Do You Know These 5 Real Estate English Expressions? Take The CHALLENGE!
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Do You Know These 5 Real Estate English Expressions? Take The CHALLENGE!

Hey real estate experts! Today I’ve got
something special in store for you. Are you up for a challenge? I’m going to quiz
you on five English expressions that are typically used in the real estate sector.
Let’s see how many you can get right. Jennie here from Real Estate English
Academy, the place for real estate experts to boost their English. Today
we’re going to take a short, fun quiz on five typical English expressions that
real estate experts use every day. Let’s see how well you know your real estate
English. If you’re new to this channel, please subscribe and turn on the button
for notifications. One more thing before we get started. The questions will get
increasingly harder as we go. So let’s dive right in and start with question
one. What does “to go the extra mile” mean? And
the correct answer is Answer #2 To go the extra mile means to do more than what people expect you to do and that you want to exceed
their expectations. Time for question number two. What does word of mouth mean? The correct answer is Answer #3. “Word of mouth” means
that people start talking about your business to other people and recommend
your services. The more people start recommending your services,
the more your business grows organically just by word of mouth. On to question
three. What does to touch base mean? And the correct answer is Answer #1. “To touch base” means to
contact someone and ask about how things are progressing. You only use the
expression “to touch base” if you are contacting someone again,
not if you’re getting in touch with them for the first time. Next up, question number four, What does ballpark figure mean? The correct answer is Answer #2. “Ballpark figure” refers to an estimate of how much something will probably cost. Here’s another expression using the word “ballpark.” So as you can see here, the term “ballpark”
means roughly or approximately. On to the last question. This will be the hardest
one. It’s a common expression, but very few non-native speakers know it. Here we go. Ready? Question five. What does “red tape” mean? What do you think? The correct answer is Answer #2. Red tape means there’s
a lot of paperwork that seems excessive. Red tape refers to unnecessary
bureaucratic hurdles that need to be taken. But why is it called red tape? Let me know in the comments below if you know where the expression comes from. It’s your homework assignment. Practice writing your answer in the comments in
your own words. If you enjoyed this video, give it a like. It helps us stay
motivated to keep this channel going. And don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for
watching! See you next time.


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