be changed at this point, it just needs to be signed and dated by both parties. So in my case this is
a pretty simple thing. If there were other options
and things that you wanted to be able to change
about the document itself you could use some of
these tools here as well. So once that’s all set we’ll go ahead and click send up here. So now that email has
basically been sent out to John Smith’s email address and I’m gonna show you
what that looks like in just a second. And since I’m the person
that’s actually creating this I can just go ahead and sign it right here from the website. So I’m gonna go ahead
and do that right here. And you might notice up
here there’s this little notification where DocuSign
wants to know my location. I’m gonna explain a little bit about that in just a second, so I’m
gonna go ahead and say allow. And then this is what
DocuSign in showing me, this is the document
that needs to be signed. If I wanted to I could do this later or I could print it out and sign it, or I could assign it to somebody else. But to keep things simple
we’re gonna go ahead and sign this. So all we got to do is
click right there and Seth Williams is in there,
the date is in there. Pretty simple, go ahead and
click finish and there we go. My signature is complete. We’re just waiting for
others at this point. So to show you what this
looks like on John Smith’s end I’m gonna go to my email
inbox where I sent it. And this is what that email
looks like to the recipient. So when they get it they
can go ahead and just click review document, it’s pretty
simple and straight forward. Then they can just go right here, click that checkbox and do continue. And as John Smith can see
I’ve already signed this and the date is there, so he
can see I’ve already agreed, I’ve already done my part he
just needs to do his part. Go ahead and click that
and he can either select a style like this or he can actually draw it out if he wants. It’s really up to the recipient
whatever they want to do. Just keep this simple,
we’ll stick with this preselected style and
click adopt and sign. And then boom, that is finished. So we’ll go ahead and
click finish up here. And of course if John Smith wants to keep a copy of this document, he
can sign up for his own account or he has the option
of just not doing that. So he can click no thanks if
he doesn’t want to do that. So now that John Smith’s part is done, if we go back here to my
dashboard and refresh this we can see from my perspective here that this document is now complete. And now that this is
complete if we want we can forward this to somebody. Say if we wanted to send
this to our title company or something like that we can do so. I’m gonna just send this to myself, just to see what that
kind of email looks like to the recipient. And by the way I should also mention if you have a DocuSign
account and you’ve created a document and sent it to somebody, you also get these little
email notifications when that recipient has
viewed the document. So you’re actually gonna know when they’ve got it and seen it. You don’t have to wonder if it’s actually come across their inbox yet,
because this will tell you. So that’s kind of nice. You’ll also get a separate email when the document is completed. So if you’ve got multiple people that need to sign a document you’ll
get an email notification when that’s done. And then again this was
the little test document that I sent to myself
when it was all done. So let’s go ahead and review that. And now we can just review the final copy and see what it looks like. And there it is, it’s pretty
simple and straight forward. Now something I want to show you here where it says view certificate. This is actually a pretty
important document. And this is part of why digital signatures are seen as legally enforceable signatures by so many people, organizations,
courts, governments. And the reason they’re
able to do that is because systems like DocuSign do
a really, really good job of giving us a pretty
good level of certainty that the person who digitally signed this is actually that person. It wasn’t some imposter
or hacker or somebody who got into the system and did it. Because when you think about it these invitations to
view documents are going to that person’s email address. And this also tracks that
computer’s IP address which also helps us understand
that computer’s location. This information is heavily encrypted with a great deal of security. And for all those reasons
that’s why digital signatures are legally enforceable
and for most intents and purposes you can plan
on this holding up in court if it ever comes to that situation. And of course there can always be oddball exceptions to this rule. I’m not telling you that that’s
always gonna be the case. I’m just saying digital
signatures are not some loosey goosey way of signing documents, they are pretty strong and solid ways of getting a person’s authorization or agreement to something. And in the vast majority
of cases you really can rely on that as being pretty much the same as a final, authoritative
agreement from someone. So just wanted to kind of show that to you and help you understand
that this is pretty legit. I will say that when it
comes to recording deeds and other things at the county level, there’s still a lot of
counties out there I’ve found that have not gotten on the bandwagon yet, in terms of accepting digital signatures. So if you’re working with
deeds or anything that’s gonna be recorded by
the county on any level, I would definitely
contact that county first to verify whether or not they’ll
accept digital signatures. And along those lines, if
you’re ever curious about what kind of signatures are legal in what places around the world, DocuSign also has this
section of their site that can kind of help
inform you about that in case you’re unsure. I’m gonna link to this page
beneath this video as well in case you’re curious about that. But basically all you have
to do as the page says is just check the legality based on where you’re at in the world. So let’s go ahead and
click this for example. We’re gonna select a
country and I’m gonna select United States in my case. And this just gives more information about how legal signatures work in this country. And you can find out more of this stuff in a lot of other countries
around the world as well. So just keep that in mind
if you’re not totally sure how the law works wherever
you are at check this out, ’cause I’m definitely not an attorney and I would not call myself
a legal expert in any way. Before you act on anything
here or move forward with any general assumptions,
just cross check it here to make sure that everything is gonna work in your situation. I think DocuSign is an awesome service. And whether or not you
use my affiliate link I think it can definitely
help you in your business. So if you do use my link, I
appreciate that very much, thank you so much. It means a lot to me. But either way if you
need something like this, I hope you’re able to find a good solution that works well in your business. Thanks again for watching,
hope things are going great for you and I will talk to you later.


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