Do Real Estate Programs Work?
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Do Real Estate Programs Work?

Welcome back my friend. Kris Krohn here
and today, I’ve got an interesting subject which is do real estate programs
really work? And I’m not even going to go broader. Do any programs really work?
There’s the making money on eBay or setting up an Amazon store like there’s
all these gurus and people with pathways of expertise trying to share either
strategies and methodologies. And for just this moment, I want to put it on
trial. Is this all bull crap? Is BS or can any of these programs actually work? So, I had just joined one of the most
expensive programs of my life. I’ve spent a lot of money on my training, my
education for programs. And they had just showing this one program and I already
knew that it was going to be insanely successful. And months later into this
program, I was talking with a buddy of mine that got started at the same time.
And he was complaining. And he was basically saying, “Oh, Kris. They promised
they would do this and then they did that. And then they also said they would
do this but then they did that. And you know, this… I’m just I don’t know I’m just
skeptical. I don’t think this thing is turning out the way that I thought there
would be.” And I had to pause it in that moment and reflect and realize that
people like my friend, they’re everywhere. Skepticism comes from mistrust, it comes
from making bad decisions. It comes from being betrayed or maybe hurt in the past.
And sometimes, the take-home lesson that we get is clarify, verify but also be
skeptical and you know, be on guard. And the problem is that all of a sudden,
the person trying to get the benefit of the program is now the most likely
person to sabotage the whole experience. I mean here’s the reality, like in my
world of investing in real estate, I will choose to take on some people that watch
these videos they click the links, they get involved with me. They’re like, “Okay.
Kris, dude. Be my mentor, give me the training/ I’ll go I’ll get live with you
at one of your events and dude, let’s go do it in real estate.” And then I’ll
sudden I’m on stage celebrating all these people crushing it making this
difference. Why did they succeed? Was it them or was it me? Yeah, I have to think
about this because I have a responsibility. And I want you to know
that some people are out there our integrity with their programs delivering
amazing value. And more than they said that they would. And there are other
people obviously they have substandard programs. When we ask this question, do
programs work? I want to invite you for today’s conversation into a space of
instead of evaluating the Guru, the program. Whether it’s good. I want you to
start by actually reflecting inward. Because when my buddy was struggling and
I wasn’t, I want to share with you the number one secret that worked for me and
has worked every time. When I sign up for some
thing and it feels inspired, that’s inspirational never second-guess. In that
moment, I make a decision. The decision I make is that this is the best decision
I’ve ever made because it was inspired. I might be
nervous I might be scared, it might feel like a lot of money, it might be a big
time commitment and you’re going to feel that way because you’re out of your
comfort zone and getting outside of your comfort zone is the only way that you’re
ever going to find what you’re looking for. Inside your comfort zone ain’t your
dreams, ain’t your goals, ain’t anything that you’re looking for. You’ve got to
get out and when we get out, some of us turn and rend people in pieces like a
wild animal. Some of us get nervous and shy and hide
our head in the ground like an ostrich within the big fat meaty part around for
the lion to come out and pounce on them. Or you can step out of your comfort zone
in confidence that says, “This is the best decision I ever made.”
When I join that program, I invested 6 figures. I returned seven figures that
year. For 2 reasons: 1, I said no matter what’s going to happen, no matter
if they disappoint on promises. No matter if they do things different than they
said, this is the best decision I’ve ever made because it’s inspired. And number
2, I always decide the ROI. I always put a figure in my head
do I want to double my income? Do I want a quadruple my income? Am i altering my
relationships? My thoughts? My feelings? What is the result? Friend, whatever
program you’re considering, whatever you’re looking and you’re wondering, “Well,
is it going to work?” You’re evaluating this system. And I want
you to pause and recognize that there’s something more important evaluate than
the system which is who? I want you to evaluate you. Evaluate yourself and I want
you to take my advice on my 2 secret sauce
bulletproofizing weapons of how to freaking go out there and crush it. And
here’s the first one. You’re already going to decide up front that the entire
experience was a massive success. And it was the best decision you could have
ever made. you never want to ever get in the habit of second-guessing intuition
or that that beautiful space of faith. You never want to doubt yourself. And
number 2, I want you to side on what your ROI is. You’re not going to be sad
if you miss it and happy if you make it. You’re just giving yourself a goal so
that you can start saying what is my return?
Emotionally, relationships, financially. Friends, these are the things that I’ve
learned. These 2 secrets mean that every time I mentor. And I want you
know something. Some of you are like, “Kris, dude. Pick me, pick me, pick me!” It’s like
donkey and Shrek is like, “Pick me!” But I’m telling you instead, some of you are out
there saying, “Kris, mentor me.” Because you might know that if I took you under my
wing and started showing you how to make money in real estate, what’s the likely
that I’m going to fail? I don’t know the meaning of that word. There’s no way
that’s going down. But you on the other hand? Dude, I don’t know. Do I bet on you?
Should I pick you? Do you have a track record a history of success of figuring
things out when like life gets hard? Life gets difficult? If you don’t, why should I
bet on you? Well here’s the fact, I am willing to bet on you. And if you click
the link below talk to my team, they’re going to help you understand what we’re
looking for to see if we have a match. If we got a match, then I get to mentor you
and we get to play. If we do or if you do anything else ever in your life, I want
you to remember these 2 rules. Number 1, you decide upfront this was the most
successful thing you’ve ever done. Getting out of your comfort zone is all
about getting yourself to push the boundaries and do things you’ve never
done before. Of course you’re going to fall on your face. Of course you’re going to get
bloody. Of course you’re going to have moments that’re going to say it didn’t work out.
Can’,t can’t, don’t, won’t. But I need you to get back up again. And I need you to
get back up and try even better than you did. Learning the lessons so that you
have a higher likelihood of success and number 2, you decide what you want out
of it. You control your experience. Friends, I hope this video was helpful
today. It came from a place of passion and
recognizing that I’ve developed a system for my success. It’s simple.
Whenever I’m ready to level up, I don’t read a book, I don’t go to college. I find
someone that already has displayed the ability that I see 10 times over. If I
want to make 10 million, I need to work with someone that’s made a 100
million. If they encapsulate 10 times what I’m looking for, I will pay that
person or make whatever trade I need to and I get an arrangement with them so I
can suck the knowledge that’s out of their head as fast as I can and level up
my life. That has worked for me again and again.
When it hasn’t is when I didn’t have these rules. But now that you have them,
go find a worthy program, go find a worthy mentor, go find someone that has
what you already want. And when you join up with them, it should be a little bit
painful. It should challenge you, it should feel a little bit like a
sacrifice. But if you make the 2 decisions, “This is the best decision I’ve
ever made.” And number 2: “This is what I expect to get out of it.” And then I’m
going to put the third one: Do the work. You show up, you do your part. I know that
whatever you’re going to do, if you follow that advice,
you’re going to start experiencing life on a higher plane. And for those of you that
have been actually like, “Kris, dude. Can I work with you? Can I mentor with you?” The
answer is probably. I mean, my team does turns some people away if you’re nasty
crotchety and negative, we’re not going to take you on. But if you’ve got the
right energy, then I want you to make these 2 added decisions and then work
with that kind of energy. And if you do, “Dude, this is going to be a game-changing
experience for you. The link is in the description below. Click it and we’ll see
you at the top.


  • curry gammer

    THis processes is locally Real estate is "property consisting of land and the buildings on it, along with its natural resources such as crops, minerals or water; immovable property of this nature; an interest vested in this an item of real property, buildings or housing in general.

  • Calvin Raab Personal Finance Videos

    The programs only work if you implement what you have learned! At some point you gotta get out and actually do it!

  • Reynald Ocampo

    Hey Kris I know you might not have the opportunity to answer me but if you do, can you please explain to me in steps or a blueprint on how to invest in a home that is also a house? Thanks Kris!

  • George Berry

    Kris Krohn you are absolutely awesome man!!!I've learned so much in fact I'm actually about to get my first owner seller financing I live in San Diego and I struck a deal with the landlord being done being a landlord in Arizona and he was willing to the time to look at me because I knew I was talking about because all of you and thank you so much I can't thank you enough

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